Reversing Diabetes: Reduce or Even Eliminate Your Dependence on Insulin or Oral Drugs

Dr Whitaker presents a comprehensive lifestyle programme that has helped thousands of diabetic patients. Along with helping to reduce or even eliminate dependency on medication, it can help diabetics lose excess weight and lower blood pressure.


2 thoughts on “Reversing Diabetes: Reduce or Even Eliminate Your Dependence on Insulin or Oral Drugs

  1. Readers’ Results Prove the Value of Contents I am surprised to read the negative reviews of this book. My husband weighed over 300 pounds when he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes; his A1C count was 8.7 (about a year ago). Shortly after that, we bought this book and he has followed the plan outlined in it since. He now weighs 211, his A1C is 5.6, he has more energy than he’s had in years and feels great. His fasting blood sugar has gone from 131 to 88, cholesterol from 227 to 163, triglycerides from 224 to 103. Anyone following the book’s advice can see the effect on their blood sugar by their various test results, and as for the recipes being too much to make for a single person, making the whole recipe and freezing the surplus portions for another day’s meals is an easy solution. We have known others with Type II Diabetes who did not follow a program like that outlined in this book and the impact the disease had on their bodies was frightening. This book can truly be a life-saver.

  2. Informative but don’t misread the carb-focused part I found alot of the facts in this book very informative and interesting, especially the part about how the presence of insulin prevents the release of fat mobilizing(weight loss) hormones. I was determined after reading a good part of the book to start eating lots of low glycemic carbs and stop eating a high protein and fat and low carb diet. Well, I soon found myself starving with high blood sugars. (I started out high.) I found my blood sugar didn’t take a negative slope unless I restricted my caloric intake to 1300 calories. (For an active 6’2″ guy that’s starving.) I then read Syndrome X by Burkeson and it balanced and helped me better understand the facts in this book. This book is great for understanding how you became and stayed overweight, and the ins and outs of insulin resistance and diabetes. This is definitely a must read, just balance it with other literature.

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