Diabetizon for Promoting Normal Glucose and Cholesterol Levels

DiabetizonTM is a proprietary botanical supplement developed by biomedical scientists. The ingredients in DiabetizonTM are purified with a proprietary technology to contain concentrated active compounds. The ingredients and active compounds in DiabetizonTM have been studied in many laboratories and found to increase glucose tolerance, promote healthy glucose control, promote healthy cholesterol levels, and improve heart health in human cell lines and animal models of diabetes. Results from these studies support the strong effect of DiabetizonTM on promoting glucose control and maintaining normal cholesterol levels.

DiabetizonTM contains the following ingredients formulated at specific ratios: Green tea, Panax ginseng, Grape skin, Grape seed, Polygonum cuspidatum .

In a clinical study, DiabetizonTM was found to:
1.Significantly reduced Fasting Glucose Level with average decrease of 69.6 mg per deciliter. This significant reduction is similar or higher than the clinical study results of most of the current diabetic drugs.

2. Significantly reduced Hemoglobin A1C with average reduction of 1.4%, while the current diabetes drugs has average A1C reduction of 0.5-1.5%.

3. Gave 50% of subjects glucose control as defined by the A1C targets of < 7.0%.

4. Gave 90% of subjects reduced FPG and Hemoglobin A1C, and self-reported improvement on glucose control.

5. Gave 50% of subjects self-reported alleviation of diabetic symptoms, and 80% self-reported improvement on health.

6. Significantly lowered LDL cholesterol level with 10.8% reduction.

7. Significantly lowered triglycerides level with 24.5% reduction.

8. Significantly reduced weight with average weight loss of 4.6 LB and gave 44.4% of subjects significant weight loss.

9. Be safe with no reported side effects.

These results show that DiabetizonTM is very effective at promoting healthy glucose control and lowering cholesterol levels. It is safe with no side effects.

Product Features

  • Significantly Lower Glucose Level and Increase Glucose Control
  • Significantly Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides Levels
  • Concentrated Botanical Compounds Targeting Multiple Pathways for Abnormal Glucose and Cholesterol Levels
  • Science-Based, Clinically Proven, Very Effective and Safe without Side Effects
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health and Experience Improvement Quickly


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