Dr. Scholl’s Men’s 2-Pk Diabetes and Circulatory Odor Resistant Crew Sock, White, Large (7-12)

The dr. scholl’s product is a non binding odor resistant sock that allows circulation. the diabetes and circulatory socks also offer a non irritating toe seam.

Product Features

  • Non binding top
  • Odor resistant
  • Drier feet


Fit-8 Heart Rate Monitor W/chest Strap Heart Rate Functions Include Current Heart Rate, Target Zone and Out-of-zone Alarm Ecg-accurate Heart Rate Watch Functions Include Time of Day, Date, Stopwatch, Light and 15 Laps of File Storage Water Resistant

FiT8 Heart Rate Monitor
Heart rate functions include current heart rate, target zone and out-of-zone alarm
ECG-accurate heart rate
Watch functions include time of day, date, stopwatch, light and 15 laps of file storage
Water resistant
Interfaces with heart rate interactive exercise equipment
User changeable batteries in transmitter and watch

Product Features

  • #1



About the Book:

In about 9000 words, or approximately 60 Kindle pages, this book is written with a non-traditional philosophy, by a 20 year experienced Board-Certified Internal Medicine and Primary Care Physician, to explain to you how to cure your “Insulin-Resistant” Diabetes (typically known as “Type 2 Diabetes” but as explained in the book, is not completely correct). Yes, I have seen it happen. Yes, I have worked closely with some of my Patients to assist them on their independent goal to cure their disease. Of course I cannot guarantee that you will be cured. However this book is jam packed with logically explained ideas, abundant references, and the education you need to start your journey to possibly do what some of my previous Patients have indeed done: cure their Insulin-Resistant Diabetes; decrease the amount of medication needed; or at least be able to get off insulin.

We need to comprehend some very important things required to understand how to reverse and potentially cure your “insulin resistant” Diabetes. This, however, does not take a “Rocket Scientist” to understand. To do this, I have outlined as simply as I can the underlying physiology and pathology (abnormalities) that lead to the problem. Once you understand this, you will be easily enlightened as to how to reverse it. The goal here is to empower you with the basic knowledge needed (no more; no less) to begin your own personal journey to cure your disease!

The “uniqueness” of this book is that it explains in simple terms and flowing logic all the related basic knowledge that causes this disease, promotes its continuance (instead of its cure), and discusses why everyone gets “stuck” in the sad cycle of chronic treatment that unfortunately is promoted still by the Traditional Medical Establishment.

About the Author:

Louis LoBalsamo M.D. is a Board-Certified Physician specializing in Internal Medicine and Primary Care. His career so far has spanned twenty years. For most of those years, he specialized in delivering Primary Care Medicine within the Private Sector and as an employee for the Federal Government delivering medical care to our Veterans.

His record is impeccable and his reputation locally is outstanding. Prior to Medical School and Residency, both of which he completed at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine Consortium, he graduated Yale University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics. He has also excelled in the study of Mathematics and Logic since he was a child. During his Junior year in High School, he was ranked within the top seven students Nationally in Mathematics by the United States Mathematical Olympiad Association. He therefore has an unparalleled innate analytical and logical mind. Problem solving has always been his strength.

He was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. He grew up in the lower-middle class neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Long Island. It is this background that also provided him with much needed common sense. He worked hard to achieve his accomplishments. Nothing was handed to him. This uncanny combination of common street sense, an unmatched analytical mind, and intrinsic problem-solving capabilities, is what makes this author uniquely qualified to “spell out” and simplify the issues for his readers.

While in Medical School, he did medical research and published several Articles in Medical Journals. As mentioned in this book, he has already authored a book on his perspective as to what is really needed for true Healthcare Reform. He has been listed as one of “America’s Top Physicians” by the Consumers Research Council of America; 2009 (www.consumersresearchcncl.org). He is a member of the Medical Society of the State of New York as well as his local County Medical Society.


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