Diabetes Nutrition and Meal Planning For Dummies (For Dummies (Health & Fitness))

Food awareness, nutrition, and meal planning advice for people with diabetes

Diabetes Nutrition and Meal Planning For Dummies offers delicious dishes and nutritional advice for people with diabetes and addresses the main question you have when first diagnosed: “How can I manage my condition while eating nutritionally sound and satisfying food?”

Diabetes Meal Planning and Nutrition For Dummies takes the guesswork out of eating and preparing diabetes friendly foods. You’ll learn how to receive all the nutrients you need while managing your diabetes and maintaining optimal weight. To get you started, this book includes a week’s worth of recipes that demonstrate the concepts of good nutrition that can assist with diabetes care.

  • Includes helpful information for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, as well as diabetic and calorie exchange lists
  • Shares the specifics on how to find complete nutrition in a healthy and satisfying diabetes meal plan
  • Helps you to understand that fabulous, nutritionally-balanced food and diabetes management can go hand in hand

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes, Diabetes Nutrition and Meal Planning For Dummies is packed with practical examples of meal plans coupled with sound nutritional advice.


The Basics Of Diabetes Nutritional Therapy For African Americans: A Primer For Diabetes Meal Planning In The Primary Care Setting

Cultural diversity impacts what and how we eat. Cooking and Feasting with foods that are high in fat, sodium, and carbohydrates (sugars), are at the center of the traditional practices of African Americans. This ethnic group has “paid a high price for this lifestyle, with high incidences of Diabetes.” Understanding cultural differences can aid in providing nutritional counseling that is culturally sensitive.

Remember! Diabetes is the fourth leading cause of disease-related death for African Americans.


A primer for diabetic patients;: An outline of treatment for diabetes with diet and insulin, including directions and charts for the use of physicians in planning diet prescriptions


Type II Diabetes and Your Health: Causes and Control-Plus Recipes to Aid Meal Planning

Millions of Americans live with Type II diabetes or a “borderline” diabetic condition. By following the methods outlined in this book, they can control their diabetes-even, in some cases, reverse it. Here too are over sixty flavorful, nutritious, easy-to-make recipes that make the condition easier to live with, from breakfast to dinner to midnight snack.


Best of Choice Menus: Meal Planning and Recipes for Diabetes and Healthy Living (Large Print Edition)

BEST OF choice menus

For more than a decade, Margaret Howard and Marjorie Hollands have provided delectable recipes and enticing menus for healthy eating to those who need to watch their weight or have a health condition, such as type 2 diabetes. Choice Menus, Choice Menus Presents and More Choice Menus have become staple cookbooks in Canadian homes, and now for the first time, a selection of recipes form those bestselling books is offered in large print.

Here are some of the key features of Best of Choice Menus:

  • Nutrition information for every recipe
  • All recipes follow Canadian Diabetes Association guidelines
  • Menu planning for balanced meals
  • Mix and match from a month of menus and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • for entertaining, the Special Occasions chapter offers special recipes and menus for any social occasion
  • Easy-to-prepare meals using everyday foods in your kitchen
  • Large print with easy-to-read layout of recipes


Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy : How to Put the Food Pyramid to Work for Your Busy Lifestyle 2nd edition by Warshaw, Hope S. published by American Diabetes Association Paperback


The Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible : A Complete Guide to Planning, Shopping, Cooking, and Eating

A comprehensive nutrition guide and cookbook in one. It features the nutrition advice you need and the flavor-rich recipes you crave — all in one place with no flipping back and forth. Learn about superfoods with the power to protect and heal and get more than 100 delicious and nutritious recipes!


Vegetarian Pleasures (Month of Meals Menu Planning)

The award-winning breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu planning book has been completely revised to reflect the most recent updates in nutrition values and exchange information. What hasn’t changed is that fats, calories, and exchanges are already figured for you–automatically. Here’s how:

  • Each menu planner offers 28 days’ worth of fresh, tasty new breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections (most can be prepared inside of an hour)
  • The pages are split into thirds and are interchangeable, so readers can flip to any combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • No matter which combination you choose, nutrients and exchanges will still be correct for the entire day–automatically


The Ultimate Calorie, Carb, and Fat Gram Counter: Quick, Easy Meal Planning Using Counts for Your Favorite Foods (Ultimate Calorie, Carb & Fat Gram Counter)

This essential bestseller is back and even better – updated with nearly 1,000 more menu and food items! This all-new updated edition includes complete nutrition information on everything from fruits and vegetables to fast food and prepackaged/frozen meals. Includes an all-new section on gluten-free foods.


Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy : How to Put the Food Pyramid to Work for Your Busy Lifestyle

Putting the food pyramid to work sounds simple enough, but frequent changes in nutrition recommendations make it important to stay well informed and up-to-date. This revised second edition of Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy reveals:

  • the latest information on the six food groups and how to incorporate them into a healthy diet
  • how to make smart choices about sweets, fats, and dairy products
  • how to shop smart at the grocery store
  • and more.


Choosing & Planning Meals for the Person with Diabetes

Diabetes knows no prejudice, it strikes the young and the old. This program is designed to provide insight on what Diabetes does to the body and important steps to prevent or decrease the risk of complications. Nutrition is the foundation of your diabetes management. The key to managing this disease begins with understanding the changes necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Product Features

  • Nutrition for Diabetes
  • Diabetes and Control


Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, 3rd Edition

Help manage your diabetes with simple meal planning

The bestselling Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy is a comprehensive but easy-to-understand guide to all aspects of meal planning for you. Meal planning is one of the most crucial—and sometimes most difficult—aspects of managing diabetes, but this book makes meal planning simple. This newest edition incorporates the most recent nutritional recommendations of the American Diabetes Association and explains the latest changes to the USDA Food Pyramid and what they mean for you.


The Diabetes Carbohydrate and Fat Gram Guide : Quick, Easy Meal Planning Using Carbohydrate and Fat Gram Counts

For people with diabetes, counting carbohydrates and fats is the approach recommended by dietitians. This user-friendly guide describes how to use many generic and brand-name foods in meal planning and teaches you to convert carbohydrate grams into carbohydrate exchanges. Nutrient counts for food planning, how to understand grocery store food labels, and how to incorporate different sources of food-count information into meal planning are also covered.


Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy

Planning a meal around diabetes doesn’t have to be difficult

Meal planning is one of the hardest parts of managing diabetes. The new edition of Hope Warshaw’s best-selling book gives you all the tools you need to plan and eat healthier meals. Updated to include the latest nutrition recommendations for the American Diabetes Association and the federal government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy is a resource no person with diabetes should be without.

The Fourth Edition of Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy provides the answers to all questions you have.

  • What are my health and nutrition goals?
  • What is the best kind of oil to use?
  • How do I make my favorite recipes healthier?
  • Do I need dietary supplements?
  • What strategies can I use to make food shopping and preparation easier?


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