A rational approach to type 2 diabetes in teens: metformin has to be considered the clear first-line agent for type 2 diabetes in teens; plus, it’s … An article from: Family Practice News

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Title: A rational approach to type 2 diabetes in teens: metformin has to be considered the clear first-line agent for type 2 diabetes in teens; plus, it’s approved.(Diabetes)
Author: Bruce Jancin
Publication: Family Practice News (Magazine/Journal)
Date: November 15, 2004
Publisher: International Medical News Group
Volume: 34 Issue: 22 Page: 48(1)

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The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook: The Whole Food Approach to Great Taste and Healthy Eating

Eating with diabetes means eating healthy. But many cookbooks for people with diabetes substitute artificial sweeteners and processed foods at the expense of great flavor. Now if you want to make healthier choices, you don’t have to give up good food!

The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook features 150 recipes that focus on whole foods and unprocessed ingredients. You can enjoy: Blanco Huevos Rancheros, Creole-Style Red Beans and Rice, Roasted Wild Salmon Fillet with Orange-Miso Sauce, Horseradish Pork Tenderloin on Naan with Arugula, and much, much more! You can do away with artificial ingredients that leave you feeling unfulfilled! Forget those “fat-free” products that are really just flavorless! Healthy eating is not only good, it’s also great tasting!


Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy inference system approach for the automatic screening of diabetic retinopathy in fundus images.(Report): An article from: Journal of Computer Science


Smart Pumping : A Practical Approach to Mastering the Insulin Pump

The insulin pump has opened a whole new world for people with diabetes­­more flexibility in what and when they eat and better blood sugar control, too.

Smart Pumping integrates this new successful technology with the physical and psychological aspects of diabetes care, and helps patients adopt the insulin pump into their self-care regime.

This book combines a comprehensive medical approach toward intensive diabetes management and pump therapy with a patient-centered appreciation of the real-life challenges and frustrations.

Howard Wolpert, M.D., is an instructor in medicine at the Harvard Medical School Joslin Diabetes Center and is also in charge of the pump clinic there. He has written extensively on the use of insulin pumps.


Community and Clinical Pharmacy Services: A step by step approach.

The pharmacy text that bridges the gap between education and real-world practice

Community and Clinical Pharmacy Services is a textual link between what students see during their retail experience and the material taught in pharmacy courses. It is a practical guide outlining the step-by-step process needed for pharmacists to manage specific disease states.

  • Pedagogy includes: chapter objectives, margin notes, and summary points
  • Practical, not theoretical management chapters
  • Case study section shows how various services have been implemented by pharmacists practicing in the community


Take Charge of Your Diabetes: A diabetes book that describes a completely new approach to treat diabetes.

Though not all physicians are aware of the scientific advances that prove it, most diabetics can now avoid insulin injections and prevent or reverse the deadly complications of their disease. The key is treating the root problem-insulin resistance-instead of focusing on controlling blood sugar levels, an outdated practice that puts patients at greater risk for heart attack and stroke. Take Charge of Your Diabetes showcases the unique plan Dr. Zaidi has developed in treating thousands of cases of Type 1 and Type 2 successfully. Dramatically different from traditional treatment protocols, the program includes an easy-to-follow diet, a moderate exercise and stress-reduction plan, vitamin and supplement recommendations, and a prescription medication regimen that reduces the number of medications as time goes on instead of the traditional treatment model: stepping up doses as diabetes progresses.


Report on good practice in the care of children and young people with diabetes: A multidisciplinary team-based approach recommended for use in Scotland … Guidelines Network (SIGN publication)


Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle

Our great-grandmothers didn’t need nutrition lessons—then again, they weren’t forced to wade through aisle after aisle of packaged foods touting outlandish health claims and confusing marketing jargon. Over the last few decades, we’ve forgotten what “real food” is—and we’re left desperately seeking foods that will truly nourish our bodies. We’re disillusioned with the “conventional wisdom” for good reason—it’s gotten us nowhere.

Achieving optimal health without calorie-counting, diet foods, or feelings of deprivation has never been easier. Practical Paleo explains why avoiding both processed foods and foods marketed as “healthy”—like grains, legumes, and pasteurized dairy—will improve how you look and feel and lead to lasting weight loss. Even better—you may reduce or completely eliminate symptoms associated with common health disorders!

Practical Paleo is jam-packed with over 120 easy recipes, all with special notes about common food allergens including nightshades and FODMAPs. Meal plans are also included, and are designed specifically to support:

immune health (autoimmune conditions)

blood sugar regulation (diabetes 1 & 2, hypoglycemia)

digestive health (leaky gut, IBS & IBD)

multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndromethyroid health (hypo and hyper – Hashimotos, Graves)

heart health (cholesterol & blood pressure)

neurological health (Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s)

cancer recovery

fat loss

athletic performance

a “squeaky-clean” Paleo approach

Practical Paleo is the resource you’ll reach for again and again, whether you’re looking for information on healthy living, delicious recipes, or easy-to-understand answers to your questions about how a Paleo lifestyle can benefit you, your family, and your friends.


Staged Diabetes Management: A Systematic Approach

Staged Diabetes Management continues the four-decade tradition of the International Diabetes Center by providing clinical pathways that improve care practices. SDM uses evidence-based medicine to address the prominent issues of primary care diabetes management. It supplies practical solutions to the detection and treatment of diabetes, its complications and such new areas as the metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes in children.

Completely revised and updated, the text reviews the fundamental basis of diabetes management and then addresses treatment of each type of diabetes and the major micro- and macrovascular complications. 

Written for primary care, it is organised in such a manner as to allow the clinician to learn about each distinctive type of diabetes as well as to see the areas of overlap. Issues range from classification, screening and detection to starting a therapy and long-term management of hypertension complicated by diabetes. Educational, nutritional and behavioural issues are also covered. Using DecisionPaths as a way to organise clinical decision-making, each chapter can stand alone, yet they are integrated (as is clinical practice). Each DecisionPath is structured so that therapies can be started, adjusted and maintained. Each decision point is clarified in the text along with the scientific basis for the decision.


Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus:: An Evidence-Based Approach to Practical Management (Contemporary Endocrinology)

In this practical book, the authors of each chapter have synthesized the currently available evidence regarding specific issues in diabetes care. The chapters have been written by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and medical professionals. Such an approach emphasizes the need for collaboration in the care of any individual with diabetes and in the effort to find new therapies for the disease. This reference provides practical guidance in a single resource.


Atkins Diabetes Revolution LP : The Groundbreaking Approach to Preventing and Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

Atkins Diabetes Revolution will help you:

  • Find out if you have the metabolic syndrome
  • Identify your risk for diabetes as soon as possible
  • Make permanent lifestyle changes to normalize the underlying metabolic imbalances that lead to Type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack, stroke, and even some cancers
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease by lowering your triglycerides while increasing your HDL (“good”) cholesterol

Read by Sara Krieger

Two colleagues of the late Dr. Robert Atkins take on the obesity epidemic’s deadly twin: type 2 diabetes. Dr. Mary Vernon and Jacqueline Eberstein, RN, adapt the carb-cutting, fat-allowing Atkins nutritional approach as a preemptive strike against this fast-growing killer. Diabetes–defined here as a condition in which glucose or blood sugar is above the normal range–is viewed as a preventable problem. “What we hope we have created in this book is a realistic and practical guide to wiping out type 2, one person at a time.” Since obesity is the major risk factor for diabetes, they begin with the “fat lie” (i.e., the belief that fat causes obesity) to voice the Atkins mantra: low fat means high carbs and high carbs are broken down into sugar. With a convincing mix of essay/picture testimonials, clinical studies, quizzes, checklists, and menu planners and recipes, Vernon and Eberstein make the case for diet and lifestyle changes to alter the metabolism of those at risk for diabetes. They have done a yeoman’s job of translating Atkins’s medical nutrition advice into a step-by-step program. One can quibble about their missionary zeal or the omnipresent eggs in the breakfast sample menus. At times, the scientific data are overly detailed or hidden within a quiz. Thankfully, there is a spot-on summary of the book’s paradigm-busting ideas in the appendix. — Barbara Mackoff


Alternative and Allopathic Treatments of Diabetes, Type II: a Nutritional and Mind-Body Approach

Diabetes is presented as a disruption of the basic physiological and anatomical basis of energy production. The symptoms and causes are clarified. Allopathic approaches of traditional medicine are discussed. Well researched alternatives are presented. Practical steps are given to prevent, reverse, control, and manage diabetes.

Product Features

  • diabetes-type-I,diabetes,insulin,obesity,exercise
  • diabetes-type-II,insulin-resistance,nutrition
  • psychology,trust,money,emotions,feelings,hurt,fat
  • habits,goals,self-control,mind-body,repetition
  • sane,insane,panic-disorder,aggression,violent


Health Informatics: A Patient-Centered Approach to Diabetes

The healthcare industry has been slow to join the information technology revolution; handwritten records are still the primary means of organizing patient care. Concerns about patient privacy, the difficulty of developing appropriate computing tools and information technology, high costs, and the resistance of some physicians and nurses have hampered the use of technology in health care. In 2009, the U.S. government committed billions of dollars to health care technology. Many questions remain, however, about how to deploy these resources. In Health Informatics, experts in technology, joined by clinicians, use diabetes–a costly, complex, and widespread disease that involves nearly every facet of the health care system–to examine the challenges of using the tools of information technology to improve patient care. Unlike other books on medical informatics that discuss such topics as computerized order entry and digital medical records, Health Informatics focuses on the patient, charting the information problems patients encounter in different stages of the disease. [Chapters discuss ubiquitous computing as a tool to move diabetes care out of the doctor’s office, technology and chronic disease management, educational gaming as a way to help patients understand their disease, patient access to information, and methodological and theoretical concerns.] We need both technologists and providers at the drawing board in order to design and deploy effective digital tools for health care. This book examines and exemplifies this necessary collaboration.


Outsmarting Diabetes: A Dynamic Approach for Reducing the Effects of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

From the world-renowned Joslin Diabetes Center and the coauthor of the million-copy seller, The Joslin Diabetes Manual, this book is based on the results of the ten-year Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) from the National Institutes of Health–which proved that intensive control, opposed to standard methods, greatly reduces the effects of diabetes and the risk of long-term complications.

Product Features

  • ISBN13: 9780471346944
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!


Just What the Doctor Ordered Diabetes Cookbook: A Doctor’s Approach to Eating Well with Diabetes

Brother-and-sister team Joseph D’Amore – doctor and cook – and Lisa D’Amore-Miller – chef and nutrition expert – have the medical knowledge and cooking expertise to make good food and great health a reality in your life. With these 133 quick, easy, and flavorful recipes, you’ll be treating yourself with taste and wholesome nutrition.


A New Approach to Nutrition for Diabetes

This DVD provides a guide to moving beyond simply managing diabetes. It will help you turn the disease around. It delivers medical results: weight loss, blood glucose control, and reduced heart disease risk, and may even reduce or prevent the need for some medications.

There are three sections.
Getting Started with nutrition expert Neal Barnard, MD.
Based on his groundbreaking research, nutrition researcher Neal Barnard, MD, provides eight essential lessons for turning back the clock on diabetes through a low-fat vegan diet.
1. A New Dietary Approach to Diabetes and Stories of Success
2. New Leads on Type 2 Diabetes
3. Designing a Diet for Maximum Weight Control
4. Using the Glycemic Index
5. Keeping a Healthy heart
6. Healthy Eating During Work, Travel, and Holidays
7. Diabetes Care from Head to Toe
8. How to Recognize and Treat Low Blood Sugar

In the Kitchen with Chef Toni Fiore
Chef Toni Fiore, host of Delicious TV’s program Totally Vegetarian, demonstrates how to prepare fast and satisfying recipes that eliminate the need for calorie counting and restricted portions. They include great ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Touring the Grocery Store
Diabetes experts Susan Levin, RD, and Caroline Trapp, MSN, CDE, share their valuable tips about finding and preparing healthful treasures you never knew were in your neighborhood grocery store.

This empowering program offers new hope and scientifically supported guidance from a caring team committed to your success.


Diabetes and You: A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach

With more than 23 million sufferers in the U.S. alone, diabetes is fast becoming a crisis of epidemic proportions. And for those personally afflicted by this debilitating disease, the everyday challenges can often seem overwhelming. In Diabetes and You, Naheed Ali, MD, finally offers both hope and empowerment by using the latest findings in clinical and physician studies to give diabetics the tools they need to successfully combat and cope with this disease. 

Diabetes and You is both state-of-the-art and user friendly, an A to Z manual that has long been sought for this widely spread, high-profile disease. With Dr. Ali’s expert advice, learn health enhancing habits, regulate your lifestyle, and take charge of your life no matter what challenges diabetes may bring.


Diabetes: A Positive Approach to Life and Financial Success (Well Life Anyway)

(VHS VIDEO) Diabetes: A Positive Approach to Life, Love and Financial Success (Well, Life Anyway). Diabetes is no laughing matter, or is it? Comedian Tom Parks has diabetes, as do the other stars of this video. You’ll meet them, learn from them and laugh with them as Tom takes you around Hollywood on a “typical” day in his life. This video will educate, motivate and inspire you to take better care of yourself, to feel better about yourself. Diabetes is a serious disease, but education and a sense of humor can be your keys to turning diabetes into a positive part of your life. You’ll hear about diet, illness, insulin adjustment, oral medication, pregnancy, Type I and II diabetes, blood glucose monitoring and more.


The Type-2 Diabetes Breakthrough: A Revolutionary Approach to Treating Type-2 Diabetes

In “The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough,” Frank Shallenberger, M.D., presents his revolutionary approach to treating type 2 diabetes. He documents his extensive research, which shows that the root of diabetes is a decrease in energy production and fat metabolism, an integral part of diagnosing and treating diabetes. He then shows how to correct the factors that lead to this condition to stop the disease in its tracks. At the core of his treatment protocol is his unique perspective on nutritional guidelines for diabetes for optimal energy production. In fact, Dr. Shallenberger explains why the Ameican Diabetes Association’s dietary guidelines are nothing more than a recipe for keeping the disease. Another unique component of his treatment approach is an emphasis on optimizing liver function. Though conventional medicine focuses on the pancreas as the organ responsible for diabetes, Dr. Shallenberer has proven that the liver is the primary organ of importance in most cases of diabetes. And, of course, Dr. Shallenberger considers exercise to be an integral part of any successful treatment or prevention plan for type 2 diabetes, but not just any form of exercise will do. The exact level and type of exercise necessary is based upon the results of the Bio-Energy Test. In fact, Dr. Shallenberger’s research has shown that most diabetics who exercise are working out too hard to get well! Rounding out Dr. Shallenberger’s program are vital stress-reduction and sleep recommendations to improve blood sugar control and overall health. Despite all of conventional medicines’s attempts at treating and preventing diabetes, its incidence continues to soar. It’s time for a new-proven-approach. It’s time for “The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough”.


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