Type 2 Diabetes: Treatment Strategies for Optimal Care

The purpose of this course is to provide physicians with the information necessary to develop treatment regimens associated with optimal adherence and provide adequate patient education, counseling, and support. In addition, members of the public may use this course to enhance their personal knowledge of the subject matter presented.
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
1. Apply epidemiological trends in T2DM to current practice so at-risk patient populations can be more easily identified, assessed, and treated for T2DM.
2. Utilize knowledge of the pathophysiology and diagnosis of T2DM to create comprehensive treatment strategies that target critical pathways in T2DM development and progression.
3. Identify the therapies for T2DM that are supported by contemporary evidence and are in adherence with current guideline recommendations.
4. Discuss the risks and benefits of tight glycemic control when setting and achieving A1c targets in T2DM patients.
5. Describe strategies to improve patient adherence to T2DM medication by developing treatment regimens associated with optimal adherence and providing adequate patient education, counseling, and support.
This 5-hour continuing education course is available for download for professional development; if continuing education credit is desired, please see instructions included in eBook.


Low Carb Diet Strategies You Don’t Know About

Low Carb Diet Strategies You DON’T Know About…..Yet

Have you had some weight loss success on a low carb or other conventional diets before but your results have stalled or plateaued? Do hunger and cravings prevent you from sticking to your diet? Want to lose weight quickly?

Low carb diets are popular and can be highly effective, but there’s a problem. Rapid weight loss occurs in the first few weeks of the low carb diet and then drops off to only a few pounds per month. This can be discouraging to any dieter looking to lose weight quickly.

In the guide “Low Carb Strategies You Don’t Know About”, you’ll get the 5 advanced low carb diet strategies that will help you enhance your results of a traditional low carb diet by tricking your body to burn as much stored body fat as possible.

5 Little-Known Low Carb Diet Hacks

No one is talking about these 5 advanced low carb diet strategies. Why? Because they are based on cutting edge scientific research that simply hasn’t been around long enough to be adopted by the mainstream. I’ve used these techniques on myself, as well as on hundreds of my weight loss clients with great success, so I KNOW they work.

I’ve also used this low carb system on the most important weight loss client I’ve ever had – my Mom. Included in this guide is a detailed case study about how the low carb diet and these 5 advanced strategies helped her to lose 40 pounds in 6 months and reverse a recent diabetes diagnosis.

Follow the Low Carb Diet Blueprint and Begin Losing Weight Quickly – Starting Today

“Low Carb Diet Strategies You Don’t Know About” provides you with a step by step blueprint, as well as a weekly detail of how to incorporate the 5 advanced strategies to kickstart your weight loss and help control your hunger and cravings, all while minimizing fat storage and increasing the amount of stored body fat you burn.

Also included in this guide is a master low carb food list as well as a sampling of my favorite low carb recipes to get you started.

Would You Like To Learn My 5 Sneaky Strategies?

Please download this guide now and start losing weight quickly, starting today.

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Comprehensive Patient Treatment Strategies for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

This Clinical Research Tool for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is based, in part, on a series of consensus statements developed by an expert Working Group. Using a modified Delphi process, the Working Group explored best practices in the assessment, diagnosis, and initial and ongoing management of T2DM. Each member of the Working Group individually reviewed a series of draft statements, applying the published evidence and their own clinical experience.


The Art of Empowerment, Second Edition: Stories and Strategies for Diabetes Educators

Transform your practice by transcending traditional techniques. Enhance your fundamental role in helping patients manage their diabetes. With this book, you will discover how to structure a richer learning environment for your patients using interactive techniques as well as philosophical and practical approaches. Rich in wisdom and real-life experience that will benefit the novice to the expert.


Strategies for Improving Low Health Literacy (Postgradaute Medicine)

More than 1 in 3 adults in the United States have low health literacy, which can adversely affect the quality and cost of health care. These individuals are less likely than those who are health literate to be knowledgeable about their chronic diseases and possess adequate self-management skills, and are more likely to make medication errors. Demographic risk factors alone cannot identify such patients. Health care providers should use a rapid screening test to identify patients with low health literacy, tailor literacy-related interventions to the communication needs of the individual patient, and assess patient recall and comprehension. Effective strategies to improve patient comprehension include conveying a few key points at each patient visit, jargon-free communication, use of pictures to clarify concepts, and confirmation of patient comprehension via the “show-me” or “teach-back” method. Despite these advances, collaboration between multiple stakeholders in the health care system is necessary to overcome barriers to health literacy and enhance quality of care.

Original Publication Date: September 2009


Living with Diabetes: A Family Affair: Practical and Emotional Support Strategies

A diagnosis of diabetes marks a dramatic change, not only in the life of the diabetic, but also in the lives of his or her family, friends, and co-workers. Diabetes affects your work, your leisure, and your relationships with family and friends. But thanks to improving treatment, people with diabetes can expect to live active and independent lives, as long as they make a lifelong commitment to careful diabetes management. Diabetes: A Family Affair is designed to help readers understand and manage the day-to-day challenges of living with the disease, through the stories of others. It is not a book of medical advice; rather, it is a resource of sharing between diabetics and those who care about them.


Type 2 Diabetes: Causes, Treatment and Preventive Strategies (Endocrinology Research and Clinical Developments)

Type 2 diabetes is a major health problem reaching epidemic dimensions. Its complications, micro- and macrovascular, have a great impact in health economics as well as in the diabetic patient’s quality of life. In this book, the authors present current research in the study of the causes, treatment and preventive strategies of type 2 diabetes. Topics include the molecular genetics of type 2 diabetes mellitus; the pharmacogenetics and personalised therapy of oral antidiabetic drugs; gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy as effective treatment strategies in obese patients with type 2 diabetes; ACP1 genetic variability; and, the study of biomarkers for diabetes mellitus type 2 and the role of high dose thiamine.


Defeat Chronic Pain Now!: Groundbreaking Strategies for Eliminating the Pain of Arthritis, Back and Neck Conditions, Migraines, Diabetic Neuropathy, and Chronic Illness

If you are one of the millions of people suffering from chronic pain, it can often seem as if your discomfort is running—and ruining—your life. Maybe you’ve even been told that “it’s all in your head” and you just have to endure the debilitating effects of migraines, arthritis, back and neck pain, and chronic illness. You can feel good again! Defeat Chronic Pain Now! is your survival guide to preventing, reversing, and managing chronic pain.

Referencing breakthrough medical research, two of the leading pain specialists in the field, Bradley S. Galer, M.D., and Charles E. Argoff, M.D., present hidden and little known causes of common chronic pain conditions, how to avoid misdiagnosis, and the latest treatments under development including:
—Myofascial Dysfunction: The real (undiagnosed!) culprit in 90% of Back and Neck Pain
—DMARDS and NSAIDS: Two breakthrough drugs that promise significant relief for Arthritis
—Nutraceuticals: The natural wonder treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy
—Focal heat trigger-point (FHTP) therapy: The new drug-free approach to Migraine relief

The first practical book on integrative pain management, Defeat Chronic Pain Now! gives you the latest information on surgical options, new medications, complementary therapies, and psychological interventions that can be used to rewire your body for pain relief. For each condition and procedure, you’ll learn what to expect in the hospital and the doctor’s office, and what self-therapy solutions you can do on your own. Detailed illustrations and easy-to-understand descriptions help you select the best treatment options to improve your unique type of pain and take back your life.


The Simple Diabetes Diet – Nutritional and Lifestyle Strategies for Lowering Blood Glucose

One out of every 10 adults (about 20.6 million people) in the United States has diabetes. In fact, according to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is the sixth leading cause of premature death in the US.

And since adults with diabetes are 2 to 4 times more likely to have heart disease or stroke than people without diabetes, the disease may actually account for as much as twice as many deaths as reported. Diabetes is deadly if not treated properly,

The Simple Diabetes Diet: Nutritional and Lifestyle Strategies for Lowering Blood Glucose, teaches you how to lower your blood glucose numbers and avoid the debilitating and life-threatening complications of this serious health condition, by making simple lifestyle changes and learning to monitor your condition.

This is a hands-on guide for people who need practical, easy ways to keep blood sugar under control, while still enjoying a normal and satisfying life. It highlights essential strategies for the successful management of diabetes, and provides guidelines for effective lifestyle interventions. You’ll also find information on current medications used to treat diabetes and how to make the best of them when prescribed by your doctor.

You’ll get research-based recommendations in language that is easy to understand and pleasant to read. Study this comprehensive guide from cover to cover, or use it as quick reference resource where you will find immediate answers to your questions, as they arise.

The Simple Diabetes Diet: Nutritional and Lifestyle Strategies for Lowering Blood Glucose represents a valuable, quick reference resource to help you reduce your blood glucose and keep it in check.


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