Power of Vitamin D New Scientific Research Links Vitamin D Deficiency to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Fibromyalgia, … Diseases, Dental Problems and Depression.

You’ll be shocked when you read what you can do to improve your health and what Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about the most affordable treatment around -Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is crucial to our health, yet most people are low in this vital vitamin – despite the vitamins they take, the foods they eat, the milk they drink or the sun exposure they receive.

In Power of Vitamin D you will learn:

• Why we are facing a true Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency.

• The crucial role Vitamin D can play in the Prevention as well as Treatment of various Cancers.

• How Vitamin D can help Prevent Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension and Kidney Disease.

• How Vitamin D can Prevent as well as Treat Muscle Aches, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Bone Pains and Osteoporosis.

• The vital role of Vitamin D in the normal functioning of the Immune System.

• How Vitamin D can Prevent as well as Treat the Common Cold, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Thyroid Diseases, M.S., Lupus and Arthritis.

• The essential role of Vitamin D during Pregnancy for Mothers and Babies.

• Doctors frequently miss the Diagnosis of Vitamin D deficiency because they often order the wrong test.

• The right test to Diagnose Vitamin D deficiency.

• The best way to Prevent and Treat Vitamin D deficiency.

• Vitamin D Toxicity and how to Prevent it.

• Not just theoretical knowledge, but detailed, practical information from actual Case Studies.

Vitamin D is not a vitamin but a Hormone.


3 thoughts on “Power of Vitamin D New Scientific Research Links Vitamin D Deficiency to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Fibromyalgia, … Diseases, Dental Problems and Depression.

  1. This book could be life changing or even life saving I’ve been reading about Vitamin D for the last several years, ever since that big study came out showing it to be helpful in the prevention of cancer, heart disease and several other conditions. The problem was trying to find good, solid information when much of what we read on the internet is from media sources which are often inaccurate or they all seem to have different ideas on how much is necessary or how much could be toxic. This book is written by Sarfraz Aaidi, MD, FACP, FACE who is an endocrinologist and leading expert on Vitamin D. He’s an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicinte at UCLA as well as the Director of the Jamila Diabetes and Endocrine Medical Center in southern California. So we’re talking about an expert here. He takes the whole subject of Vitamin D and puts in into one easy to read book in simple layman’s terms and it’s so interesting that you’ll probably read it in a few hours. The information could change your life or relieve many chronic symptoms that you probably never thought were related to a vitamin D deficiency.Did you think that because you may live in a sunny climate or that because you take a daily multi-vitamin that shows 400 IU’s of Vitamin D as the “recommended daily requirement” that you are getting enough of the Vitamin? Or that because you drink Vitamin D fortified milk that you are getting enough? Did you know that you’d have to drink more than 20 glasses of milk a day to actually get the amount you need? Dr. Sarfraz tells us that almost all of his patients test low for Vitamin D, even those living in sunny California. The reasons? Sunscreens, fear of being out in the sun, air pollution, spending the sunniest part of the day indoors at work as well as several other factors.He also lists several chronic conditions that you probably never guessed could be eliminated or at least reduced by an adequate amount of Vitamin D. How much to take? That depends on a lot of factors which he talks about in his book. There are several common medications that can deplete Vitamin D in the body and people absorb it at different rates. Dr. Sarfraz tests his patients at 3 month intervals and he tells you which simple blood test you need to accurately show your current levels. (Not all tests are equal.) He then gives suggested starting dosage levels, depending on what level you currently test at. He also talks about toxicity from Vitamin D (very rare) and how to avoid it.I’ve been reading every article I could get my hands on about Vitamin D for years, and there were still so many things covered in this book that I didn’t know about. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in and easy (and inexpensive) way to improve their health. It’s a book that I’ll be ordering for a few friends, especially those who are cancer survivors. Two thumbs up for this excellent book!

  2. Loaded with essential information Did you know that if you take a multivitamin containing 100% of the recommended daily level of vitamin D, drink milk, eat fish twice a week, and get a little midday sun, you are almost certain to be deficient in vitamin D? Did you know that many doctors desiring to monitor their patients’ vitamin D levels, order the wrong blood test? Did you know that the reference range shown on the test results is wrong? (That is, even if it says you have enough, you are probably deficient.) Did you know that government guidelines on how much vitamin D you need are understated by a huge factor? Did you know that vitamin D has been found in medical studies to help significantly in the prevention and treatment of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and all autoimmune diseases?Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi is an endocrinologist who has been evaluating and correcting patient’s vitamin D deficiencies for ten years and has uncovered misconceptions, misinformation, and medical oversights that are shocking. In testing thousands of patients, Dr. Zaidi found only ONE person, a fair-skinned lifeguard, who had optimal vitamin D without taking megadose supplements. Similarly, he never encountered anyone whose vitamin D blood level was dangerously high. What this means is a major public health crisis comes inadvertently from doctors who warn you about overdosing, but in doing, so they actually cause you to be deficient which puts you at FAR GREATER RISK than an overdose.The book contains interesting case studies. Read about Anna on page 55 who suffered MS which was partially caused by a vitamin D deficiency that no doctor thought to check for 13 years. When Dr. Zaidi reversed the deficiency the patient’s condition improved.Do you know how easy it is to correct a vitamin D deficiency that you probably have? Listen up; this is complicated. Step one is pick up a copy of Power of Vitamin D and read it carefully to get a solid background on the subject. Then go to your doctor and ask for a 25(OH)D blood test, also known as 25-hydroxy vitamin D. (Don’t let your doctor talk you into a 1,25(OH)2D blood test. It’s the wrong one as explained on page 127 and 128.) Get the results. If it’s under 50 ng/mL or 125 nmol/L (and it’s highly likely that it is), go to the chart on page 143 to determine your daily dose of vitamin D. Once you know the daily dose, go to a health food store and tell the clerk you’d like to take that dose of vitamin D3. It will probably set you back 10 to 20 cents a day. Take the vitamin D every day with food. In three months go back for another blood test. Keep increasing the dosage until you’re over 50 ng/mL but under 100 ng/mL.How hard was that? If everyone in the US followed these safe, simple steps, the number of deaths due to chronic degenerative disease would drop sharply. The CDC tells us about 1.5 million Americans die each year of chronic disease. The actual number saved if everyone optimized their vitamin D is not knowable exactly but it is certainly in the hundreds of thousands EACH YEAR. The great part is you get to choose which group to be in: Currently you are probably in the larger group that is deficient in vitamin D and twice as likely to die prematurely of horrible degenerative diseases. Or you could join the smaller group with optimized vitamin D; hundreds of medical studies clearly show this group to be largely protected from those diseases. Obviously, there is no silver bullet that can protect you 100% and no one is claiming vitamin D has that power. But if you want to stack the deck in your favor, this is an extremely easy, safe, low-cost approach that requires no major effort or lifestyle change. But you need to know what you’re doing and that’s where this book comes in.Power of Vitamin D is a fantastic introduction to this sometimes confusing subject. It is relatively short, very easy to read, fairly comprehensive, and offers clear explanations. Here are some things I like about the book: a list of diseases on the front cover that medical studies have definitively linked to vitamin D deficiency; absolutely clear statements in several places advising what your blood level should be for optimal health; an explanation of the two types of “units” that blood test use, and how to interpret and convert between the two; instructions as to which blood test to get and why; a clear description what it takes to overdose (instead of a bland warning not to take too much); it mentions serious flaws with government guidelines on vitamin D that have been loudly criticized by many longtime vitamin D researchers; and it includes interesting case studies involving real patients.Because Dr. Zaidi covered these points in such a clear, concise, and convincing manner, I am happy to give Power of Vitamin D the highest rating of 5 stars. Whether you are just beginning the journey or have already read many articles, this book has lots to offer on every…

  3. THIS COULD BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOKS YOU WILL EVER READ! THIS COULD BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOKS YOU WILL EVER READ!Do I have your attention now? GOOD! Read on . . .This is a book I believe everyone should read. Even if you are one of the few with good vitamin D levels, you likely have friends or relatives who are low. This is a book with very detailed info on Vitamin D and all I can say is “WOW!”At 161 pages, it is a relatively small book, but it is packed with information on D, its possible effects on many health conditions, explanations of how the body works in regard to D and certain conditions, and case studies from the Doctor’s patient files. This wonderful 2010 book is by Sarfraz Zaidi, MD, an Endocrinologist who has monitored Vitamin D and its effects in his patients for the last 10 years in California, where D therapy has made a tremendous difference. Vitamin D is actually a hormone, and he explains why it is one and how it works in the body. This book was written to get this info out to the public because there is a lot of mis-information “out there” about D, as well as a lack of information. (Many of you also know that Western medicine seems to distance itself from herbs and vitamins while pushing pharmaceuticals, many with side effects.)Note-I am NOT a doctor. And I am not saying anything against doctors. What I am saying is that there may be alternatives that your doctor is not knowledgeable about because he is wedded to pharmaceutical care. The more knowledgeable YOU are, the better you can discuss your condition with him/her and possible options.From what I’ve read, the statistics are showing that about 85% of us are probably D deficient, even if we take multivitamins, spend time in the sun, and eat D-fortified foods. Apparently, D has been researched in great detail in the last 20 years, but few Western doctors really get into the possibility of D deficiency.The book mentions potential benefits of D regarding a whole mess of conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, chronic fatigue, arthritis, M.S., asthma, thyroid problems, dental problems, problems during pregnancy, problems in newborns, and depression, and much more.This book has so much information that I found fascinating–D absorption is affected by where you live, the darkness of your skin, the amount of fat in your body, the time of year, and many other factors. D even builds up the immune system to fight off diseases and flu. Doctor Zaidi uses his medical knowledge to explain various health conditions and how they work and how D helps. For example, in the CANCER segment, he explains the process of how cancer develops in your body, the link between D deficiency and cancer, and that D can help in both the prevention of and treatment of cancer. He follows with a case study where a 49 year old male with aggressive colon cancer was treated with chemotherapy and vitamin D. Three years later, the patient continues to be cancer free.The book says that the current reported RDA (recommended daily amount) is way too low at about 200, 400, or 600 IU (per day), depending on your age. It sounds like it averages out that our D intake should be more like 2000 IU, but everything that says “includes 100% of your RDA of Vitamin D” is based on the 200/400/600 old RDA. So, most people get a whole lot less D than they apparently need and doctors don’t usually test your D levels. BTW-this book also explains the D testing process, what the numbers should be, the common mistakes when D is tested, and which D test you should have. He also addresses the how much is too much question. (I told you this book will amaze you with info.)For my own experience, a friend of mine who researches vitamins, minerals and herbs told me to take the 2000 IU Carlson D3 about a year ago and it continues to be part of my daily vitamin routine. Carlson appears to be a respected name and he claimed the D3 is the one that is properly absorbed by the body (as opposed to plain Vitamin D.) Carlson also makes the D3 available in soft gel, and I believe that liquids and gels are absorbed easier by the body than hard pills and powdered capsules. This bottle contains 120 of the 2000 IU, so, at one tablet per day, a bottle will last you about 4 months. (Take whatever brand you want–I’m just telling you which one I take and why.)As you can see, I am very excited to be able to recommend this book. It is just packed with info! I HIGHLY recommend it for everyone’s personal library and I am so very glad this book found me.I sure hope it finds you too!

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