#1 Blood Sugar Support Supplement – Advanced Blood Sugar Support Formula – Formulated with All Natural Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium, Gymnema, Bitter Melon and Other Ingredients to Maintain Healthy Blood Glucose Level Naturally – 45 Days Supply

Natural Support For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels!

Our Herbal Blood Sugar Support Formula is a revolutionary product which supports healthy glucose levels, body weight, and metabolism.

Why Buy Advanced Blood Sugar Support Formula from Activa Naturals?

Our Blood Sugar Formula is exclusively formulated for those who want the very best Supplement to support healthy glucose levels naturally*.

Activa Naturals Blood Sugar Formula Advantage

– A synergistic combination of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Extracts that support a healthy glucose level*

– Targeted Nutrients to support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels And Metabolism*

– Contains the botanicals Gymnema, Bitter Melon and Clinically-Documented Alpha Lipoic Acid for Natural Insulin Action*

– Made In USA to strict cGMP Standards in an FDA approved facility

– 90 Capsules for a 45-Day Supply

Act Now to Support Healthy Glucose Level Naturally



*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the United States FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • #1 100% Pure, Natural & Herbal Blood Sugar Support Supplement ~ 90 capsules per bottle ~ 45-Day supply with 2 capsules per day dosage
  • All Natural Herbal Blood Sugar Formula with Biotin, Chromium, Banaba, Guggul, Bitter Mellon, Cinnamon, Gymnema, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Other Herbal Ingredients to Support Healthy Glucose Naturally
  • Highest Quality Herbal, Non-Addictive Blood Sugar Supplement which Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels And Metabolism ~ Made in USA in an FDA approved facility and under strict GMP standards
  • Our Comprehensive Formula Contains Synergistic Combination of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Extracts to Support Glucose Modulating Herbal Extracts like Gymnema and bitter melon and Clinically-Documented Alpha Lipoic Acid for Natural Insulin Action
  • Supports Healthy Glucose Levels, Body Weight, and Metabolism!!!

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Kerasal Diabetic Formula Foaming Foot Cleanser, 4 Ounce Bottle Contains Gentle Ingredients That Remove Irritants and Debris From the Diabetic Foot Cleanses Away Irritants and Debris That Could Otherwise Lead to Infection Preactivated Foam Formula Ensures Cleansing Without Any of the Harsh Ingredients Found in Ordinary Soap That Dry Out the Skin

Kerasal(r) Diabetic Formulas: Foaming Foot Cleanser(tm)
Foaming cleanser applied from a no-shake, pump activated container
Contains gentle ingredients that remove irritants and debris from the diabetic foot
Cleanses away irritants and debris that could otherwise lead to infection
Preactivated foam formula ensures cleansing without any of the harsh ingredients found in ordinary soap that dry out the skin
Nondrying cleanser is also enriched with emollients to soften and hydrate the feet
4-oz. bottle


Express Lane Diabetic Cooking : Hassle-Free Meals Using Ingredients from the Deli, Salad Bar, and Freezer Sections of Your Grocery Store

Readers can pick up a few prepared foods at the supermarket and create a dish in less than 30 minutes that tastes like they cooked for hours. More than 150 recipes feature ingredients from the deli, salad bar, and freezer sections of the grocery store. Special hints on how to find ingredients in the store are also featured, and a map of the usual placement of foods in the grocery store is included.


Lucienne’s Sugar Free Chocolate, 4 – 2 Oz. Bars, Sweetened with Stevia. The Finest Quality Ecuadorian Chocolate. All Natural Ingredients. 83% Cocoa Chocolate.

Rich Dark Chocolate, made with Lucienne’s proprietary Stevia sweetener blend.

Stevia is a natural herb, with very sweet leaves. The extract is 300 times sweeter than sugar, but with no carbohydrate and a negligible effect on blood glucose. We use Rebiana, a stevia extract with 300 times sweeter than sugar, and Erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol that is almost non-caloric, does not affect blood sugar and does not cause gastric side effects. Together they are perfect for people with diabetes, or anyone wishing to reduce their sugar intake.

Our Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar with Stevia is made for anyone who wishes to enjoy chocolate either for its heavenly flavor or for its antioxidant properties, but does not want the sugar and carbohydrates found in most chocolate bars.

Made with the finest Ecuadorian cocoa, 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Carefully fermented and slow roasted to preserve the natural antioxidants, and to develop a clean, rich chocolate flavor. We blend 100% Dark Chocolate with Stevia sweetener to create this chocolate treat with a clear chocolate flavor and no bitterness or acidity. It has no added vegetable fat or vanilla covering aroma. It has a high content of cocoa solids, less cocoa butter fat and a low glycemic index.

Contains no malitol, sorbitol, soy or MSG.

Product Features

  • 83% Dark Chocolate sweetened with Stevia, 4 – 2.0 oz Bars
  • Sugar Free, Low Glycemic Index
  • Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan
  • Lucienne’s uses Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Chocolate, for a more sustainable environment
  • Contains Rebiana and Erythritol.


Modern Confectioners Kitchen Appliances – Electronic Stainless Steel Culinary Scale – Measuring Candy, Fudge Making Ingredients

We have sold this exact model to professionals (nutritionists, physicians), and even restaurants and individuals. EASY TO USE and includes instructions. Trusted by professionals and easy enough for beginners & hobbyists. DigiWeigh has recently upgraded their 600BX to this deluxe edition 1000BX. This scale offers an improved load cell with higher capacities and a greater variety of modes. Scale arrives to you pre-calibrated & ready to use; includes batteries, instructions, original packaging, and warranty information. The DW1000BX enables you to choose from grams, ounces, grains, carats, pennyweight and troy ounces. Stainless steel weighing platform provides a surface that’s easy to keep clean, and looks very professional. The durable plastic cover can also be used as an expansion tray. TARE function enables you to reset scale to zero (0.00) units while in use (e.g., to remove the weight of the expansion tray or some other measuring cup/bowl after it is placed onto scale). Some people prefer to measure within a bowl that is set atop the scale. Batteries included (two AAA batteries), as well as instructions on how to calibrate, and general use. DIMENSIONS: 5″ (D) x 3″ (W) x 0.75″ (H). Platform size: 2.5″ x 3″. LCD screen size: 1.3″ x 0.5″. As a special promotion You will receive a 5 or 10 gram gold replica bar as a test bar. Please email after ordering to specify which one you want. Excellent tools, excellent value. Shipped FAST, direct from PuriTEST.

Product Features

  • Genuine DigiWeigh 1000BX Deluxe Kitchen Scale with Lifetime Warranty
  • Enables you to choose from Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Grains, Pennyweight, and Carats
  • Capacity: 1000g / 35.3oz / 32.1ozt / 15432gn / 643dwt / 5000ct
  • Readability: 0.1g / 0.01oz / 0.01ozt / 1gn / 0.1dwt / 0.5ct
  • Scale arrives to you pre-calibrated & ready to use; includes batteries, instructions, original packaging, and warranty information


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