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Basic Clinical Skills: Diabetic Procedures (Mixing Insulins, Blood and Urine Glucose Monitoring)

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Introduces procedures and techniques the nurse will teach patients and family members in preparation for self-care.


23 – 30 Day HCG Injection Kit for HCG DIET (~Bacteriostatic Water & hCG NOT included~) – FormaGenix Mixing and Supplies Kit *~Now includes FREE MEASURING TAPE~*

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

This kit has our top shelf brand name supplies needed for a full 23 to 30 day regimen. NOTE: BACTERIOSTATIC WATER & HCG NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT. PLUS BONUS: FormaGenix Ampule Opener – makes opening your HCG ampules safe (so you won’t cut your fingers while opening the glass ampule) and easy. All products in the kit are the of the highest grade quality to ensure a safe and effective protocol. Please email us with any questions. TO SEE ALL OF OUR KITS, PLEASE TYPE IN “FORMAGENIX” TO THE AMAZON SEARCH FIELD. WE DO HAVE KITS WITH BAC WATER, BUT THEY ARE ON BACKORDER RIGHT NOW.

Please note: FORMAGENIX KITS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH FORMAGENIX. You may see others pretending to sell FormaGenix or Look-a-like Injection Kits, but they do not have FormaGenix kits. They are selling pirated imitations of our product and using our name or pictures without our permission. Please avoid them as we are receiving complaints that they are not sending the full kit or the kits we offer.

Product Features

  • ONE (1) 5mL Mixing Syringes, Sealed and Sterile + (1) FREE MEASURING TAPE
  • THIRTY (30) Sterile 29G 1 cc Insulin Needles
  • THIRTY (30) Sealed Alcohol Prep Pads
  • ONE (1) 10cc Sterile FormaGenix Capped Mixing Vial
  • BONUS: FormaGenix Universal Ampule Openers