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Prodigy Count-a-dose


Prodigy Count-a-dose

The Prodigy Count-a-dose is a simple way to fill insulin syringes safely and accurately with one or two bottles of insulin (any brand). The bottle holder is marked to identify bottles for easy mixing-one raised dot for the first bottle and two raised dots for the second bottle. With the click dial starting all the way down toward the raised minus (-) sign, the user simply moves the click dial the number of times, or clicks, per unit of insulin needed. Each click of the dial toward the plus sign (+) will draw one (1) unit of insulin into the syringe.

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Product Features

  • For Diabetes Patient Who are Blind/Low Vision. Gives Them the Freedom to Fill Their Own Syringes.
  • Holds One or Two Bottles of Insulin (any brand) for Easy Mixing
  • Makes a Distinctive Click with Each Increment
  • Fills in 1-Unit Increments
  • Lightweight; Easy to Carry Anywhere

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