Erec-Tech Replacement Mach1 Tension Rings, # 6 – Medium to High Tension, (Pos-T-Vac) Mach 1 Tension System

The tension rings are the most important component of an Erectile Dysfunction vacuum pump system. Erec-Tech Mach 1 Tension Systems are durable tension rings designed to be used with the Erec-Tech vacuum penis pump. These superior quality tension rings were designed for your ultimate comfort. The Erec-Tech Tension System is easy to load and fits comfortably. Made with a soft gel, they are flexible and stretch over the cylinder before using the Erec-Tech vacuum pump and are applied to the base of the penis for a full and satisfying erection. Easily removed after intimacy. Can be used with the Erec-Tech Post-T-Vac Easy Loader. Available in four sizes. Sold individually.

Due to health regulations and for the protection of our customers, this product may not be returned or exchanged.

Product Features

  • Mach 1 Tension System #6 Ring (Medium to High Tension)
  • Made in the USA of soft FDA approved polymer.
  • Ring may be used multiple times. Use with water based lubricant.
  • Fits Pos-T-Vac, Erec-Tech and most ED Vacuum Pump Systems
  • One Size #6 ring arrives in discreet package sealed for your protection. Open packages may not be returned or exchanged.


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