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A Magic Ride in Foozbah-Land; an Inside Look at Diabetes DVD

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Julie and Jeff take a magic ride through the human body to learn about diabetes. This animated DVD is a rhyming lesson for children ages 3-8 that helps make understanding diabetes both easy and fun.

Product Features

  • Animated cartoon with sound effects.
  • Illustration by Jackie Urbanovic


Diabetes from the Inside Out: A Resource Manual/With the Substitution System an Aid for Meal Planning

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013


Invisible Insulin Pump Holder Worn on the Inside of Your Clothing

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013


If you are a diabetic or you live with one, you know there are new challenges in life.
INVISAPUMP is a revolutionary way to wear your insulin pump INSIDE your clothes with easy access to bolus when you need to.

Conveniently designed with comfort and concealment in mind, the INVISAPUMP (Patent Pending) attaches quickly and securely underneath your pant waistband or skirt, so that your pump is invisible to others.
Great for both men and women, it is virtually invisible when worn “under” your skirt or inside your pants.

The INVISAPUMP is made of soft leather like material, with a scratch resistant window that enables you to see your pump buttons clearly, an unbreakable belt clip, and durable nylon webbing. A simple idea maybe, but the best things in life are simple.
The INVISAPUMP is guaranteed to be free of any defects in workmanship or material for life and is shipped from the USA.

Length – 3 ¼ “
Width – 2″
Height – ¾ “

Clear Window:
Length – 2 5/8 “
Width – 1 5/8 “

We have tested the product with the following insulin pumps:
Minimed 512/515, 712/715, 722
Animas IR 1000, IR1200, IR1250, PLUS NEW Animas 2020
Disetronic H Tron
Accu – Chek Spirit

Product Features

  • INVISAPUMP is a revolutionary way to wear your insulin pump INSIDE your clothes with easy access to bolus when you need to.



Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Many of todays dieting plans call for careful portion control. These micowaveable ceramic bowls have measurements up to 2 cups printed on the inner surface of each bowl taking the guess work out of healthy eating. Now you can track serving sizes without those pesky measuring cups. Eat proper portions of soups, cereals, vegetables and more! Ideal for those trying to maintain a healthy way of eating. Each measures 5 1/2″ Diameter x 2 1/2″H.
Dishwasher/Microwave safe. Set of 4.

Product Features

  • Take the guess work out of healthy eating!
  • Great for dieting
  • Easy to read measurement markings in each bowl
  • No need for measuring cups
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe (Set of 4)