The Low Glycemic Diet (A Simple Step By Step Guide To Using The Gi Index To Lose Weight, Boost Energy And Feel Great)

Ever heard of the low glycemic diet?

If not and you need to lose a few pounds, then you should take the time to read this book.

It’s not a heavy thesis or a text book written so only the top brains in the world can understand it. It’s an easy read, packed full of useful and actionable steps and techniques you can use straight away. Written by personal trainer and weight loss expert Jenny Wright, it clearly and concisely explains exactly how the low glycemic diet works and how to put it to use yourself right now to lose weight, get more energy and feel great.

The glycemic index diet is a great way to lose weight because it’s based upon a sound nutritional footing. You don’t eliminate certain foods from your diet entirely, you simply make healthier choices, which is essentially what anyone needs to do in order to get in to the shape they want to be in.

This is what this book will do for you…

It will provide you with a simple blueprint for success, a clear direction to follow which charts out your progress, no matter what level of fitness or shape of body you are now.

Once you put in to practice the techniques and tips you learn from this clever twist of a diet plan, (it’s actually more like a lifestyle plan, not really a diet) you’ll wish you’d done it years ago.

Here’s what you’ll discover in ‘The Low Glycemic Diet’…

* How the GI Diet works
* Why the low GI diet is a great tool for weight loss
* How G.I foods are ranked
* How to instantly send your energy levels SKYROCKETING!
* How to lose weight

Perhaps the biggest benefit of following the low glycemic diet is that unlike virtually every other diet out there… it’s a diet that you can follow for life. It’s not off the wall or controversial… just sound nutritional practice.

The most common health benefits of the low GI Diet are…

* lower blood sugar levels
* lower cholesterol levels
* less chance of suffering from heart disease
* lower blood pressure
* less cravings

By keeping more control of your blood sugar levels you’ll finally be able to lose weight easily. Once you get off the sugar roller coaster ride, you’ll crave less sweetness and dramatically reduce your appetite.

Because you won’t be getting the highs, you’ll also be able to side step the lows which means your energy levels will get a boost and stay elevated longer so you’ll feel like being more active… this could be the perfect solution for you.

Ultimately the best way of getting in to great shape, having a flat tummy, firmer thighs, more energy and a radiant glow is by eating a well balanced diet. The low GI diet is the PERFECT solution for this

Discover how you can get these benefits and more right now. You can have the information in front of you in less than a minute, simply scroll to the top right of this page and click on the buy now button…


What to Eat with Gestational Diabetes: 9 Very Simple Ways to Eat and Maintain a Healthy Diet During Your Pregnancy

Are you confused about what types of foods you should eat with gestational diabetes? Each expectant mother recognizes that her nutrition is key in ensuring her good health and that of her growing baby. However, for those just finding out they have GDM, what you eat and drink becomes even more important.

“What to Eat with Gestational Diabetes” includes simple and to the point advice, as well as tips for healthy eating to help you successfully kick start and maintain a nutritious diet throughout your pregnancy.

In our wellness-nutrition guide you’ll learn:

– What 6 foods can help you get control of your sugar levels.

– What types of food for gestational diabetes you should eat to avoid weight gain.

– Which low-calorie sweeteners are safest to eat with your diet.

– Are fast foods really safe to eat as part of your meal plan?

– How to finally put an end to all the guesswork involved in daily carb counting in your gestational diabetes meal plan.

– Which to eat and just how much? So what’s the real deal on eating fruits with GDM?

– The good, the bad and the downright unhealthy! Which types of fats you should include and avoid in your diet.

– Give hunger pangs the big kiss off! What types of healthy snacks for gestational diabetes you can eat without affecting your sugar levels.

– So you’ve given birth to a beautiful healthy baby……so what about your meal plans now?

What’s more, we’ve included over 30 creative recipes that are quick and easy to do, don’t require lots exotic expensive ingredients and that all the family can enjoy. And while these recipes are low in carbs, they’re certainly not low on taste!

So if you’re a health conscious woman looking to have the healthiest pregnancy possible and want take control of your GDM, buy “What to Eat with Gestational Diabetes” today at this super low price for a limited time only.


Diabetic Diet Plans Made Simple: Eating Guide For Diabetics New For 2013* New Diabetic Diet And Meal Plans For 2013

An Important Book To Have For Diabetics

As more people around the world begin to suffer from diabetes, more and more diet plans are being sought that are not only tasty but easy to prepare and use ingredients that are healthy for the diabetic and heart healthy as well.

This is what “Diabetic Diet Plans Made Simple: Eating Guide For Diabetics New For 2013” provides. It gives an overview of the types of diabetes in the first chapter and then goes on to provide some great recipes that are placed in categories for ease of reference.

Everyone, especially those individuals that are diagnosed with diabetes or have close relatives with diabetes, need to be careful with what they consume. As such any eating guide with the relevant information is highly valued.
You Can Also Try Herbal Remedies That Help Diabetics
This Diabetic diet book in particular has all the information that the diabetic could need on what to eat and how to make the right selection of the various food groups. It is focused on foods that are low in carbohydrates and fats and high in fiber and the essential minerals and vitamins and other nutrients.

This guide is essential for every diabetic or any individual that wants to avoid becoming diabetic. Eating healthy is the best way to keep certain diseases at bay.

So Whats Inside The Book?
Table of Contents
Chapter 1– Diabetes- Types & Symptoms
Chapter 2– Diabetic Diet Breakfast Options
Chapter 3– Diabetic Diet Lunch Options
Chapter 4– Diabetic Diet Dinner Options
Chapter 5– Diabetic Diet Snack Options


Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook: Simple, Fresh Meals Perfect for Every Day

The Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook is the first book that takes the naturally healthy recipes and meals of Asian cuisine and crafts them specifically for people with diabetes. Authored by Corinne Trang, who was dubbed by The Washington Post “the Julia Child of Asian cuisine,” this unique collection of recipes will be attractive to anyone with diabetes looking for a fresh approach to diabetes-friendly cooking.

With more than 110 recipes, this compilation of simple comfort foods from all over Asia will include classics such as wontons and fresh spring rolls, and more contemporary recipes like garden tomatoes and mixed greens salad tossed in an Asian-inspired dressing blending soy sauce, sesame oil, and wasabi. The recipes are nutritionally sound, with plenty of fresh vegetables and complex flavors using readily available ingredients, and they rely on healthy cooking techniques such as steaming, stir-frying, braising, and grilling.

Filled with a wide variety of vegetables, whole grains, and protein-based dishes, readers will discover countless new flavors to enjoy with their family. With meals inspired by Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian food cultures, the Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook will become a “go-to” book for Asian-inspired diabetes-friendly meals.


The UltraMind Solution: The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind

Is your brain broken?

We refer to our broken brains by many names—depression, anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, ADHD, autism, to name a few—and although we can’t see it, this silent epidemic affects more than 1 billion people worldwide.

If you can answer yes to any of the following, you may have a broken brain:

Are you depressed, feeling down, and don’t have the drive to do anything?

Do you find it next to impossible to focus or concentrate?

Do you get anxious, worried, or stressed-out frequently?

Does your mind feel foggy, unable to experience the world clearly?

All is not lost. In The UltraMind Solution, New York Times bestselling author Mark Hyman shows that to fix your broken brain, you must heal your body first. Dr. Hyman presents a simple six-week plan based on the emerging field of functional medicine to restore health and gain an UltraMind—one that’s highly focused, able to pay attention at will, has a strong memory, and leaves us feeling calm, confident, in control, and in good spirits.


The 12 Essential Low Carb Cooking Skills: Plus, 49 Simple, Scrumptious Low Carb Diet Recipes

Eating low carb is an exercise in trade-offs.

On one hand, powerful science and millions of success stories attest to the amazing fat loss and health benefits of low carb diets, like Atkins and Protein Power. Indeed, carbohydrate restriction may just be a silver bullet capable of preventing or reversing dozens of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, and even cancer.

On the other hand, cutting carbs kinda sucks! 🙂

Admit it. All our favorite treats are carb-filled: donuts, cakes, piping hot oven fresh bread, etc. These foods are not only scrumptious, but they’re also superabundant, cheap and easy to prepare.

* Going “low carb” means you may have to give up these cherished foods, perhaps forever. Yikes!
* What’s more, eating healthy “real” foods, like fresh meat and non-starchy vegetables, can be waaaaay more expensive than eating cheap processed carbage.
* Preparing such meals can be also confusing, messy, and even dangerous, if you don’t know your way around the kitchen.

If you’re on Atkins or the Paleo diet or any other carbohydrate controlled plan, you probably can relate. People react differently to this challenge.

Some find solace in a handful of “go to” meals. For instance, a weekly breakfast menu might read:

* Monday – bacon and eggs
* Tuesday – bacon and eggs
* Wednesday – bacon and eggs
* Thursday – bacon and eggs
* Friday – make it stop!

Desperate for variety, others embark on a mad quest to collect as many recipes as possible, hoping to find the answer in a million cookbooks.

Others just add more carbs back into their diets. But this “carb creep” can tragically undo the weight loss and cause yet more frustration. Argh!

What’s the real problem, here?

The real problem is that we lack SKILLS. We’ve never been trained how to think effectively about cooking low carb. We need more than just recipes; we need to master the fundamentals. As the old expression goes: “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day; teach him to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

We need to “learn how to fish,” metaphorically speaking, when it comes to preparing and cooking low carb.

The $64,000 question is: who can teach us these skills?

The answer is simple: Alan Kosloff.

An environmental lawyer by trade, Alan is also a highly regarded, self-taught chef, whose recipes have wowed friends and associates for decades. Alan is a food obsessive who’s so devoted to his craft that he apprenticed himself to work in a restaurant just to learn the nuanced secrets of Egyptian-French fusion cuisine.

For several years, Alan has used a controlled carbohydrate diet to manage health issues, and he’s truly mastered the fine art of low carb cookery.

In “The 12 Essential Low Carb Cooking Skills: Plus, 49 Simple, Scrumptious Low Carb Diet Recipes,” Chef Alan reveals the secrets he uses to whip up masterworks such as Fennel, orange, olive and arugula salad; Boneless Rib Roast (caveman style); and Merzula en Salsa Verde, a classic dish from the Basque region of Spain.

Even more critically, Alan “teaches you to fish” by guiding you through precisely what you need to do to stock your pantry, fridge and freezer; what equipment you’ll need; and what special techniques you can leverage starting today to save money, time and hassle… all while vastly increasing the diversity and general scrumptiousness of your repertoire.

Free yourself permanently from the “bacon and eggs yet again” blues. Let Chef Alan help transform your kitchen… and your low carb life!


Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life

“Dr. Hodgkins’s discussions are provocative, and disturbing, and the problems they identify will not be easy to rectify quickly. Nonetheless, they are long overdue.”
Alice Villalobos, president of the American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians and Director of the Animal Oncology Consultation Service, Woodland Hills (Torrance, CA) and Pawspice Care Clinic (Norwalk, CA)
In this controversial new book, dedicated veterinarian Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, D.V.M., Esq., raises the alarm regarding the serious flaws in the commercial diets we feed our cats and the nutritional diseases that result. Your Cat turns today’s conventional wisdom of cat care on its head with completely new yet remarkably easy-to-follow guidelines for every cat owner.
Features include:
The real problem with pet foodsParasites, vaccines, and litter-box trainingObesity and feline diabetesPreventative nutrition for the older catThe ten great myths of cat care
From kitten-rearing to the adult cat’s middle years to caring for the geriatric cat, Dr. Hodgkins explores the full spectrum of proper cat care, as well as rampant deadly feline diseases like hyperthyroidism, asthma, skin allergies, and gum disease. She provides an explanation of the origin and thorough discussion of the very latest treatments. Illuminated by brief case histories from illness to health, this indispensable manual is one book that every modern cat owner must have on their shelf.


The Everyday Gourmet Diabetes Cookbook: Simple, Healthy Recipes and Menus for People with Diabetes and Those Who Love Th em

There is good news out there for people with diabetes. Eating wonderful meals can be a part of a healthy lifestyle, and Mary Donkersloot, R.D., serves up hundreds of tempting recipes that will satisfy everyone in the family. Featuring the new Carbohydrate Counting System, The Everyday Gourmet Diabetes Cookbook is filled with easy, irresistible recipes and indispensable information for living a deliciously healthful life.
Part One, “New Basics: Smart Moves for Managing Diabetes,” provides a thorough explanation of the Carbohydrate Counting System, along with vital information about meal planning, exercise and weight management, raising children with diabetes, and how different foods affect your blood glucose levels.
Part Two, “The Recipes,” provides hundreds of recipes for Breakfast and Brunch; Appetizers and Small Meals; Soups; Salads; Salad Dressings, Sauces, and Marinades; Fish; Poultry; Lean Meats; Pasta and Pizza; Sandwiches and Tortilla Stuffers; Main Dishes with Beans; Small Dishes Featuring Vegetables; Small Dishes Featuring Grains and Starchy Vegetables; and Desserts; and every recipe is accompanied by a complete nutritional analysis, including exchanges.
The end of the book has complete exchange lists, tips on reading food labels, mail-order sources, and resources.
For the millions of people with diabetes, The Everyday Gourmet Diabetes Cookbook is the most up to date, appealing, and easy-to-use cookbook available today.


Your Immune System and You (Simple explanations for complicated things)

Find out, not just how to boost your immune system, but what you are actually boosting! 

Learn about how your body looks after you. 
Using non-scientific and non-medical terms, this small, simple, jargon-free book explains how your immune system protects you, what happens when the immune system goes wrong and simple (cost-free) ways to help your body fight infections. 

You won’t just be treating your mind when you get this book, by rediscovering how to simply look after yourself, you could be giving your body a treat too!


Contents includes
  • How great your immune system is
  • Natural Surveillance
  • The Immune System talks to itself
  • How antibodies work
  • When the immune system goes wrong
  • Allergy
  • What causes the allergy symptoms
  • Autoimmunity
  • Transplantation
  • The problems with a bone marrow transplant
  • The Immune system and cancer
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Don’t worry, be happy
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Undernourished people
  • Excessive food intake
  • Good Bacteria
  • Vaccinations
  • Homeopathy
  • Be a bit dirty!
Our readers say…
Fascinating! A wealth of information in concise easy to understand language”

The author takes a complex subject and makes it fun and easy to comprehend”

“This book gives more value than what it costs”

I recommend this book to you if you want to learn about the immune system in a quick and interesting way”

The book is clearly written, easy to read and not full of jargon and it did provide food for thought”

This book gets to the heart of matter without fluffy needless monologue”

“The best part, which I have touted for many years, is “Be a bit dirty”

Very useful information to know, and an overall well written book”

I’d recommend this book to anyone wanting some insight into the immune system particularly those with ailments illnesses and young and old relatives that want to boost immunity”

I liked that it covered the immune system and cancer, and transplants and more”

It is very useful and I would recommend it to everyone, not just that who has health issues but everyone”


The Inflammation Cure: Simple Steps for Reversing heart disease, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, osteopor

“In addition to explaining inflammation’s causes and its role in various diseases, the author offers advice–‘an antiinflammation game plan’–on how to maintain ‘inflammation balance’ and feel better.”–The New York Times

In clear, everyday language, William Meggs, M.D., explains what causes inflammation, its relationship to disease in the body, and what steps readers can take to minimize their risk.


The Diabetes Detectives Guide to Staying on Your Diabetes Diet: A Workbook for Ten Simple Rules for Controlling Appetite That Empower Anyone with Type 2 Diabetes To Keep Blood Sugar Levels in Control

Diabetics are often told that weight loss can work miracles for controlling blood sugar levels. The truth is, controlling blood sugar levels can work miracles not just for weight loss, but also for completely avoiding every complication of type 2 diabetics and sometimes for reversing the disease altogether. Even better, the secret to controlling your blood sugar levels is not some esoteric diet of foods you do not really want to eat. The secret to controlling your blood sugar levels and later losing weight lies in controlling the cravings that send your appetite out of control. Finding reliable information for treating type 2 diabetes practically requires a diabetes detective. Nurse Beverleigh Piepers and bestselling author Robert Rister combine tens of thousands of hours of one-on-one experience with type 2 diabetics with an in-depth understanding of the latest scientific advances to give you the simple techniques you need to make your choice of diet work for you to get your type 2 diabetes into control. Learn the simple techniques your doctor usually does not have time to tell you in Staying on Your Diabetes Diet. Contents: Chapter 1. Test, Test, and Test Some More. A short-term program of intensive testing of your blood sugar levels may reveal that your blood sugars respond less to carbohydrate and more to the stress induced by certain foods. Chapter 2. Treat Low Blood Sugars. The ravages of appetite are sometimes prevented with just a tiny amount of “forbidden” carbohydrate. Chapter 3. Eat One Meal at a Time. The perils of three-hour diets and the promises of eating all you want of the right foods at the right time are revealed. Chapter 4. Be Sure to Eat Enough Carbohydrate. Type 2 diabetics have a special relationship with carbohydrate that usually can’t be fixed by avoiding carbohydrate entirely. Chapter 5. Don’t Eat Too Much Protein. The surprising, counterintuitive relationship between too much protein and blood sugar levels is explained. Chapter 6. Fight Fat with the Right Fat. Eating the right kinds of fat in the right ratios may not only help you lose weight, quickly, but more importantly also preserve pancreatic function. Chapter 7. Be Sure to Eat Your Water. Certain common foods ease appetite and make diabetes control much easier. Water content is key. Chapter 8. Rate Your Plate. There’s a simple way to avoid losing diabetes control and parties and buffets. Chapter 9. Keep Temptation Out of Sight. Out of sight, out of mind has a different meaning in the context of type 2 diabetes. Chapter 10. Make Every Bite Mouth-Watering. Nerve damage from diabetes can also affect the taste buds. Simple fixes can make the foods on your diet far more appealing. Don’t settle for advice that is appropriate to someone else’s case of diabetes. Discover the techniques that work for you to keep type 2 diabetes in control with STAYING ON YOUR DIABETES DIET.


Walking Down Your Blood Sugar: A Simple Exercise Program To Help Control Your Diabetes (THIS IS A DVD)

“Do you have 30 minutes for your good health? That’s all it takes to walk 2 miles at home! Lace up your walking shoes and pop this DVD in … it’s easy to manage diabetes the healthy way. Ask your doctor how walking brings blood sugars down. A special segment with Dr. John Jakicic, Chairman of the Health and Physical Activity Dept. – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Director of a 10 year study focusing on diabetes prevention and management. Dr. John offers expert advice on the importance of fitness walking while managing diabetes.” — container. Put out by company that makes the Freestyle blood sugar meter.


A Simple Guide to Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus (A Simple Guide to Medical Conditions)

What is Diabetes?
Diabetes itself in Greek means frequent and copious passing of urine.

There are 2 forms of Diabetes:

1. Diabetes mellitus or sweet urine with frequent passage of urine
2. Diabetes insipidus or abnormal volume of passage of urine with thirst

1. Diabetes mellitus is caused by a lack or decrease in the insulin hormone which is produced in the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas.
This results in the excess presence of blood sugar resulting in frequent passing of urine, thirst and loss of weight due to the loss of sugar in the urine.

There are 2 types of Diabetes mellitus:
Type 1 –usually affects younger patients and require insulin injection for treatment
Type 2 – affects the older patients and can be treated with oral medications or insulin injections.
This is the commoner form of diabetes.

2. Diabetes Insidipus is due to the absence of the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) secreted by the Pituitary gland.

It results in large volume of urine being passed and thirst following the loss of water in the urine.
It is rare and can occur at any age and in both sexes.

When you use the term Diabetes you usually refer to Diabetes Mellitus which is a very common chronic disease of the elderly.

Diabetes insipidus is rarely seen.

Treatment for Diabetes mellitus and insipidus is completely different.

The causes, complications and treatment of the 2 conditions are separate and different.

To differentiate 2 conditions it is better to use the full name Diabetes mellitus or Diabetes insipidus.

Chapter 1 Diabetes

Chapter 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Chapter 3 Diabetes Inspidus

Chapter 4 Epilogue


The Low GI Diet Cookbook: 100 Simple, Delicious Smart-Carb Recipes-The Proven Way to Lose Weight and Eat for Lifelong Health (Glucose Revolution)

Based on the healthy low-GI eating principles established in The Low GI Diet Revolution, New York Times bestselling authors Jennie Brand-Miller and Kaye Foster-Powell, along with Joanna McMillan-Price, offer readers a companion cookbook packed with 100 delicious recipes that incorporate the top 100 low-GI foods. The New Glucose Revolution Cookbook covers everything from breakfast, snacks, and juices to dinner, dessert, and smoothies and features a special section on cooking essentials. Complete with important information on food shopping the low-GI way, kids meals, menu plans to suit our busy lifestyles, and gorgeous four-color photographs throughout, The New Glucose Revolution Cookbook makes sticking to a low-GI diet easy and enjoyable.


The Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook: Simple & Delicious Low-Sugar, Low-Fat, & Low-Cholesterol Recipes

Offers wholesome and customized recipes with easily obtained ingredients that are simple, practical, healthy, and delicious. Soneral dispels the dietary myths about diabetes and includes recipe modifications for such forbidden foods as desserts, casseroles, appetizers, and snacks that are low in sugar, fat, and cholesterol and don’t compromise flavor. The Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook contains updated nutritional information and recipes that can be the beginning to a healthier, happier lifestyle.


The Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook : Simple & Delicious Low-Sugar, Low-Fat, & Low-Cholesterol Recipes

Offers wholesome and customized recipes with easily obtained ingredients that are simple, practical, healthy, and delicious. Soneral dispels the dietary myths about diabetes and includes recipe modifications for such forbidden foods as desserts, casseroles, appetizers, and snacks that are low in sugar, fat, and cholesterol and don’t compromise flavor. The Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook contains updated nutritional information and recipes that can be the beginning to a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Quick, Simple and Healthy Diabetic Recipes That Taste Great_ Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Glycemic Index But You’ll Love’em, w_ Meal Planner and Snacks, Including Vegetarian

Just what you need to control your diabetes and enjoy eating again. Explains all about the low glycemic diet, foods that are tasty but not dangerous for you, how to pick the right foods and the right recipes, ie. eating healthy and controlling your diabetes naturally.

So many tasty recipes that are easy to prepare and don’t require exotic ingredients. Lots of things to make ahead of time and keep on hand. Great meal planning ideas (including healthy snacks).

Includes vegetarian and vegan recipes and meal planning for the whole day.


The Everyday Meal Planner for Type 2 Diabetes: Simple Tips for Healthy Dining at Home or On the Town

If you have Type 2 diabetes, you may find that maintaining a healthy weight is especially difficult. The Everyday Meal Planner for Type 2 Diabetes gives you the tools to augment a weight-management program and achieve your goals. Specific dining guidelines address important dietary considerations, and 50 healthy recipes are featured. There’s information on label reading, grocery shopping, ordering from menus, and more.


Fast and Simple Diabetes Menus : Over 125 Recipes and Meal Plans for Diabetes Plus Complicating Factors

Fast and Simple Diabetes Menus provides more than 125 delicious and easy diabetic-friendly recipes, plus guidelines for adapting menus and recipes to accommodate complicating factors that often accompany diabetes, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, and celiac sprue disease. Based on the latest exchange lists and research, the book includes four weeks of menus.


The Simple Diabetes Diet – Nutritional and Lifestyle Strategies for Lowering Blood Glucose

One out of every 10 adults (about 20.6 million people) in the United States has diabetes. In fact, according to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is the sixth leading cause of premature death in the US.

And since adults with diabetes are 2 to 4 times more likely to have heart disease or stroke than people without diabetes, the disease may actually account for as much as twice as many deaths as reported. Diabetes is deadly if not treated properly,

The Simple Diabetes Diet: Nutritional and Lifestyle Strategies for Lowering Blood Glucose, teaches you how to lower your blood glucose numbers and avoid the debilitating and life-threatening complications of this serious health condition, by making simple lifestyle changes and learning to monitor your condition.

This is a hands-on guide for people who need practical, easy ways to keep blood sugar under control, while still enjoying a normal and satisfying life. It highlights essential strategies for the successful management of diabetes, and provides guidelines for effective lifestyle interventions. You’ll also find information on current medications used to treat diabetes and how to make the best of them when prescribed by your doctor.

You’ll get research-based recommendations in language that is easy to understand and pleasant to read. Study this comprehensive guide from cover to cover, or use it as quick reference resource where you will find immediate answers to your questions, as they arise.

The Simple Diabetes Diet: Nutritional and Lifestyle Strategies for Lowering Blood Glucose represents a valuable, quick reference resource to help you reduce your blood glucose and keep it in check.


Neuropathy and Diabetes: Your Simple 10-Step Plan to Prevent Diabetic Nerve Damage

Diabetic nerve damage (also called diabetic neuropathy) is a problem for many people with diabetes. Over time, high blood glucose levels damage the delicate coating of nerves. This damage can cause any problems, such as pain in your feet.
There’s a lot you can do to take charge and prevent nerve damage. A recent study shows that controlling your blood glucose can help prevent or delay these problems. Controlling your blood glucose may also help reduce the pain from some types of nerve damage.


The Diabetes Miracle: 3 Simple Steps to Prevent and Control Diabetes and Regain Your Health . . . Permanently

Diane Kress, author of The Metabolism Miracle, the New York Times Bestseller that has changed the way people lose weight, get healthy and feel great around the world, now releases her groundbreaking book to help millions of people with pre diabetes or type 2 diabetes. The Diabetes Miracle is sure to become the “essential guidebook” for self management of this epidemic disease as it helps readers prevent or control type 2 diabetes using little or no medication.

Kress, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator who herself has type 2 diabetes, has over 30 years experience working with patients to solve weight and blood sugar issues. Although trained traditionally, she ultimately realized that the “recommended” diets for diabetes really didn’t work! Over time, patients trying to adhere to these complicated and restrictive diets actually continued to gain weight and required more and more medications for diabetes as well as cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, depression. Some patients ultimately required insulin injections.

After years of painstaking research and development, as well as face- to- face counseling of over 6000 patients, she created The Diabetes Miracle: a 3-step, scientifically based, carbohydrate balanced plan that is instantly more effective than any other diet to control blood sugar and allow for weight loss and decreased medications. The reason? The Diabetes Miracle “rests, resets, and retrains” the body to react normally to changes in blood glucose while it decreases insulin resistance.

The Diabetes Miracle will be your “go to” diabetes reference for the latest information on the epidemic of diabetes, diagnosis, symptoms (even the lesser known “quiet symptoms”), medications, complications, the when, where, and how of blood glucose monitoring, target blood sugar ranges, lab tests, sample menus plus a complete section on exercise for the person with diabetes.

Real-life case studies and many helpful FAQ sections make this book enjoyable to read, easy to understand, and make diabetes control and management a reality!


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