Slim Smart – Chocolate, Healthy meal replacement shake with 25 grams of whey protein, 30 servings

SLIM SMART is A Healthy Meal Replacement. It is also diabetic and seliac friendly. Each servng has less than 3 grams of fat, less than 3 net carbs and is also low in calories! It contains 25 grams of organic whey protien (no cholesterol) and a host of trace minerals. Ho Ya (i) is the Navajo word for SMART, which is what we feel this healthy meal replacement beverage is. One 8 ounce glass of SLIM SMART provides you with all the major Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes along with a host of Vitamins and Minerals. SLIM SMART is sweetened with honey crystals and even provides Fiber for your diet needs. We have tried to be SMART about your nutritional needs so you can be SMART about your diet. You won’t believe how good it tastes! It won’t be one that sits on your shelf! GET STARTED ON YOUR GOOD HEALTH NOW!


Muffins to Slim By: Fast Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Bread & Muffin Recipes to Mix and Microwave in a Mug (Volume 1)

The Original Low Carb Minute Muffin Cookbook for weight loss, diabetic & sugar-free diets. Dozens and dozens of single-serving recipes bundled into a banquet of nutritious breads and muffins – as low as 0 net carbs! From Sweet (introducing luscious fruit substitutes) – to Savory to Meals in a Muffin, these innovative mix-in-a-mug recipes are quick to prepare and only moments away from fresh-baked and ready to enjoy. Savory Stuffin’ Muffins rich with sautéed onions and celery, buoyant sandwich and hot-dog buns, Parmesan Salsa or Italian Herb, Banana Nut Bread or Strawberry Shortcake, warm and welcoming Cinnamon Apple Upside-Down Cake, Ricotta Comfort dinner rolls, delectable Red Velvet with cream cheese, Maple Bacon for breakfast, Pizza or a Reuben Melt for lunch- for starters! Those who are new to minute muffins prepared in a microwave may be disappointed that they aren’t the same as “real” bread – those made with wheat/gluten flours and sugar, baked in an oven. They miss the texture that sugar and gluten add, and ask if they can substitute “real” flour and sugar -which of course defeats the whole purpose. I took the hard line and adhered strictly to low carb ingredients, and strived for such a wide variety of recipes that everyone should be able to find several that will become staples. If you don’t mind a denser bread, you can reduce the baking powder from 1 tsp. to 1/2 tsp. Almond flour can be substituted for flaxseed. In other words, the recipes are versatile. Have fun with them! Each includes nutritional sidenotes and interesting health benefits of the ingredients. If you haven’t allowed yourself bread for a long time, have had to wrap your hamburger in a lettuce leaf or dearly miss breakfast toast, these recipes are a real blessing. It’s bread! We’re actually eating bread, and it’s more than okay – it’s really good for us! White flour tastes like paste to me now, compared with the flavor of ground almonds and coconut flour. It’s a new way of eating. Preparing healthful recipes is one of the most satisfying, rewarding things we can do for ourselves.


The Smarter Science of Slim: What the Actual Experts Have Proven About Weight Loss, Dieting, & Exercise

Since the 1970’s we have been told that eating less and exercising more is healthy and leads to lasting weight loss. Since then obesity, diabetes, and other diet related diseases have risen to epidemic levels, overtaken tobacco as leading cause of death in the United States, and account for over $190 billion a year in health-care spending.

Consistent with these trends, but in sharp contrast to what the food, fitness, and pharmaceutical industries tell us, Jonathan Bailor’s new book The Smarter Science of Slim, the single largest scientific analysis of health and fitness ever conducted, proves that eating less and exercising more harms our health and leads to fat gain 95.4 percent of the time.

The Smarter Science of Slim simplifies the analysis of over 1,100 scientific studies to bridge the gap between the scientific world and the everyday world, dispel the myths and marketing that have fueled the current health care crisis, and provide a proven lifestyle for lasting wellness by focusing on quality of food and exercise and then eating more and exercising less — but smarter. The Smarter Science of Slim is endorsed by the world-wide scientific community including top doctors at the Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins, and UCLA, and approved as curriculum for registered dieticians (RDs) by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

“We all know what the typical approach leads to,” remarked Bailor who is confident that the last forty years of research from the most brilliant medical minds around the world prove that we can use this atypical “eat more, exercise less but smarter” approach to generate atypical results: improved health and reduced obesity and diet-related disease rates.

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Lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and cardiovascular disease
Lose body fat
Improve cholesterol and blood pressure
Avoid hunger
Enjoy higher energy levels
Improve confidence and self-esteem
Increase insulin sensitivity and control diabetes
Curb cravings
End overeating
Get sick less often
Improve complexion and skin tone
Boost your ability to concentrate and mood
Sleep better and feel more rested
Enhance strength, fitness, cardiovascular health, and athletic performance
Enjoy less anxiety and depression
Improve sexual performance
Reduce chronic pain and arthritis
Speed-up metabolism
Improve estrogen and testosterone levels
Develop compact lean muscle tissue
Enhance bone density


“Proven and practical.”
—Dr. Theodoros Kelesidis
Harvard & UCLA Medical Schools

“The latest and best scientific research.”
—Dr. John J. Ratey
Harvard Medical School

“An important piece of work.”
—Dr. Anthony Accurso
Johns Hopkins

“Smart and health promoting.”
—Dr. JoAnn E. Manson
Harvard Medical School

“The last diet book you will ever need to buy.”
—Dr. Larry Dossey
Medical City Dallas Hospital

“Revolutionary, surprising, and scientifically sound.”
—Dr. Jan Friden
University of Gothenburg

“Compelling, simple, and practical.”
—Dr. Steve Yeaman
Newcastle University

“Stimulating and provocative.”
—Dr. Soren Toubro
University of Copenhagen


BIOS LIFE SLIM G – NEWEST SLIM FORMULATION -Glucose Stabilizing Formula – More Fiber- quicker fat-loss/weight-loss results.

Bios Life Slim G is the latest to the Bios Life Slim family of fiber supplements with specific focus on balancing blood glucose. Using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, this revolutionary formula is designed to give you improved glycemic control in response to the foods you eat.

Product Features

  • Clinically proven , safe, effective, natural product for losing FAT and INCHES!
  • INCREASES energy without stimulants
  • INCREASES good cholesterol (HDL)!! DECREASES bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • BALANCES blood sugar!! REGULATES bowel function


Plexus Slim The Natural Way to Lose Weight, Burns Fat & Inches – not Muscle, All Natural, Safe, non-stimulatory and non-thermogenic, Diabetic friendly, One Month Supply

Half an hour before a meal – it does not matter which meal, it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner – pour the Plexus Slim powder into a 12 ounce glass/bottle or water, stir/shake and drink. That’s all there is to it!


When used as part of a daily hydration regimen (1 stick pack per day), Plexus Slim promotes: Loss of weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle, Healthy blood sugar levels, Healthy cholesterol and lipid levels, Healthy will power over food choices, Free radical scavenging (reduces oxidative stress)

Plexus Slim is: Safe, non-stimulatory and non-thermogenic & Diabetic friendly

Product Features

  • New product on the Market.
  • One Month Supply


Bios Life Slim – 60 Packets

What is Bios Life Slim? Bios Life Slim is a revolutionary fat burning product; providing the first scientific breakthrough in fat-loss in over 30 years. Containing natural, proprietary ingredients, Bios Life Slim helps your body naturally regulate the amount of fat stored. Click here for Ingredients How Does it Work? Drinking Bios Life Slim at least twice a day with your meals trains your body to burn away excess fat forevera”without the jitters, hunger, or confusion of other weight-loss products or programsa”creating a slimmer, more active, more attractive you. How Long Will it Take? We want you to slim downa”and stay slim. A adieta is something you do to your body; Bios Life Slim is something you do with your body. Youare gradually training your body to burn fat, not store it. It usually takes about three months for this process to become permanent. Most users of Bios Life Slim begin afeeling bettera within days, and report that a reduction in size starts less than 30 days later.

Product Features

  • Melt the fat
  • Remove a main obstacle to losing weight, slow metabolism
  • Safely supports the suppression of appetite so that you don’t “binge” on non-healthy empty calories
  • Promotes energy and resting energy expenditure
  • 100% safe, natural, and effective


I Love Green Smoothies – 50 Recipes To Get You Started Drinking Your Way to a Sexy, Slim, Youthful You!

Pure Goodness in Every Sip

Katherine Stromick, a yoga instructor and mother of two boys, has seen firsthand what the power of Green Smoothies has done for her and her family. In this book Katherine shares her personal story of what an impact drinking Green Smoothies has had on her life as well as that of her children as well as sharing some of her best Green Smoothie Recipes.

Green Smoothies are a mix of greens, vegetables and flavorful fruits making you feel amazing and helping to:

Lose Weight
Detoxify the Body
Increase Energy
Fight Heart Disease
Prevent Diabetes, Depression and Certain Cancers
Boost the Immune System
Improve Skin and Hair

These delicious Green Smoothie recipes will help you lose weight, have increased energy, and improve your overall health!


Rocketech Count Down to Slim Calorie, Carb and Fat Counting System

Count Down to Slim counts your choice of calories, carbs, fat and more. No matter what diet you choose, Count Down to Slim will calculate your daily intake. Set your calorie, carb, fat and other settings for the day by entering the total number of each that you are allowing yourself for that day. Each time you eat, subtract that number from the total you entered. This will help you keep an eye on your calorie, carb, fat and other intake for the entire day. No more guessing and getting discouraged. You can use all four settings or just one, depending on your personal goals, making this the perfect tool for anyone who is watching their weight. Count Down to Slim makes it easy for you to see your daily accomplishments. Instant gratification! Now you will learn exactly how many calories you can give yourself for each meal. Whether you are watching your calories, fat or carbs, Count Down to Slim is your ultimate guide to a slimmer, healthier body. Unit is stylish purple, includes clock and doubles as a key chain. Count Down to Slim is discreet and portable. Stop the yo-yo diet and start counting your way to a healthier lifestyle!

Product Features

  • Counts calories, carbs, fat, and more
  • Easy to set
  • Small pocket size so it can travel with you everywhere
  • Doubles as a key chain
  • Clock function


The Full Plate Diet: Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy!

Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy—The Full Plate Diet (TM) is based on eating foods our Moms said we should eat— fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans & peas, and nuts & seeds. You can eat meat—just follow Mom’s advice. No yo-yo—you can stay on this diet because you won’t feel deprived—won’t have to eat tiny portions. You get started by making small changes, not big ones. No hassle—you don’t have to count calories, you can shop at your regular grocery store, and spend less on food. Big health payoffs include heart health, cancer fighting, diabetes friendly, more energy, and long life. Lots of medical research backing The Full Plate Diet (TM).


The Mediterranean Prescription: Meal Plans and Recipes to Help You Stay Slim and Healthy for the Rest of Your Life


Renowned for its dazzling beauty and delectable cuisine, the Mediterranean island of Sicily has historically one of the healthiest diets in the world. Recent studies show that this eating style can reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and depression, and that it can even increase fertility rates! Now all the succulent flavors and myriad benefits of Sicilian cooking are yours to savor in the very first weight-loss program that will not only help you effortlessly shed unwanted pounds but will become a prescription for a lifetime of nourishing, palate-pleasing fare.

Created by respected physician Dr. Angelo Acquista, who has successful counseled his patients on weight management for years, The Mediterranean Prescription starts with a two-week weight-loss stage that includes simple, delectable recipes to help you lose eight to ten pounds right away. Still convinced that all diets leave you feeling deprived? Imagine eating Baked Zucchini with Eggplant and Tomatoes, Sweet-and-Sour Red Snapper, Chicken Cacciatore, Pasta Fagioli, and Baked Onions. Dr. Acquista culled his Sicilian mother’s recipe box for the most mouthwatering recipes–plus he includes meals from famous chefs at top Italian restaurants, such as Cipriani and Serafina. If you follow these lifestyle-changing suggestions, you will enjoy

• long-term success: Eat the foods you love and enjoy–bread, pasta, and all your favorite Italian dishes–while adopting healthier eating habits.
• no more addictions: A two-week “tough love” stage helps you kick the habit of sugar, junk food, and preservatives.
• zero deprivation: The Sicilian way of cooking and combining foods means less snacking in between meals, and less temptation to fill up on desserts.
• family-friendly recipes: Children will love and benefit from the dishes as well, so you can share the good eating and the good health.

Plus you’ll find vital information on how being overweight affects each part of your body, including the skin, brain, heart, liver, joints, back, and breasts.

Most people don’t realize that many of their health problems derive from unhealthful weight. Discover the Sicilian secret to a happy life. Capture a pleasurable way of eating that will bring all the blessings and bounty of the Mediterranean to your table, to your life, and to your health!


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