Prodigy Voice Blood Glucose Monitoring System [PRODIGY VOICE MTR KIT] (EA-1)

The Prodigy Voice meter is fully audible, talks the user through all set-up steps, testing, and memory recall with date and time. Requires No Coding, simply insert test strip into test strip port and meter will power on. Delivers audible results in just 7 seconds with just a small 0.7 ml blood sample. Our raised, imprinted buttons make it easy to navigate. The repeat button replays the last message or test result. The small blood sample size makes it easy for a patient to utilize alternate site testing. The Prodigy Voice has 450 audible test-memory and provides 7, 14, 21, 30, 60, and 90 day averages. Our free web-based software is available online, conveniently downloadable through the meters USB port. Our Prodigy Voice Meter Kit includes a Voice meter, two (2) AAA batteries, a carrying case, control solution, Prodigy No Coding test strips (10 count), twist top lancets (10 count), a lancing device, log book, owners manual, and quick reference guide Kit Includes: Prodigy Voice Meter with Batteries 10 Test Strips 10 Lancets Lancing device with AST cap Carrying Case Log Book Owner’s Manual & Quick Reference Guide


Prodigy Pocket Blood Glucose Meter [PRODIGY POCKET MTR CAMO -NS] (EA-1)

At just over 3 1/2 long, the Prodigy Pocket Meter is small, sleek and designed to take anywhere. No Coding required – simply insert the test strip into the strip port and the meter automatically turns on. One-button simplicity makes it easy to use while providing safe, accurate test results in just 6 seconds. Needs only a small blood sample and is approved for alternate site testing (AST). Includes a large, easy-to-read screen and a USB port that will work with any standard USB cable to download test results. Limited lifetime warranty. Use only with Prodigy Autocode Test Strips. Kit Includes: Meter Batteries 10 Test Strips 10 Lancets Lancing Device with AST Cap Carrying Case Log Book Quick Reference Guide & Owner’s Manual Warranty Card [Color:Green Camouflage ]


Prodigy Count-a-dose

The Prodigy Count-a-dose is a simple way to fill insulin syringes safely and accurately with one or two bottles of insulin (any brand). The bottle holder is marked to identify bottles for easy mixing-one raised dot for the first bottle and two raised dots for the second bottle. With the click dial starting all the way down toward the raised minus (-) sign, the user simply moves the click dial the number of times, or clicks, per unit of insulin needed. Each click of the dial toward the plus sign (+) will draw one (1) unit of insulin into the syringe.

Product Features

  • For Diabetes Patient Who are Blind/Low Vision. Gives Them the Freedom to Fill Their Own Syringes.
  • Holds One or Two Bottles of Insulin (any brand) for Easy Mixing
  • Makes a Distinctive Click with Each Increment
  • Fills in 1-Unit Increments
  • Lightweight; Easy to Carry Anywhere


FREE Prodigy AutoCode meter w/ purchase of 300 Test Strips

Meter and case ONLY

****Please note, additional components such as control solution, lancing device and lancet drum are sold separately*******

Product Features

  • Prodigy AutoCode meter w/ purchase of 300 Test Strips Prodigy Autocode The Only English & Spanish speaking, No-Coding, blood glucose monitoring system available.


Prodigy Autocode Meter (Each)

Talking Meter Audible prompts to guide you through each step, and audible test results. Ideal for the visually impaired. Alternate Site Testing Approved for testing from fingers, palms, forearms, upper-arms, thighs and calves. Tiny Blood Sample Requires only 0.6 microliter of blood. Quick Results Six seconds only. Capillary Action Strips Our easy-to-use test strip draws the right amount of blood. Memory Stores 450 test results with date and time, and gives 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, and 90 day averages. 90-day average is equivalent to HbA1c. Data Management Download data to your personal computer with our free software


Prodigy AutoCode Talking Meter

The Prodigy® Autocode System includes:

?Prodigy® Autocode Meter (batteries included)
?Owner’s Booklet/Quick Reference Guide
?Prodigy® Autocode Normal Control Solution and Insert
?Lancing Device (with Clear Cap) -Blood Sampler
?10 Prodigy® Blood Glucose Test Strips
?10 Sterile Lancets
?Complete Instructions
?Log Book
?Carrying Case

Product Features

  • No Coding meter
  • Talking Meter – English & Spanish
  • Audible test results in just 6 seconds
  • Memory -Store up to 450 tests
  • Alternate site testing includes fingertip, forearm or palm*


Prodigy AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Kit

stem? Monitor.

Product Features

  • No Coding Required
  • Talking Meter (Audible Results Ideal for Low Vision)
  • Fast Test Results – in only 6 seconds
  • For Less Pain – Small Blood Sample Plus Alternate Site Testing: – Test on your forearm, upper arm, thigh, calf, hand and finger.
  • Contents: Prodigy AutoCode Meter with Batteries Included, Carrying Case, Control Solution, Prodigy AutoCode Strips (10 ct.), Sterile Lancets (10 ct.), Lancing Device (with Clear Cap), Log Book, Manual, Quick Reference, Warranty Card


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