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Welcome to Luckyshopping store! Features of our Samsung Galaxy S3 / Galaxy S III / i9300 Hard Back Case (PLEASE NOTE :just for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300) Proper Fitting; Stylish Cover For Your Samsung Phone; High Quality and Durable Case; All round protection; Easy Apply & Secure Fit Measures 5.35″ x 2.85″ x 0.4″ (L*W*D) inches Material: Environmental PC plastic snap on Samsung Galaxy case Shipping and Return: Order will be shipped within 1-4 business days once payment has been received.Contact us directly for a return form and address in case you need to exchange or return items. You can keep the kindle fire cases for 14 days before return it without any reason, if it is under the original condition. Full refund will be made once we receive the case. Your nice comment and positive feedback is always the best awards to our effort.

Product Features

  • Designed for samsung s3 case.
  • Durable and lightweight hard plastic case.
  • Quick and easy access to all samsung s3 functional buttons.
  • A cool design to show off your custom style with the world.
  • Protect your samsung s3 from dust,water and scratches.



Its a charming return to yesteryear. This quaint tin replicatesthe charm and wonder of the corner candy store from days gone by.Reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century shop, this adorable tinre-creates, in stunning detail, every feature of a HERSHEYSstorefront, complete with brick façade, marquee bannerproclaiming it “The Great American Chocolate Company,”KISSES-shaped lighting fixtures and brass bar-handled glass entrydoors. Inside this endearing 5″ L x 2″ W x 8¼” H tin is atreasure trove of HERSHEYS MINIATURES Assortment – a full 21ounces. What a wonderful gift this Candy Store Tin would make forsomeone special in your life!

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Dry and Store Global HA370 Dry & Store System

“Dry & Store Global HA370 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Dry & Store Global (#HA370) hearing aid conditioning system has a unique patented process that breaks up moisture droplets. It detaches them from the hearing aid, and sends them to a moisture absorbing agent. This is achieved by a germicidal UV lamp that generates heat, circulating dry air, and a special desiccant that absorbs moisture from the hearing aids and cochlear implants. The HA370 can accommodate up to four in-the-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aids or cochlear implant ear-level processors. It takes eight hours of cleaning and conditioning cycle along with automatic shut-off for safety. Dry & Store Global (#HA370) Features: Hearing Aid Conditioning System, Dries & Sanitizes All Types of Hearing Equipment, 1 Button Operation, Germicidal UV Lamp for Sanitization, Partitioned Drying Compartment, 8 Hour Cleaning & Conditioning Cycle, Automatic Shut-Off, Easy-to-Use Drawer, Ergonomic Design, Powered by AC Adapter”

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Express Lane Diabetic Cooking : Hassle-Free Meals Using Ingredients from the Deli, Salad Bar, and Freezer Sections of Your Grocery Store

Readers can pick up a few prepared foods at the supermarket and create a dish in less than 30 minutes that tastes like they cooked for hours. More than 150 recipes feature ingredients from the deli, salad bar, and freezer sections of the grocery store. Special hints on how to find ingredients in the store are also featured, and a map of the usual placement of foods in the grocery store is included.


Fomentek Bag Small 15″ X 18″ Designed to Conveniently Apply Comfortable, Soothing Heat or Cold Therapy to Any Part of the Body, It Is Easy to Use, Effective, Safe, Comfortable to Lie On, Ideal for Travel, Lightweight, Easy to Store, and Conforms Nicely to Body Curves

The Fomentek hot/cold water bag, appropriately called the “world?s largest hot water bottle”, is one of the most useful, general-purpose health products on the market. Designed to conveniently apply comfortable, soothing heat or cold therapy to any part of the body, it is easy to use, effective, safe, comfortable to lie on, ideal for travel, lightweight, easy to store, and conforms nicely to body curves. Fomentek bags are made of a double layer of space age polymer, which is as soft as flesh, yet strong enough to support the weights over 400 lbs. This product is safe to fall asleep on because it gradually cools down during the night. Can retain Temperature for up to 2 hours!

Available in the following sizes:
Mini (11″ x 15″)
Small (15″ x 18″)
Large (18″ x 24″)

Recommended Use:

Fill the clear, heavy plastic bag with cold or warm water 1/3 of the way full
(Large = 2 – 2.5 gallons, Small = 1 gallon, Mini = .5 – .75 gallons.)
For a heat treatment, the Fomentek Bag can be filled with warm water (110? – 113? F) and used directly against the skin. The intense moist heat penetrates more deeply than dry heat alone.
For cold use, the bag can be filled with cold tap water. If freezing the bag a 4:1 water:alcohol ratio is recommended.


Do not microwave the bag.
Take proper precatuions when filling Fomentek Bag with water hot enough to burn the skin.

Product Features

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