The Mind-Body Diabetes Revolution: The Proven Way to Control Your Blood Sugar by Managing Stress, Depression, Anger and Other Emotions (Marlowe Diabetes Library)

Diabetes is quickly becoming one of the world’s most serious health epidemics, and researchers are continually searching for new ways to manage the condition beyond the traditional realms of diet, exercise, and medication. Now, Dr. Richard S. Surwit, a leader in the field of the psychology of diabetes, adds the vital fourth component to treating diabetes: a revolutionary mind-body program that lowers blood sugar levels and dramatically reduces diabetes’ serious and damaging side effects. In The Mind-Body Diabetes Revolution, Dr. Surwit reveals how stress, depression, and anger affect blood sugar levels and offers a step-by-step six-week program—based on twenty years of study—to help the millions of people with diabetes effectively manage their condition. He clearly explains how our moods and emotions can translate into chronic anger, anxiety, and depression—all of which increase blood sugar levels. He provides compelling case studies and a powerfully effective six-week program designed to teach patients how to manage emotions and stress, as well as self-tests and reflective quizzes to help patients determine the best and easiest psychological techniques to help keep blood sugar levels down. By bringing the powers of mind and body together, this is a powerful—and unprecedented—tool for effective diabetes control.
The idea of stress contributing to poor health is an old one, but often patients are simply told to “relax”–and it’s even rarer that researchers take the time to carefully study how relaxation can improve physical conditions. Tackling both these issues, Dr. Richard Surwit combines specific relaxation techniques with a solid research background in an effort to help control blood sugar levels. The first few chapters are rather technical but are explained in an approachable manner. He identifies several chemicals such as cortisol and growth hormone that are related to blood sugar management and discusses how depression, hostility, and anxiety can affect these chemicals. He refers to specific research, both with mice and with humans, and includes simple tests to help you analyze these problems and develop a combination of techniques to combat them. Later chapters explain these techniques in detail, particularly progressive relaxation therapy (similar to biofeedback, but without the machine) and cognitive behavior therapy. Each routine is broken down into simple daily steps, and pages can be used as workbook sheets –much of the daily effort involved is simply tracking your progress. While nowhere does Dr. Surwit suggest these as a total replacement for diet control and insulin treatments, the specific steps aren’t difficult to add to your daily routine and may make just the difference you’ve been hoping for. –Jill Lightner


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  1. Stress counts After reading this book, I got a small book to keep track of my moods and my blood sugar, then started developing ways to avoid stress and strong emotions (the bad ones, that is). It is a cure-all, but it does help, which is all I can ask of any program. It has also put me in a much better mood. You don’t have to be a diabetic to appreciate this book.

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