Shilianhua (For Diabetes)

Shilianhua (Sekirenka in Japanese) tablets are manufactured in the U.S.A. in an uncomplicated and proven method using mainly a natural source-Shilianhua extract. The Shilianhua has no toxicity. It may be highly effectively in reducing blood sugar for diabetes, especially for non-insulin dependent diabetes, without causing any undesirable side effect, The herbal and nutritional supplement used to make up the Shilianhua tablets enhance its performance. The main medication of the Shilianhua rejuvenate cells of the human body and improve the functioning of the pancreas that controls blood sugar

Product Features

  • Recommendation: 1-2 tablets, 2-3 times a day, preferably one hour before meals
  • Package: 100 tablets per bottle


2 thoughts on “Shilianhua (For Diabetes)

  1. It works for me… I have been a diabetic type II for a couple of years… I have been prescribed with metformin, adding Victoza and now on Actos as well… Taking all three meds simultaneously did not seem to make my glucose level any better or worse in any case… I had more luck controlling my diabetes with diet, cutting carbs a lot. I was walking in Chinatown and saw a little flyer about this product. I decided to try it on impulse. The price was okay for 100 tablets ($28).The herbal pills are green and tastes like grass. The first couple days I did not notice any improvement but on the third day, my afternoon glucose level dropped from an average of 120-125 down to 85-90. my morning glucose average went from 120-125 to 95… I am going to use this until my next blood test and see if my overall sugar levels go down as well. So far, no complaints.

  2. Shilianhua (for diabetes) I am buying more bottles! Saw a difference in my numbers on my meter! Looking forward to continued lower numbers.

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