Reversing Heart Disease and Preventing Diabetes: Apply Science to Lower Cholesterol 100 Points; Reduce Arterial Plaque 50% in 25 months; and Improve Heart Rhythm and Valves

Stand up to heart disease and win like I did! Yes, I have proved that heart artery plaque can be removed. I have reversed my heart disease. My cardiologist performed an angiogram in 2009 and informed me that the two small areas of arterial plaque he saw in 2007 had been reduced to half the original size in only 25 months. The diet, supplement, and drug regimen I present in Chapter 4 lowered my LDL cholesterol level 100 points, which is necessary to reverse coronary artery disease. High HDL cholesterol is also necessary to reverse heart disease. This is one of the most important scientific facts for you to know in order to achieve optimal health. Without increasing HDL cholesterol, you cannot reverse heart disease. My regimen worked like a miracle to increase my HDL cholesterol from 57 to 66, or 16%. It’s amazing. My LDL cholesterol was reduced 100 points to 68. Low LDL cholesterol reduces the work that HDL cholesterol must do to clean the arteries. This makes the HDL more productive and efficient. The LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio is one of the most important blood chemistry measurements for determining coronary artery disease risk, and my awesome reading was only 1.03. Insulin is the number one contributing factor to coronary artery disease because it promotes the formation of plaque in the arteries of the heart. It also produces plaque formation in other arteries of the body and leads to peripheral artery disease, stroke, and kidney disease. Insulin causes cardiovascular disease because it forces LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, calcium, heavy metals, glucose, and free radicals to bind to the arteries throughout the body. My scientific research proves that excess glucose consumption and high insulin cause Type 2 diabetes mellitus, and statistics have shown that 65% of diabetics will die from heart disease. I anticipate that my scientific approach to controlling glucose and insulin will prevent Type 2 diabetes 100% of the time and reduce symptoms in those who have already been diagnosed. Elevated triglycerides are a primary risk factor for heart disease. My regime reduced my triglycerides to 71 quickly and dramatically. The ratio of triglycerides (TR) to HDL cholesterol (TG/HDL) is one of the best indicators for heart disease risk. Triglycerides should be below 100 mg/dL, and HDL cholesterol should be above 50 mg/dL, for a ratio of 2.00. Improving the TG/HDL ratio will substantially reduce the heart disease risk. Some people are walking time bombs with a ratio of 6.00 or greater, and a ratio of 4.00 is very common. The ratio on my blood test was (71/68) = 1.04. My regimen has been shown to remove atherosclerotic lesions and calcification throughout the body with virtually no risks and very few side effects. Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN): 2011943818


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  1. Willl save your live, angina gone in 3 days It is, of course, imprudent to go about these therapies without a reasoned amount of due diligence on one’s part. That being said, this book is a life saver. I did the fact checking and found only one assertion, a caution, of the writer’s to be in error and it was partially correct since the caution affected only type 1 diabetics and not both. After beginning the diet, in 2 days, my blood sugar normalized after years of being out of control despite trying every therapy my doctor and I could find. The sugars dropped just like that from off the scale over 600 to normal in TWO days. On the third day, no more angina and it has never come back. I have improved in every way and my heart disease is on the way out. In addition to reversing my own heart disease and normalizing my type 2, without conscious effort or any deprivation, I quickly came to a optimal weight. It is a new life. The one thing I did not do was exercise–to hell with that; it is a highly overrated activity. I just did the ordinary activities of daily living normally.We have been brain-washed into a high-grain, low fat, exercise-crazy diet and that regimes is destructive. Where societies are almost entirely meat-eating, there is none of the “diseases of civilization” such as heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay, and so on. This has been known and studied since about a 100 years ago. When fact checking, I dug deep as the writer of the book did and the truth of human physiology is there and this book is well grounded in that. Look it up; the book is fully footnoted and well researched.Save your life. It is easy to chase down the science behind this man’s book. He is an engineer by profession and went after the problem as a scientist or an engineer would and not like a cultist or faddish bigot might and found real answers with facts or findings backed by scientific and medical research.Initially, I did disagree about his indictment of yoga, but after a careful read, his problem with it how some people exaggerate its importance. I was a long time practitioner of yoga and while it has its uses, it has its limits. He might have better presented his case. There has long been a physical cult of exercise and natural diet folks since before Dr. John Kellogg’s days. The science is there despite how some folks would otherwise have it– we human beings are meant to eat meat.In summary, this book is invaluable. God bless you if you have diabetes or heart disease; this will help–and this information has been out there for a long time.

  2. This is just the flat out truth The lady is lying about her vegan experience entirely. It is unsustainable. I tried it for a single year and lost all athletic progress, and actually had to give up athletics due to back problems and loss of energy that arose from my vegetarian experience. organic food is another absolute farce. To anyone interested in a sneak peak at some of the information presented in this book go to. I view it as divine intervention that I found this information and even though Kent is the man who wrote it I gotta put it on William Cooper for connecting me even from the grave. Idk how I was directed to this info but it was a very random event and I am so happy to have come across this info.[…][…][…]

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