3 thoughts on “The Everything Diabetes Book: From Diagnoses and Diet, to Insulin and Exercise, All You Need to Live a Healthy, Active Life (Everything Series)

  1. The emphasis is on the individual’s responsibility The Everything Diabetes Book is the latest in an educational series which provides a well researched thumbnail sketch of the basic definition(s) of diabetes diagnosis, treatment, control, and special issues. The emphasis is on the individual’s responsibility and capability to take control and make every effort to lead a healthy life with the complication of diabetes. The Everything Diabetes Book is an excellent resource for the newly diagnosed diabetic, or the person close to him or her. Helpful information and advice is presented in nonjudgemental yet no-nonsense fashion. In all 22 chapters are offered, covering definitions of three major types of diabetes, diagnosis and tests, self monitoring of blood glucose, insulin and oral medications, diet, exercise, weight loss, emergencies, complications, the diabetic foot, kids and diabetes, special issues for women and men, emotions relationships, and living with diabetes, daily life with diabetes, and the search for a cure. Helpful charts and meaningful statistics are embedded in the text frequently. Additional appendices offer additional resources, glucose conversion charts, and preventative care guidelines. I particularly found the preventative guidelines to be helpful, as they offer a schedule for routine lab tests such as blood pressure and pulse, cholesterol (lipid panel), HbAlc, microalbumin, and comprehensive eye exams and foot exams. It can be confusing for the diabetic to know how often these things should be monitored by a Dr. in a routine care plan.

  2. Never received my order. I have not received this book yet. I also have not received several CD’s I had ordered. Where are they? The only CD I’ve received so far is Susan Boyle’s new CD. Please track my orders.

  3. Great Diabetic Resource Best book I’ve ever seen for Diabetes info. I’ve been an RN for 30 years, but this book taught me some important new things. You need this book, if you have a family history of Diabetes !

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