155 Healthy Smoothies: Everything you need to know about making delicious smoothies and understanding their health benefits

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The ultimate compendium of healthy smoothies and more, you’ll find yourself reaching for this book more often than any other recipe book in your kitchen. The title – smoothie simply doesn’t seem like enough to go with some of these amazing recipes. More mindful of cold soups or chilled dessert recipes, some of these will be a meal in one. Offering you the kind of nutrition that will add stamina and sparkle to your attitude and your health, the recipes are clear and easy to follow as you create the smoothies.

If you only buy one book of smoothies, this is the one that you need. Offering green smoothies, vegetarian and vegan, as well as fruity smooth desserts, your weight will fall and your energy will rise when you take advantage of the healthy smoothie recipes found in this all-encompassing book.

This healthy smoothies recipe book offers you a great look at nutrition, healthy diet and lifestyle, delicious ways to lose weight to introduce fiber and cancer-fighting antioxidants into the body. You’ll get:

  • 155 full color eye popping smoothie pictures that will make your mouth water!
  • For LIMITED TIME ONLY a FREE, over 310 page attachment download with full page-size photos of each recipe and detailed nutrition information!
  • Written by Pawel Malczewski, a certified nutritionist, with detailed nutrition information for each recipe!
  • Easy to follow recipes with easy to find ingredients with a list of substitutes
  • Great for anybody from beginners to advanced smoothie drinkers
  • …and don’t forget about the kids.They’re going to love the fruit smoothies!
  • Plenty of nutrition tips
  • Variety of different types of smoothies!
  • Healthy green smoothies
  • Full of antioxidants berry smoothies
  • Delicious banana smoothies
  • Yogurt and non-dairy substitute yogurt smoothies
  • Healthy habits transformation/weight loss program
  • Plenty of valuable blending and smoothie tips
  • Information on contraindicationsfor the use of some fruits and veggies
  • Scientific research that backs the claims about fruits and vegetables
  • The health benefits of various nutritional components
  • Information on the best and most powerful blenders
  • Links to a site with useful information on ingredients and nutrients

Along with these benefits, you will find the potential for a whole new outlook and a new level of vitality inside very book.


Smoothie Recipes (Over 55 Delicious Smoothies, Milkshakes And Juicing Recipes To Help You Lose Weight And Feel Great)

These smoothie recipes are easy to prepare, quick to blend, delicious to taste and absolutely perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight. So why not take a look inside to see some of the recipes you could be enjoying in just a few minutes from now…

Remember losing weight is all about cutting down calories and exercising more. The problem with this is that you often end up eating boring, bland and tasteless foods in order to do so. However adding a range of vitamin packed smoothies and refreshing juices into your life is a ‘proven’ way to lose weight whilst still enjoying delicious tasting foods and drinks.

Getting enough fresh fruits and vegetables in to your diet can be a real struggle for most people and it’s something that is so easily fixed. Drinking the right nutrients is easy to do once you’ve got these simple recipes in front of you.

This book is written in a clear, easy to follow way with a range of recipes that you and your family will love. You’ll find yourselves eating a healthier and more balanced diet without even thinking about it.

There are no ‘hidden’ foods you need to search for, instead this book of healthy smoothie recipes uses everyday ingredients that you can find at your local store. There’s over 55 smoothies, milkshakes and juicing recipes for you to choose from.

It’s a good way to save time, eat healthily and feel really great without having to spend hours preparing meals and snacks.

Here are just some of the recipes you’ll find inside…

Green Fruit Pick Me Up
Lime and Melon Delight
Carrot Juice Smoothie
Nuts About Blueberries
Spicy Avocado Treat
Banana Blast
Blueberry Explosion

To try out these and many other fantastic tasting smoothie recipes, milkshakes and juices, click on the ‘buy now’ link at the top right hand corner of this page.


Diabetes Cooking: 93 Diabetes Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Smoothies. A Guide to Diabetes Foods to Help You Prepare Healthy Delicious … Diabetic Meals and Natural Diabetes Food)

Diabetics can live a normal life if they are willing to make a few lifestyle changes.

In this book you will find 93 easy recipes that show you how to prepare diabetic meals to help you with diabetes control. The 93 recipes cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies. Inside you will find a wealth of information including a diabetic shopping list and all the natural supplements and herbs you can take to help you live a normal life.

Read now how you can treat and manage diabetes without drugs. You will discover:
* Basic Diabetic Dietary Guidelines
* The Diabetic’s Shopping List – Good Foods, Borderline Foods, Bad Foods and Free Foods
* 21 Breakfast Recipes
* 16 Lunch Recipes
* 19 Dinner Recipes
* 19 Dessert Recipes
* 25 Great Snack Recipes and Ideas
* 18 Smoothies for diabetics
* 19 Supplements you should know about


I Love Green Smoothies – 50 Recipes To Get You Started Drinking Your Way to a Sexy, Slim, Youthful You!

Pure Goodness in Every Sip

Katherine Stromick, a yoga instructor and mother of two boys, has seen firsthand what the power of Green Smoothies has done for her and her family. In this book Katherine shares her personal story of what an impact drinking Green Smoothies has had on her life as well as that of her children as well as sharing some of her best Green Smoothie Recipes.

Green Smoothies are a mix of greens, vegetables and flavorful fruits making you feel amazing and helping to:

Lose Weight
Detoxify the Body
Increase Energy
Fight Heart Disease
Prevent Diabetes, Depression and Certain Cancers
Boost the Immune System
Improve Skin and Hair

These delicious Green Smoothie recipes will help you lose weight, have increased energy, and improve your overall health!


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