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Is the USA facing a diabetes epidemic? The sad answer is ‘yes’ and it’s down to many factors, but amongst them is the rise in excess weight, especially amongst the young. Put that down to the decrease in outdoor activities, the rise of television and video games, instead of playing energetic games outside. Put it down to our hectic stress-filled lives, our love of fast-food, but wherever the blame lies, the sad fact remains that it is an ever-increasing illness.

I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes in September 2004, but I had been expecting it. Both my parents were diabetics and three of my four grandparents were as well, and it certainly is an hereditary disease. When I was told the news I had expected for years I was about 28 pounds overweight and my diet was not good and yes, I know, as a man who was almost certain to get the disease at some time, that was not very sensible of me. I never claimed to be smart!

Now, 11 years later, my diabetes is well under control and my doctor praises me each time I see him. I changed my eating habits and now eat much more healthily and I walk one and a half miles around the local lake 5 times a week. I have lost 20 pounds and the disease is being held at bay for now.

I take my blood-sugar levels every day without fail and the majority of days the figures are in the 100-120 range, and it’s a good, but scarce, day for me when they are in the 90s. I read books about diabetes, I attended free classes arranged by the local hospital, to find out how to take care of myself, what to eat â what NOT to eat, what aids to use, blood pressure monitors, blood sugar monitors, exercise tips etc.

If I can do it, anyone can, so if you find yourself with this disease, then don’t panic, take advice whenever you can, exercise regularly, change your eating habits and be prepared to live a long and healthy life.


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