PURESPACE Home sanitizing and storage system for personal items

Anything that goes into or around the body that you want to keep clean should be sterilized and stored in purespace everyday. Use purespace to protect the things most important to you from harmful germs in the bathroom. The first Patented system to safely disinfect and store personal items like toothbrushes, razors, baby bottles and more using medical grade technology. Holds up to six toothbrushes or other items. Works with all major electric heads too. Kills 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria. Anti-microbial filtered air and our unique valve design helps keep items safe until next use. Doctor recommended. FDA registered. Especially helpful for moms, pregnant woman, the immuno-suppressed, diabetics and the elderly. Comes with attachments for larger items like toothbrushes, a basket for smaller items like piercing jewelry and a flat insert for odd shaped items. Also includes a special brush for easy cleaning. Optional baby bottle insert available. 1 year limited warranty.

Product Features

  • Kills 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria
  • Safe storage place protects items from even the worst bathroom germs
  • 10000 times more effective than UV light
  • Simple one touch operation
  • Anti-microbial filtered air.


Vialdock Syringe Magnifier and Guide with Storage Bag

VialDock is the new, revolutionary
accessory that fits snugly on a medical or pharmaceutical vial and allows for safer, steady, easy withdrawal of the medicine within the vial with a syringe or hypodermic needle.

About the Product

VialDock is a clear device designed to easily clamp onto the head of a pharmaceutical vial, giving the patient or healthcare professional the ability to slide a syringe and needle quickly and more safely into the VialDock and through the vial membrane.

Once the syringe and needle have safely penetrated the vial membrane, the VialDock has two open grooves on either side, allowing the user to hold the syringe while extracting the medication. The VialDock doubles as a magnifier, allowing the user to easily and effectively read the calibrations, ensuring that the correct dosage is drawn from the vial every time.

Because of the VialDock’s patented design, the inserted needle enters the vial just beyond the pierced membrane, allowing the user to draw every last drop-which prevents waste and saves money. This is especially important because of the high cost of most medications.

Product Features

  • Safety. Virtually eliminates needle stick injuries
  • Efficiency. Much quicker to insert needle and withdraw medication
  • Cost savings. Utilizes all medication in the vial, and prevents dropping vials when trying to hold both a vial and syringe in one hand while withdrawing with the other
  • Accurate readings. The built-in magnifier makes it easy to read the calibrations, ensuring accurate dosage


iD – custom USB flash drive for storage of emergency medical information. Product features an auto-loading form for detailed entries of medical conditions, allergies, medications, and more (see photos). iD provides emergency information for EMT’s – even when you can’t respond!

iD is a custom USB flash drive that holds emergency and medical information for use by Doctors and EMTs. Information such as emergency contacts, allergies, drug reactions, medical conditions, medications, and more can be stored on iD. iD even can hold a picture of the owner as well as critical-care documents such as living wills and DNR orders. iD is your opportunity to tell Doctors and EMTs about your critical medical conditions – even if you can’t respond!

Product Features

  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Provides critical medical info even when you can’t respond!
  • Great for those with diabetes, allergies, Alzheimer’s, multiple medications
  • No software to load or programs to learn!


Fit-8 Heart Rate Monitor W/chest Strap Heart Rate Functions Include Current Heart Rate, Target Zone and Out-of-zone Alarm Ecg-accurate Heart Rate Watch Functions Include Time of Day, Date, Stopwatch, Light and 15 Laps of File Storage Water Resistant

FiT8 Heart Rate Monitor
Heart rate functions include current heart rate, target zone and out-of-zone alarm
ECG-accurate heart rate
Watch functions include time of day, date, stopwatch, light and 15 laps of file storage
Water resistant
Interfaces with heart rate interactive exercise equipment
User changeable batteries in transmitter and watch

Product Features

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