Say No to Diabetes: 10 Secrets to Preventing and Reversing Diabetes

Essential reading for all diabetes sufferers and those at risk, this guide explains how the disease is completely reversible through nutrition and supplements, even in the late stage
Offering a complete action plan for sufferers of type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and the forerunner of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, this guide also provides motivating case histories and evidence of support by the latest scientific findings. Nutrition expert Patrick Holford discusses the causes of the current diabetes problem, explains the 10 secrets for preventing and reversing diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and provides an antidiabetes diet, a daily supplement program, and advice on how to undo the damage caused by the disease and diabetes drugs. This easy-to-follow program will help readers regulate out-of-control blood sugar levels safely and effectively, with no dangerous side effects.


One thought on “Say No to Diabetes: 10 Secrets to Preventing and Reversing Diabetes

  1. Well researched Very well researched book. Ideas and misconception about diabetes can be changed. A handy book in today’s stressful life. However diet suggested is based on European dietary pattern and not in international pattern. If a person is of Asian origin then modification has to be made accordingly.

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