Nopal Red Fruit Liquid Concentrate (Genus: Opuntia Ficus Indica)

Many nutritionists and medical practitioners have recognized Nopal Prickly pear for it’s medicinal qualities. A growing body of evidence suggests that Nopal provides a nutritional support for inflammation, colon cleansing, hyperglycermia, cholesterol, obesity, atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal disorders, & liver function. One renown medical doctor states on his website: “I’ve long recommended prickly pear extract as a supplement to help control blood sugar levels among diabetics.” (Quote from Dr. Weil)

Some people ask how this product differs from the real pretty Nopal red juice drink (MLM) that is advertised on television? I tell them their product is sweetened with agave nectar & has water as their first main ingredient. Oro Verde Nopal doesn’t use other sweetners (like corn syrup, sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc.) Nor does Oro Verde add thickeners (like Guar Gum and Xanthum Gum) to give the appearance of a higher quality product.. This bottle is the purely concentrated pear fruit of the Nopal cactus. It has 99.95% concentrated Nopal Cactus Fruit and only 0.01% ascorbic acid as a a natural preservative. This concentrate does not taste sweet, nor does Oro Verde try to sweeten it with other juices. People buy this product for it’s health benefits, not it’s taste. The label’s name used to be called “Nopal Liquid Concentrate,” but is now called “Nopal Red Fruit Liquid Concentrate” to reflect the concentration of prickly pear fruit. The red color is seasonal in it’s production, and the juice is sometimes dark green or even brown depending on the season it is harvested, but the nutritional and antioxidant value remains the same.

Product Features

  • Nopal Liquid Concentrate is pure prickly pear fruit juice from the pear on top of the cactus.
  • The bottle is concentrated and undiluted with more for your money.
  • The “Original” Nopal Red Juice Concentrate by Oro Verde
  • Mix a couple of spoonfuls into juice, yogurt, or smoothies, or drink a little daily like a tonic.
  • The bottle is 1 liter (34 ounces).


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