User’s Guide to Preventing & Reversing Diabetes Naturally (Basic Health Publications User’s Guide)

Adult-onset, or type 2, diabetes has reachd epidemic proportions in the United States and is on the rise worldwide. In this User’s Guide, nutritionist Melissa Diane Smith is clear on the cause of diabetes: the increasing consumption of highly processed and refined foods, which boost blood sugar and insulin levels. Smith describes a healthy easy-to-follow diet for losing weight, stabilizing blood sugar and insulin, and reducing the risk of diabetes.


2 thoughts on “User’s Guide to Preventing & Reversing Diabetes Naturally (Basic Health Publications User’s Guide)

  1. Exceptionally Written Guide Since I have read all of the other books by Melissa Diane Smith I decided that I should add this to my collection.I found the guide to be exceptionally well done and user friendly. Every person with Diabetes and/or obesity, hypertension or other illness that may pose increased health risks should buy and read this guide.I have been in the health care field for many years and I have read numerous articles and books and I have found this guide to be one of the best examples of clear-cut, concise information that a patient could readily absorb and gain valuable insight to improve their overall well being.Thank you Melissa for yet another fine piece of educational material!

  2. Diabetes Reference Guide This is a great book for someone wanting to learn about diabetes. I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and this book help take the anxiety from the shocking news and replaced it with facts and many “how to’s” and options to improve the situation. If you want to help a loved one who has diabetes – this would be a great guide to assist you. A must read.

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