A1C and Diabetes Control and Diagnosis – Dr. Anup, MD Teaches Series (Diabetes Self-help Series by Dr. Anup, MD (USA))

A1C is the crystal ball for a diabetic. It predicts the future course of the disease. If it is high there are more chances of irreversible complications like blindness, kidney failure, leg amputation, heart attack and so on. It even predicts the chances of a diabetic being admitted to the hospital and his/her future diabetes related expenses. What else do you need?

Still many diabetics have high A1C levels putting them at risk of many of these irreversible complications in the future.

This succinct discussion by Dr. Anup, MD discusses what is A1C, how it is produced in the body, what are the normal levels, what can happen if it is high and how to bring it down to normal if it is high, how frequently it need to be done if normal or if high. It even discusses the latest application of this test of A1C in diagnosing diabetes.

This is part of Dr. Anup, MD teaches series from Anup Research And Multimedia USA – a company that is improving medical care through education since 1996.


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