NSCA’S Essentials of Personal Training – 2nd Edition

Comprehensive and research based, the second edition of NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training is the resource to rely on for personal training information and guidance. With state-of-the-art knowledge regarding applied aspects of personal training as well as clear explanations of supporting scientific evidence, NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training, Second Edition, is also the authoritative preparation text for those preparing for the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) exam.

This essential reference was developed by the NSCA to present the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for personal trainers. With contributions from leading authorities in the field, the text will assist both current and future personal trainers in applying the most current research to the needs of their clients:

•A discussion on nutrition outlines the role of the personal trainer in establishing nutrition guidelines, including the application of nutrition principles for clients with metabolic concerns.

•The latest guidelines on client assessment from prominent organizations—such as the American Heart Association (AHA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—keep personal trainers up to speed on the latest assessment protocols.

•New information is presented on flexibility training and cardiovascular exercise prescription as well as a discussion of research on the effectiveness of stability ball training.

•Revised information on design of resistance training programs incorporates the latest information on the application of periodization of training.

•New information addressing injuries and rehabilitation prepares personal trainers to work with clients with special concerns such as orthopedic conditions, low back pain, ankle sprains, and hip arthroscopy.

•New guidelines for determining resistance training loads will assist those whose clientele includes athletes.

•An variety of fitness testing protocols and norms allows readers to select from several options to evaluate each component of fitness.

•A new instructor guide and image bank aid instructors in teaching the material to students.

NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training, Second Edition, focuses on the complex process of designing safe, effective, and goal-specific resistance, aerobic, plyometric, and speed training programs. Featuring over 200 full-color photos with accompanying technique instructions, this resource offers readers a step-by-step approach to designing exercise programs with special attention to the application of principles based on age, fitness level, and health status. Using comprehensive guidelines and sample clients portrayed in the text, readers can learn appropriate ways to adjust exercise programs to work with a variety of clients while accommodating each client’s individual needs.

Personal trainers will appreciate the book’s presentation of detailed exercise programming guidelines for specific populations. Modifications and contraindications to exercise are given for prepubescent youth, older adults, and athletes as well as for clients who are overweight or obese or have eating disorders, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipedimia, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsyIn addition, the book provides clear, easy-to-understand guidelines for initial client consultation and health appraisal.

For those preparing for the NSCA-CPT exam, this second edition features new and revised study questions at the end of each chapter. These questions are written in the same style and format as those found on the NSCA-CPT exam to fully prepare candidates for exam day. For efficient self-study, answers to study questions and suggested solutions for the applied knowledge questions are located in the back of the text. Chapter objectives and key points provide a framework for study and review of important information, while sidebars throughout the text present practical explanations and applications of scientific concepts and theory.

The second edition of NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training is the most comprehensive resource available for current and future personal trainers, exercise instructors, fitness facility and wellness center mangers, and other fitness professionals. Unmatched in scope, this text remains the leading source for personal training preparation and professional development.

Product Features

  • Size: 8.5×11
  • Author: NSCA -National Strength &
  • Pages: 696
  • SHK01733


PURESPACE Home sanitizing and storage system for personal items

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The AL:7BL-A001-001-DIABETIC Adult’s SPIbelt is sleek, expandable, secure and does not bounce. It can hold an iPhone, Droid, keys, cash, credit cards, identification and many other small personal items. The SPIbelt won’t ride or shift while running or par

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At Home With Gladys Knight : Her Personal Recipe for Living Well, Eating Right, and Loving Life

More than a cookbook…an inspirational guide for readers with diabetes!

Gladys Knight doesn’t have diabetes, but the disease is never far from her mind. Her mother, Elizabeth Knight, died of complications in 1998 after living successfully with diabetes for 40 years.

Following her mother’s death, Gladys started the Elizabeth Knight Fund with the American Diabetes Association to help people living with diabetes. The singing legend has also been eating healthfully and exercising regularly for many years.

At Home With Gladys Knight’s is more than a collection of recipes. It’s an inspirational guide that people with diabetes can use to lead a full and healthy life with the disease.

  • More than 100 recipes, including appetizers, desserts, breads, soups, salads and salad dressings, fish, meat, poultry and pasta
  • Features a healthy living section that outlines a successful exercise plan, self-care tips, and nutrition recommendations
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Vital Wrap System, All in One Heating, Cooling and Compression System, 120 Vac, 60hz, Comes with 6″ X 60″ Wrap, Personal Therapeutic Pain Management System, Treatment of Chronic Pain or Injury Designed to Help Reduce Pain and Swelling

The VitalWrap(r) System
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Diabetes Tipo II, Testimonio Personal

Diabetes Tipo II es un libro testimonial. Su vida cambió de manera rotunda debido a la diabetes. Entonces comienza a investigar con pasión para encontrar “ese algo” que podía reducir los riesgos de este mal. Así comienza el viaje de la escritura de un nuevo libro, como un “paciente impaciente” y con la curiosidad periodística que lo induce a investigar el tema tratando de controlar la diabetes y con la esperanza de que, algún día, se encuentre un adecuado tratamiento de prevención para evitarla.


Prediabetes Wake-Up Call: A Personal Road Map to Prevent Diabetes

With prediabetes at epidemic levels, millions of people are being told by their doctor to take personal action now, before it’s too late. Prediabetes Wake-Up Call provides the newly diagnosed patient with detailed information about the threat of type 2 diabetes while explaining the lifestyle changes that will lower the risk of prediabetes developing into diabetes.

Prediabetes Wake-Up Call describes the facts about diabetes and includes assessment checklists and charts to help readers identify areas of relative risk. Then the author details specific strategies to address each risk factor, including weight management, exercise, and food choices, plus less-obvious strategies such as formulating new attitudes towards healthy living. Written for a lay reader, Prediabetes Wake-Up Call offers guidance, sets goals, and provides the reassurance necessary for readers to start getting healthier today.


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Personal Remedies

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  • Nutrition and health information for thousands of food items, the health conditions that they might help, and the illnesses that they might aggravate.
  • Diet and life style suggestions that might help prevent or improve over three hundred illnesses, allergies, diets and health concerns. Information on what food items and actions might worsen the same health conditions and concerns.
  • Information about over fifty vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and substances such as gluten, cholesterol, sodium, mercury … and the food sources for each.


Nail Care Plus Personal Manicure/Pedicure Set

Enjoy a salon quality manicure or pedicure at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home. Comes six attachments to smooth rough skin and calluses and to shape and shine nails. The attachments will never wear out. Carry case included. The NailCare Plus comes with tools for pedicures that remove calluses and reduce overly thick toenails.

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FEMA U.S. Fire Administration Emerging Health and Safety Issues in the Volunteer Fire Service (FA-317) – Heart Disease, Nutrition, Alcohol and Tobacco Use, Diabetes, Personal Protective Equipment

Firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and other emergency responders face many dangers daily from exposure to smoke, deadly temperatures, and stress to issues surrounding personal protective equipment (PPE), vehicle safety, and personal health. Although publicized firefighter fatalities are associated more often with burns and smoke inhalation, cardiovascular events, such as sudden cardiac death, account for the largest number of nonincident firefighter fatalities.

While sudden cardiac death is the leading cause of death among firefighters, other factors affecting firefighters’ health, wellness, and safety result in multiple deaths and injuries each and every year. Through the collection of information on firefighter deaths, the USFA has established goals to reduce loss of life among firefighters. In order to achieve this goal, emphasis must be placed on reducing the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease as well as on the mitigation of other issues affecting the health and safety of the Nation’s firefighters.

Contents: Introduction * Personal Health * Personal Well-Being * Personal Safety * Emerging Health and Safety Issues * Emerging Health Issues * Emerging Health Issue: Cardiovascular Disease * Emerging Health Issue: Nutrition * Emerging Health Issue: Physical Activity * Emerging Health Issue: Alcohol Abuse * Emerging Health Issue: Tobacco Use * Emerging Health Issue: Diabetes * Emerging Health Issue: Stress Management * Emerging Safety Issues * Emerging Safety Issue: Safety Measures * Emerging Safety Issue: Personal Protective Equipment * Emerging Safety Issue: Vehicle Safety * Emerging Safety Issue: Safety Officers * Goals and Objectives * Best Practice Solutions * Examples * Summary * Next Steps * Appendix 1 * SAMPLE: Volunteer Fire Company Standard Operating Guidelines * Safety Officer * Appendix 2 * Terminology * References


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Personal Electronic USB Medical Identification Data Device

Now all you need is your iD1. Identification Devices LLC has introduced iD – a small, portable electronic identification device that offers emergency response personnel (Police, Fire Rescue, EMTs) information such as your name, emergency contacts, a list of your current health conditions, medications, medical history, blood type, and allergies, all of your critical-care information, so you can be properly treated at the scene of an accident. In addition, the device can also contain a recent photo, and other medical documents such as Living Wills and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders. The devices are designed to not only save your life at the scene of an accident, but to enable the safe return of your missing child, or your parent whos suffering from Alzheimers Disease. iD can be attached to a childs backpack, an adults key ring, a senior citizens article of clothing, or tied into a toddlers shoelaces. For sports enthusiasts, the devices can be stored in a cyclists frame bag, included in a hikers survival kit, or carried in a skiers jacket. iD is small enough to be stored practically anywhere. the iD form and software program reside on the iD device. When inserted into a USB port, the program is auto-loaded when using any Windows operating system computer. Comes with free Key Ring!

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  • Medical information now available to EMTs without having to say a word
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  • Allergies, Medications, Drug Reactions, Medical Conditions
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DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal (A Food and Exercise Diary)

The DietMinder is a deluxe food diary with plenty of room to record quantities and food counts (calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc.) of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. A special area for daily totals makes it easy to see at a glance how you are doing. Each “day” consists of two pages with space for exercise details, too. There are other helpful sections in the book such as the “Favorite Foods” listing which provides food counts on over 100 common foods and has space to add your own favorite food information. The “Goals” section of the DietMinder is also important. Here you can list your starting statistics, state your goals, and even paste a “before” picture. This is a great way to stay motivated!

The DietMinder can be used with virtually any food or fitness program. It has been proven that keeping a food journal helps people focus and stay more committed to improving their eating habits. It really works!

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  • 1
  • Memory Minder Journals


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