WSN Glucose Support Formula – A medical food specifically formulated for the dietary management of diabetes.

All Type 2 diabetics have a deficiency of key nutrients the body needs to get and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Your cells simply do not process blood sugar like they should. The reason the WSN? Glucose Support Formula works is because it operates at the cellular level and addresses a key problem that every type 2 diabetic has – ineffective use of blood sugar. The WSN ? Glucose Support Formula helps your body utilize blood sugar more efficiently. The WSN? Glucose Support Formula provides these key nutrients as whole food vitamins and minerals for maximum absorption, retention and utilization in the cells of the body. The WSN? Glucose Support Formula also contains important botanical extracts which will help you get and maintain normal blood sugar levels. The WSN? Glucose Support Formula was designed specifically for diabetics to nutritionally repair the cells so that you can get and maintain normal blood sugar levels, lose weight more easily, and increase energy levels. The Product Consultants of WSN (Wellness Support Network) have many years of experience working with individuals who have been suffering with Diabetes. As part of your purchase, you can contact and they contact customers on a regular basis, and provide them with guidance on their diet, exercise, and progress on an individual-by-individual basis.


WSN® Blood Vessel Support Formula, a Medical Food Specifically Formulated for the Dietary Management of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

This Formula is a completely natural product that is support blood pressure levels. Under normal conditions when the tiny muscles that control blood pressure are relaxed, your arteries operate like soft rubber tubes that expand with each beat of your heart, and your blood pressure remains normal. When these muscles tense up, the arteries become narrower, more rigid and less flexible and raises blood pressure. Poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, overweight, alcohol and caffeine in excess, emotional and physical stress and the diabetic condition all cause the loss of vital minerals to the body. These minerals are essential to the natural and effective control of blood pressure. Not having enough magnesium is one of the primary causes of high blood pressure. The Blood Vessel Support formula is a unique combination of wholefood Vitamins and minerals, especially Magnesium, that will nourish the cells of your vascular system with the nutrition they need. If you give the body the right fuel and the right nutrients, it will respond and help to bring down your blood pressure naturally. These supplements are rapidly absorbed by the body and transported to where they are needed, retained and utilized We’re so sure about the quality and effectiveness of the WSN® Blood Vessel Support Formula, and that you will experience the results you want, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and a free support line to help you get the results you seek.

Product Features

  • Safe and effective way to help control your blood pressure with absolutely no side effects
  • 100% Natural and Safe, the body recognizes the vitamins and minerals as food.
  • “This morning for the first time my blood pressure was 128/78. It works!” – Joseph Hash, New Mexico
  • Each ingredient specifically chosen for abilities to support healthy and normal blood pressure levels.
  • Will not adversely interact with blood pressure medications. There is a 90 Day Money Back Guarentee


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