Foraha Tamanu Oil- 2oz – 100% PURE, Undiluted, Cold-pressed, Unrefined, Virgin – skin healing, anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic, antioxidant, Acne Scars, Stretch Mark, Eczema – by High Altitude Organics

HIGH ALTITUDE ORGANICSTM Cold-pressed from the Calophyllum inophyllum tree nuts, Virgin and Unfiltered Organic Foraha Nut (Tamanu) Oil is a remarkable topical healing agent with skin healing, anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties. The helaing capabilities of Foraha (Tamanu) oil has been thoroughly researched. The evidence on its ability to heal damaged skin is both compelling and astounding.
Our Foraha (Tamanu) oil has a rich, deep scent with a bold dark color. This oil can be used directly on the skin or diluted with a carrier oil. Though this oil is thick and rich, once it is applied to skin it is readily and completely absorbed, leaving no oily residue. Applied topically it stimulates phagocytosis and is indispensable in recipes for viral and bacterial skin diseases, including shingles.
Cosmetic grade – recommended for topical use ONLY, and is NOT suitable for internal use. Not for human consumption.

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FREE shipping within All the USA.

Product Features

  • HIGH ALTITUDE ORGANICSTM Cold-pressed from the Calophyllum inophyllum tree nuts, Virgin and Unfiltered Organic Foraha Nut (Tamanu) Oil is a remarkable topical healing agent with skin healing, anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties. The helaing capabilities of Foraha (Tamanu) oil has been thoroughly researched. The evidence on its ability to heal damaged skin is both compelling and astounding.
  • Our Foraha (Tamanu) oil has a rich, deep scent with a bold dark color. This oil can be used directly on the skin or diluted with a carrier oil. Though this oil is thick and rich, once it is applied to skin it is readily and completely absorbed, leaving no oily residue. Applied topically it stimulates phagocytosis and is indispensable in recipes for viral and bacterial skin diseases, including shingles.
  • It can be used undiluted on the skin or blended with other carriers, butters and essential oils. Melt it with shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and coconut oil for a rich and healing body butter. Virgin Foraha (Tamanu) Oil is of thick viscosity. It will solidify at typical room temperatures. For this reason, the oil comes in a jar. Other companies dilute this oil with other oils to make it pourable. We do not dilute our Virgin Organic Foraha (Tamanu) Oil. It comes 100% Pure.
  • DIRECTIONS: Add up to 10% of the carrier oil for massage and to any creams and lotions, or use undiluted. FREE Shipping within All the USA.
  • Benefits of Foraha/Tamanu Oil: Promotes new tissue formation, accelerating healing and healthy skin growth; Wound healing and assists the growth of healthy skin. Greatly aids wound healing of severe cuts and burns; Can be applied liberally to cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and stings and abrasions; Effective against acne and acne scars; Acts as an effective germicide to kill or prevent infection; Almost magical for scars and stretch marks; Great germicide as it is anti-bacterial and anti fungal, releives Athlete’s foot; Helpful with psoriasis, diabetic sores and anal fissures. Used for shingles and skin ulcers; Relieves sunburn, dry or scaly skin, blisters and eczema; Effective against sores and shingles. A combination of foraha and Ravensara aromatica essential oil has been used successfully as a treatment for shingles; Relieves neuralgia, rheumatism and sciatica. Analgesic effects, useful with St. John’s Wort herbally infused oil for sciatica; Effective against skin ulcers; Promotes healthy, clear, blemish-free skin; Relieves a sore throat when it is applied to the neck; Prevents diaper rash and skin eruptions on babies; Anti-inflammatory. Anti-bacterial. Anti-fungal.


Triderma Intense Fast Healing Cream 4oz 2.2 oz. Tube/

This specialized formula skin cream soothes, protects and promotes fast healing for hard to heal skin problems. Recommended for symptomatic relief of skin irritations, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers, burns including radiation burns, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions from minor to severe. Contains the powerful AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, vitamins A,B,D and E, oat protein, zinc pca, collagen and other advanced healing, moisturizing ingredients. Fragrance-free, cortisone-free and non-greasy..

Product Features

  • This specialized formula skin cream soothes, protects and promotes fast healing for hard-to-heal skin problems. Recommended for symptomatic relief of skin irritations, pressure
  • sores, diabetic ulcers, burns (including radiation burns), eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions from minor to severe.
  • Contains the powerful AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, vitamins A, B, D and E, oat protein,
  • zinc pca, collagen and other advanced healing, moisturizing ingredients. Fragrance-free, cortisone-free and non-greasy.
  • Triderma® Intense Fast Healing Cream® 2.2 oz tube


Ayurvedic Cooking for Self Healing

Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India, teaches that food plays an essential part in one’s health and sense of well-being. Here is an authentic guide of the Ayurvedic approach to food and tasty vegetarian cooking. The recipes are formulated using herbs and spices to help balance the constitution of each person. The effects of the foods on individual constitution is included with every recipe together with the medicinal properties of many of the foods.

This is a cookbook and much more. Included in this book are chapters on: the principles of Ayurveda and individual constitution; maintaining one’s health, digestion and constitutional balance; the importance of proper food combining for optimal well-being; setting up an Ayurvedic kitchen and planning menus inclusive of every member of your family and more than 100 recipes of delicious Ayurvedic cuisine.

These important sections include even more benefits from Ayurveda: nearly 300 simple remedies for everything from the common cold and skin problems to stabilizing blood sugar in diabetics, all using familiar household herbs, fruits and vegetables! A chart for determining your individual constitution. Comprehensive food guidelines for basic constitutional types. A listing of the qualities of foods and their affects on the doshas.


Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Cream, 5.5 oz

From Dry and Itchy to Soft and Supple

It’s time to bid goodbye to those dryness troubles. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Cream relieves pain and itching associated with dry, sensitive skin with its Triple action formula. Loaded with seven nourishing moisturizers, this provides immediate relief.

  • Includes Aloe & Vitamin E
  • Triple action relief from itching
  • Non-greasy, absorbs quickly
  • Treat minor skin problems too
  • Hypoallergenic

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Cream lends intensive moisture. Fortified with Vitamins A, C and E, this cream mitigates skin’s sensitivity to irritation. This skin therapy cream provides dryness relief for up to 24 hours with a single application.

Just For You: Dry skin

A Closer Look: This skin therapy cream comes packed with 7 types of intensive moisturizers. This is non-greasy with a refreshing scent. Added Vitamin A reduces wrinkles, Vitamins C supports collagen formation and Vitamin E minimizes lipid loss. Its triple action relieves and saturates dry skin right from the first application.

Get Started: Apply as often as required. Pay special attention to extra dry areas like elbows, knees and back. Reapply if needed.

Product Features

  • To heal dry, problem skin.
  • As the lotion is applied to dry, problem it adds a protective layer of moisture.
  • Positive ions keep moisture attached to the skin, so you can feel it working even after you wash your hands.
  • Unique blend of Hydralast emollients and humectants draw moisture throughout the day, for 24 hour moisturization.
  • For skin that looks and feels noticeably healthier. Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic. 7 intensive moisturizers. Vitamins A, C and E. Non-greasy. Fresh clean scent.


Aquaphor Healing Ointment 3.5 oz.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment protects dry, cracked or irritated skin to help enhance the natural healing process and restore smooth, healthy skin.

  • Clinically proven to reduce healing time
  • Creates a protective barrier that seals in moisture
  • Helps heal raw, irritated skin caused by radiation treatments, facial resurfacing procedures and Atopic Dermatitis
  • Soothes and helps protect extremely dry, chapped or chafed skin and lips caused by winter weather or diabetes
  • Soothes and protects minor burns
  • Fragrance-free, preservative-free, non-irritating

Product Features

  • Free of Fragrance and Preservatives
  • Hypo-Allergenic and Non-Comedogenic
  • Able to absorb three times it weight in water
  • Ideal for sensitive irritated skin
  • Recommended by Pedatricians


Doctor’s Choice Slow Healing Open Wound Bandages 10 ea

Slow Healing & Open Wounds, Bed Sores Bandages
Super Absorbent Extra Large Pads
Non stick gauze cushioned pad
Soft feel bandage
Ultra-Flex™ (hydrocolloid) cushioned pad
Dissolve away adhesive
No tearing of skin
(10) sterile latex & gluten free bandages
(4) 4″ x 3″
(6) 3″ x 2.5″
1 Aloe bandage removal spray
Heal Well ~ Feel Well™
Change bandage daily or more often as needed.
Keep bandage dry until ready to remove. Product not waterproof.
Maximum comfort, premium super absorbent gauze cushion has a film layer to repel dirt and germs. The sterile water and 20% Aloe Vera enriched removal spray helps heal the wound site and surrounding skin covered by the bandage. Water soluble adhesive is designed to protect skin. This system assures safe removal, while adding moisture into your fragile skin.
Protect your skin… Make the Smart Choice!
Hospital Quality without a Doctors Prescription
Breathable membrane is dirt and germ proof
Sterile Water and 20% Aloe Vera removal spray dissolves adhesive so you can lift off bandage without tearing your skin
DISSOLV AWAY™ adhesive, super absorbent hydrocolloid pad and bandage fabric are specifically designed for skin which is tender, fragile, easily bruises or frays. This system is recommended for slow healing diabetic ulcers, bed sores, chronic weeping and open wounds.


Triderma Diabetic Ulcer Defense Healing Cream, 4.2 Ounce

Diabetic skin needs special care and this concentrated cream is specifically formulated to help give an extra boost of healing power for those that heal slowly due to diabetes or medication. It contains natural healing botanicals, two clinically proven skin protectants, vitamins, minerals, ap4 genuine virgin organic aloe and other healing ingredients to help promote fast healing for hard-to-heal sores, cuts, scrapes, rashes, burns, skin breakdown or other minor to severely damaged skin. It contains no cortisone or other harmful drugs making it safe and effective to use as often as needed. It helps maintain healthy skin and can be used head to toe.

Product Features

  • Helps heal damaged skin plus hard-to-heal sores
  • Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Clinically proven skin protectants
  • Non-greasy, fragrance free


TriDerma Diabetic Ulcer Defense Healing Cream – 1.7 oz

This concentrated cream is specifically formulated to help promote fast healing for minor to severely damaged skin from diabetic ulcers, skin breakdown or other hard to heal skin irritations. This powerful cream contains our proprietary AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, Vitamins A,B,D,E, Allantoin, Oat Protein, Zinc PCA and the most advanced healing ingredients available to help promote fast tissue repair. Each ingredient has been chosen for its healing, protecting and regenerating abilities.

Product Features

  • Helps heal damaged skin plus hard-to-heal sores
  • Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Natural skin protectant
  • Non-greasy, Fragrance Free


What to Eat if You Have Diabetes (revised): Healing Foods that Help Control Your Blood Sugar

Fully updated based on the latest research 

This new edition of What to Eat If You Have Diabetes is an invaluable guide to helping patients, their families, and their caregivers develop an individualized program for stabilizing blood sugar and maintaining an all-around healthy lifestyle. The book features revised diabetes management guidelines, new lab tests, and the latest research on gestational diabetes, hypoglycemia, and insulin resistance. New whole-food diet plans, additional menus and recipes, and instructions for carbohydrate counting are also included.


The Juice Lady’s Guide To Juicing for Health: Unleashing the Healing Power of Whole Fruits and Vegetables Revised Edition

A practical A-to-Z guide to the prevention and treatment of the most common health disorders.

Written by nutritionist and juicing expert Cherie Calbom, The Juice Lady?s Guide to Juicing for Health, Revised Edition, shows you how to use fresh juice to lose weight, boost energy, and achieve the glow of health. With helpful guidelines for buying and using a juice machine, Cherie also explains how to put that machine to work with delicious recipes and easy-to-understand nutritional programs for more than fifty health conditions. These research-backed programs include the best combinations of fruits and vegetables for each disorder, along with a diet plan and other health tips that can help you fight off disease.

This revised edition provides updated health and nutritional information on many conditions, including ADHD, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and much more. Supporting the nutritional programs with a unique diet plan, special cleansing regimens, and detailed appendices packed with useful information, The Juice Lady?s Guide to Juicing for Health gives you a total approach to health?now, and for the rest of your life.

Having trouble getting your five to nine recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables? Drink your vegetables, says Cherie Calbom, the Juice Lady, and she offers 75 juice recipes to help you do it. Juicing not only tastes good and gives you nutrition, but it can also benefit your health, says Calbom. She organizes The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health into 53 medical conditions–such as Alzheimer’s, ADD, allergies, influenza, gout, herpes, fibrocystic breasts, diabetes, and depression. For each, she makes recommendations about lifestyle, diet, nutrients, herbs, and juice ingredients, and offers specific juice recipes. The juices are innovative and cleverly named, such as Popeye’s Power (with apple, spinach, parsley, carrots, celery, and beet), Ginger Hopper (apple, carrots, gingerroot), Sweet Calcium Cocktail (pineapple, kale), Jack & the Bean (tomato, lettuce, string beans, Brussels sprouts, lemon), and Weight-Loss Buddy (Jerusalem artichoke, carrots, beet). Two caveats: (1) Realize that you also need the fiber in fruits and veggies, not just the vitamins and minerals from the juice, so don’t juice exclusively. (2) Juices are part of healthy nutrition, but they don’t cure disease. (She doesn’t claim this, but it’s easy to jump to that conclusion from the way the book is organized.) Enjoy the juices and use them to support your health, but don’t expect that juicing will cause a change in a medical condition. –Joan Price


Diabetes, Experience the Health Benefits and Healing Powers of Fruits and Vegetables

Jack LaGrande, an author and expert on the health benefits and healing properties of fruits and vegetables, shares in each of his books over 20 years of personal research and juicing experience. In the book “Health Benefits and Healing Power of Fruits and Vegetables”, Jack gives documented evidence of how 52 vegetables contain the 25 plus nutrients needed by the body to provide true health and healing. In “Juicing for Weight Loss, the Complete Juicing Book”, one learns the entire process of juicing from what to buy to how to juice. Over 50 healthy and delicious recipes are included. The additional benefit of weight loss through the juicing of fruit and vegetables makes the information contained in his books a must read for those who remain frustrated and discouraged as they attempt to shed unwanted pounds and develop a stronger, healthier body.

What is Diabetes
Diabetes, an endocrine disorder, occurs when blood sugar levels within the body are too high. (Hyperglycemia) This could be because either the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or body cells resist the effect of insulin or both.

If Left Untreated
If high blood sugar is left untreated, life-threatening conditions can result. The disease of diabetes, in various forms, has affected millions of people in the United States. Diabetes is known to play a major role in heart disease and stroke in people over 65. It was the leading cause of new cases of blindness in people ages 20-74 during 2005-2008. It is also the leading cause of kidney failure and the reason behind 60% of all non-traumatic lower limb amputations.

Healthy Alternative
The purpose is not to cause fear or alarm but rather, to encourage those looking to avoid the serious complications of diabetes to consider the healthy alternative of using fruits, vegetables, whole grain and legumes as part of their road to renewed health and the healing of their body.

What Should a Diabetic Eat?
Diabetics are a perfect example, that by eating healthy they having the opportunity to prevent the many harmful consequences of being a diabetic. Their diet is not much different than the diet every healthy individual should consume. Some individuals can get away with more sugar but for any of us sugar is not healthy and the less we consume the better. Good health is attainable for most individuals by eating a diet of whole foods which are called nutrient dense foods.

Our Amazing Bodies
Our bodies were created and designed to filter out toxins, fight against disease and illnesses, regenerate cells and even self-heal, if provided with appropriate nutritions. The body needs minerals, vitamins, enzymes, fiber, fats, proteins, oils, carbohydrates, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and water.

Proper Nutrition
In our “Proper Nutrition” we are going to cover the six major classes of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water. Our purpose is not to make you an expert but for you to begin to understand the importance of consuming the correct food that will allow you to lead a healthy life.

Which Vegetables are Best?
We have diagnosed 21 vegetables, showing their health benefits and nutritional content and value. You will reference this section over and over as your body responds to feeding it the nutrients it requires to be healthy.

Which Fruits are Best?
Eighteen fruits are also diagnosed showing their health benefits and nutritional content and value. Another section you will reference often.
Buying Fruits and Vegetables
How to buy fruits and vegetables and how to use the beautiful colors of fruits and vegetables to make your purchase.

Synergism of Fruit and Vegetables and Research
There is an emerging belief that it is the combination of nutrients verses one particular nutrient that leads to protecting the body and the body being able to heal itself. Their is extensive research concerning the healing


Prescription for Nutritional Healing – 1 book,(Books & Media)

A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Mineralsm Herbs & Food Supplements. Prescription for Nutritional Healing is the nation”s #1 bestselling guide to natural remedies. Now, wholly revised and updated by expert dietitian and nutritional researcher Stacey J. Bell, D.Sc., R.D., this new fifth edition incorporates the most recent information on a variety of alternative healing and preventive therapies and unveils new scientific findings on vitamins, supplements, and herbs. In the A-to-Z reference guide to illnesses, you”ll find updates including: * How omega-3 fatty acids and excercise may help those suffering from Alzheimer”s*Strategies for combating prostate cancer*The latest information on GI problems often associated with autism*Current advice on the mosr benefical nutrients for relieving arthritis*Leading research on breast cancer, menopause, and bio-identical hormones*New guidelines for diagnosing and battling diabetes*And much, much more With more that 800 pages of comprehensive facts about all asoects of alternative ways to wellness, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition, unites the best of age-old remedies with twenty-first-century sciences. Phyllis A. Balch, CNC, was a leading nutritional counselor and advocate of natural therapies for more than two decades and spent more than twenty-five researching natural approaches to health and healing. Stacey J. Bell, D.SC., R.D., is a registered dietitian and was a nutritional researcher at Harvard Medical School for many years. SHe has coauthored more the 70 scientific articles, and lectures extensivly around the world on most aspects of nutrition.


TriDerma MD Intense Healing Cream, 4 oz.

Use even on sensitive skin to treat a variety of hard-to-heal conditions, including dry, cracked skin. AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, one of the most rare and powerful species of Aloe, helps restore skin to health. Use for eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, diabetic ulcers, pressure sores and dry cracked skin. Non-greasy, fragrance-free.

Product Features

  • Treats a variety of hard-to-heal conditions, including dry, cracked skin.
  • AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe helps restore skin to health.
  • Non-greasy, fragrance-free.
  • AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, Allantoin, beeswax, Vitamins A & E.
  • Note: Apply 2 to 3 times daily, as needed. 4 oz. jar, about 60 applications. Made in USA.


Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, Advanced Healing Blister Cushions for Fingers & Toes, 8-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)

Cushioning gel pad relieves pain while protecting the blister. Waterproof, superior adhesive stays in place for multi-day use. Flexible form conforms to skin for greater fit and comfort. Seals out water, dirt, and germs that can cause infection.


Advanced Healing Blister Cushion for Multi-Day Use

Each Advanced Healing Blister cushioning gel pad relieves pain while protecting your blister. The waterproof adhesive stays in place for multi-day use, and the flexible form conforms to your skin for greater fit and comfort. Advanced Healing Blister Cushions will help seal out water, dirt, and germs that can cause infection.

BAND-AID Brand Banner
CLEAN, TREAT, PROTECT: Three Simple Steps

Minor cuts and scrapes can become contaminated with dirt and germs, which may cause infection and delay healing. That’s why BAND-AID Brand recommends this easy-to-follow three-step process to promote better healing:

BAND-AID Brand HURT-FREE Antiseptic Wash
1. Clean

Thoroughly flush and clean the affected area with mild soap and water or try BAND-AID Brand HURT-FREE Antiseptic Wash* and allow to dry. This wash is formulated to temporarily relieve pain and itchiness while helping to wash away dirt and germs.

(*For adults and children two years and older.)

<img src="" alt="NEOSPORIN First Aid Antibiotic
2. Treat

Apply NEOSPORIN First Aid Antibiotic to the affected area for long-lasting infection protection. NEOSPORIN First Aid Antibiotic and a bandage help heal minor wounds four days faster than a bandage alone and may help minimize the appearance of scars.

(*For adults and children two years and older.)

BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandage
3. Protect

Cover the affected area with a BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandage–and keep it covered until the wound is completely healed. This protects the wound from water, dirt, and germs that can cause infection, thereby helping to promote fast healing.

BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages, Advanced Healing Blister Cushions for Fingers & Toes (8-Count Boxes, Pack of 2) Product Shot

View larger
BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages, Advanced Healing Blister Cushions for Fingers & Toes (8-Count Boxes, Pack of 2) Product Shot

Wrap-around design made especially
for fingers and toes.
America’s #1 Bandage Brand* Covers All Your Wound-Protection Needs

BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages have long been a staple in a family’s first-aid kit as a source of healing, comfort, and protection. And as the brand has expanded over the years, so too has the technology and innovation behind it. BAND-AID Brand has moved from being strictly a bandage to becoming a brand that offers a wide variety of products to meet the diverse needs of today’s active families and their lifestyles.

BAND-AID Brand is continuously developing new products to help quickly heal wounds and ease pain.
Using the product finder below, you can find the best BAND-AID Brand product for your wound care needs.

*62 percent market share of adhesive bandages at food, drug, and mass, year-to-date (November, 2011)

BAND-AID Brand Product Finder
BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages, Regular TOUGH STRIPS
BAND-AID Brand Extra Large TOUGH-STRIPS Waterproof Bandages
BAND-AID Brand Flexible Fabric Bandages
BAND-AID Brand Variety Pack






Plus Antibiotic

Extra Large Plus Antibiotic

Plus Antibiotic Waterproof

Clear/Translucent WATER BLOCK PLUS



What’s in the Box

BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages, Advanced Healing Blister Cushions for Fingers & Toes (8-Count Boxes, Pack of 2).






Product Features

  • Relieves pain
  • Protects the blister
  • Waterproof
  • Conforms to skin for greater fit and comfort
  • Seals out water, dirt, and germs


TriDERMA Intense Fast Healing Cream 4oz (Each)

This specialized formula skin cream soothes, protects and promotes fast healing for hard to heal skin problems. Recommended for symptomatic relief of skin irritations, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers, burns including radiation burns, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions from minor to severe. Contains the powerful AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, vitamins A,B,D and E, oat protein, zinc pca, collagen and other advanced healing, moisturizing ingredients. Fragrance-free, cortisone-free and non-greasy.

Product Features

  • Contains moisturizing agents from aloe vera, zinc PCA
  • For all types of damaged skin
  • Helps accelerate healing, heals dry, cracked, and irritated skin
  • Free of fragrance & cortisone


Controlling Fluctuations of Diabetes Blood Glucose, Healing and Preventing Nerve Damage with Baby’s Milk by Lidman, Leonida published by CCB Publishing (2009) [Paperback]


(EA) Diabetic Ulcer Healing Cream

Fast healing for minor to severely damaged skin from diabetic ulcers, skin breakdown or other hard to heal skin irritations. This medical strength specialty cream contains more than 200 natural healing properties plus advanced healing ingredients to help promote fast tissue repair, safely and effectively. It contains NO Cortisone or fragrance. Daily use of this non-greasy cream helps maintain healthy skin. Fragrance free
Packaging~2.2 oz Tube^

Product Features

  • Product is sold on this unit of measure – EA
  • Packaging~2.2 oz Tube^


TriDerma Diabetic Bruise Healing Cream – 2.2 oz tube

Fast healing for bruising, swelling, itching and pain caused by medication, surgical procedures, simple skin trauma or diabetic conditions. MSM, AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe and extra Arnica provide powerful healing properties along with added pain relief.

For those who bruise easily, have thin skin, or heal slowly, this rich cream helps restore, protect and maintain healthy skin. Safe to use on any sensitive skin area. Non-greasy, fragrance free.

Product Features

  • Contains 8% Arnica, more than any other product, to quickly help heal the signs of bruising.
  • Arnica is recommended by plastic surgeons to use before and after surgical procedures to minimize bruising and swelling.
  • It helps increase circulation, reduce swelling, soothe and promote healing, and rejuvenate red, tired skin.
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally occurring organic sulfur compound that is needed by the body to support good tissue health. It helps relieve pain, reduce swelling and help heal.
  • AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe naturally contains three anti-inflammatory agents to reduce swelling, six antiseptics to fight bacteria and three analgesics to soothe pain.
  • Our proprietary aloe also contains high levels of multi-complex mucopolysaccharides which are very important for cellular healing and maintaining healthy skin.
  • Non-greasy, fragrance free
  • Contains NO Cortisone


ACNE PILLS – Neem Capsules – 60 Acne Medication Tabets – Acne Treatment / Pimple Treatment / Blackheads Treatment. Helps with Acne Scar Removal and healing of zits, pimples, black heads as blemish remover. Blemish Treatment Pimple Remover by Planet Ayurveda Acne Products. Neem Pills 500mg

Acne Pills QTY 60. The bark of Neem tree has been used with acne and other skin problems. The results are evident within 10 days of regular use of Neem for skin ailments. In fact, Neem is one of the most potent and effective natural remedy for Acne. It helps clear pimples and other skin ailments and helps in rejuvenating the skin by purification of the blood.
? Planet Ayurveda Neem pills have NO SIDE EFFECTS and can also be used to treat: Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Skin Rashes, Blemishes, Dark Circles around eyes, Diabetic carbuncules, Skin eruptions, Urticaria (Allergies of skin), and gastric and duodenal ulcers. Please consult your doctor before starting any new diet or nutritional supplement. Information, statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Product Features

  • 1.) Clears the skin, Purifies the blood. It’s a powerful natural anti-biotic causing no side effects.
  • 2.) Helps in clearing the scars or acne and other skin blemishes.
  • 3.) For most users, results show up within 5-10 days of treatment.
  • 4). All Natural Herbal Supplement (Neem Herb) – Vegetarian Capsules
  • 5.) Ingredients: Neem (Azadirachta indica extract) 500mg, Vegetarian Capsule Shell, Cellulose and fumed silica.


Healing and Preventing Diabetes Nerve Damage, Muscular Aches and Pains With Baby’s Milk

Living with diabetes and its complications tested this author’s endurance and will to live — until one day, out of curiosity and flash of inspiration — she decided to drink the same baby’s ready-made milk formula her infant grandson was taking.

By taking measured ingestion of a baby’s liquid formula, author felt rejuvenated after gaining physical strength. She is now pain-free from the devastating effects of diabetes neuropathies that hounded her for over 14 years.

The information in this book sets a precedent that will enable elderly diabetics, non-diabetics, and non-elderly who suffer from muscular aches and pains to potentially live pain-free lives.

Once the readers actually experience the benefits of taking baby’s ready-made formula, they will recommend the information in this book so that others will experience the gift of renewed zest for living.


Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing

The definitive book of yoga therapy, this groundbreaking work comes to you from the medical editor of the country’s premier yoga magazine, who is both a practicing yogi and a Western-trained physician.

Beginning with an overview of the history and science of yoga, Dr. McCall describes the many different techniques in the yoga tool kit; explains what yoga does and who can benefit from it (virtually everyone!); and provides lavishly illustrated and minutely detailed instructions on starting a yoga practice geared to your fitness level and your health status. Yoga as Medicine offers a wealth of practical information, including how to:

•Utilize yogic tools, including postures, breathing techniques, and meditation, for both prevention and healing of illness

•Master the art of becoming more in tune with your body

•Communicate more effectively with your doctor

•Adopt therapeutic yoga practices as either an alternative or a complement to surgery and to expensive, sometimes dangerous medications

•Practice safely

Find an instructor and a style of yoga that are right for you. With twenty chapters devoted to the work of individual master teachers, including such well-known figures as Patricia Walden, John Friend, and Rodney Yee, Yoga as Medicine shows how these experts have applied the wisdom of this ancient holistic practice to twenty different conditions, ranging from arthritis to chronic fatigue, depression, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, infertility, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, and obesity. Defining yoga as “a systematic technology to improve the body, understand the mind, and free the spirit,“ Dr. McCall shows the way to a path that can truly alter your life.

An indispensable guide for the millions who now practice yoga or would like to begin, as well as for yoga teachers, body workers, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals.


Healing Honey: A Natural Remedy for Better Health and Wellness

Too much sugar can be bad for our health. Not only can it make us overweight and sluggish, but it can also contribute to many diseases including diabetes, atherosclerosis, and vascular disease. But what can we do? Sugar is everywhere – and the simple truth is that food manufacturers are concerned more about profit than consumer health. As with most things, nature appears to have provided the solution: honey. The medicinal properties of honey have been recognized for literally hundreds of years, but until recently, they have been nothing more than folklore. However, this is beginning to change. Over the last 20-30 years, scientists have discovered that there is real truth to the belief that honey is good for your health. Honey has been revealed to have a high antioxidant content and contain a unique blend of sugars, vitamins, and other ingredients. We know now that consuming honey can offer not only sweetness, but the chance for a healthier life.


Diabetes & Hypoglycemia: Your Natural Guide to Healing with Diet, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Exercise, and Other Natural Methods

Now You Can Combat Diabetes and Hypoglycemia—Naturally!
Struggling with frequent headaches, fatigue, irritability, or depression? Your body may be fighting a blood sugar imbalance. Diabetes and hypoglycemia, the major causes of blood sugar imbalance, are the most common of all diseases and can lead to chronic metabolic problems. Often, traditional medications treat only specific symptoms of these diseases without treating the whole body. Diabetes and Hypoglycemia offers the answers you need to take control of your blood sugar metabolism by using natural, healthful methods.
Dr. Michael T. Murray is one of the world’s foremost authorities in nutritional and natural medicine. Author of the bestselling books Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and The Complete Book of Juicing, Dr. Murray has inspired many to begin a more natural way of treating disease. In Diabetes and Hypoglycemia, Murray presents a step-by-step approach, offering advice on topics such as:
·Early symptoms and proper diagnosis
·Lifestyle choices and exercise
·Dietary guidelines, including 25 recipes
·Herbal remedies for blood sugar control
·Blood sugar imbalance and related cardiovascular diseases
·and much, much more!
By learning the facts about using natural, whole-body alternative, you can break the cycle of medication and begin a healthful, balanced way of life!


Petroactil – Heal old wounds that have resisted healing. Heal deep or difficult to cure wounds. Protect raw, sensitive, damaged skin. Keep bandages from sticking.

Heal Wounds – Heal Deep Wounds – Heal Hard to Heal Wounds.

Petroactil has been formulated for the treatment of wounds that resist healing or are very hard to heal, also to heal deep wounds and diabetic wounds. Petroactil stimulates deep tissue regeneration and cross-linking of collagen for advanced curative action and scar reduction.

Petroactil does this by simultaneously maintaining the active ingredients of Polyactil on the surface of the wound, while delivering smaller doses in a gradual, controlled manner to the deep layers of the wound. The result is reduced pain, elimination of odors, and killing of bacteria. Dressings will not stick to the wound.

Product Features

  • For old wounds that have resisted healing
  • For deep, sensitive or raw wounds, incisions
  • Keep bandages from sticking to wounds
  • Excellent for bed sores and diabetic ulcers
  • Use with Polyactil for double healing power


Healing Remedies: More Than 1,000 Natural Ways to Relieve Common Ailments, from Arthritis and Allergies to Diabetes, Osteoporosis, and Many Others!


For years, sisters Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen have been collecting and incredible home remedies. These range from old treatments that have been passed down for centuries (but forgotten by modern medicine) to methods recently uncovered by doctors and medical researchers. Healing Remedies combines the best entries from the Wilens’ Chicken Soup & Other Folk Remedies books, plus a significant amount of new material, including sections on diabetes, osteoporosis, ADD, anxiety, and children’s common ailments–from colic and diaper rash to tantrums and teething. Also, check out these other remarkable remedies:

• Eating two pectin-packed apples a day may help lower blood pressure.
• For an energy boost, slap the inside of your elbows and the back of your knees.
• Eating one-half avocado a day may lower cholesterol by up to 42 percent.
• Vaporize a headache by bringing a cup of apple cider vinegar to a slow boil, then put a towel over your head, bend over the pot at a safe distance, and inhale/exhale through your nose for about 10 minutes.
• To tone up your circulatory system and strengthen your heart, pretend to vigorously conduct an orchestra for 10 minutes a day.
• To improve your memory, pop six raw almonds a day.
• Add pizzazz to your sex life by consuming any fruit beginning with p: peaches, plums, pears, pineapple, papaya, and persimmon.
• Practice “girth control” by killing your cravings with pure grape juice.

Though not meant as a substitute for doctor’s visits, this amazing guide also features special sections on men’s health challenges, especially prostate concerns, and women’s symptom relief, from cramps and morning sickness to vaginitis and hot flashes. Remedies galore–and more–are at your fingertips!


Healing Yoga: Common Conditions

Even if you’ve never done yoga before,you can benefit from this gentle program. This yoga program is designed to help you increase your metabolism while gently stretching and relieving stress. Making these simple exercises part of your daily routine may assist in managing the symptoms of diabetes and high cholesterol as well as helping with weight management and improved circulation. The Healing Yoga series brings into your home Lisa and Charles Matkin’s extensive hands-on experience and work with leading physicians in using yoga to help people with chronic injuries and illnesses. Regular practice of this yoga program can be beneficial for a range of specific conditions while helping you build strength and bring flexible, fluid movement to your whole body. About The Instructors: Charles and Lisa Matkin are experts in therapeutic yoga and have over 16 years combined experience as yoga professionals. They design custom yoga programs to help their clients address chronic injuries and illnesses. The Matkins founded and direct the Mind Body Therapies department at a complementary health care center in New York City and have taught therapeutic yoga programs at Beth Israel Hospital and New York Presbyterian Medical Center.


Controlling Fluctuations of Diabetes Blood Glucose, Healing and Preventing Nerve Damage with Baby’s Milk

This book is based on the author’s personal experience with Type II Diabetes and its effects on her body.
After strictly adhering to the recommended regimen of daily blood draws, medication and extreme dietary adjustments over the course of many years, Leonida Lidman still found herself in great physical and emotional pain.
It was only with the discovery of baby’s milk and the solution to the sudden fluctuations of blood glucose that she was able to regain much of the physical energy she enjoyed before diabetes afflicted and tortured her body.
Intermingling personal observations of her ailments with medical information copied verbatim from books and leaflets given to her at medical appointments, the author gives a thorough overview of the definitions, side effects and treatment options involved in dealing with diabetes. The author hopes readers will come away with a firm understanding of the disasters that diabetes can wreck on the human body, why these side effects occur, and with solutions to potentially live pain-free lives.

About the Author:
Mrs. Leonida Lidman received an M.A. in Education from the University of The Philippines and an M.S. in Human Resources Management from the New School for Social Research, New School University, Fifth Avenue, New York City, in 1987.
She also graduated in 2009 with an advanced writing course from The Long Ridge Writers’ Group School, Long Ridge, West Redding, Connecticut.
Her work experiences include being a college instructor in the Philippines; Training Supervisor for Comprehensive Community Health Programs at the University of The Philippines, Bay, Los Baños, Laguna. She also served as Commissioner of the Newark Senior Citizens Commission and Program Coordinator for the Office on Aging, Newark Housing Authority, in Newark New Jersey from 1987 to 1989. She was a City Council President’s awardee for distinguished community service on behalf of the city’s elderly. She has also written various articles and is a published author.
She is also a recipient of U.S. Patent #4,680,179, a fruit-flavored coconut water-based liqueur with no added sugar and no preservatives.
She has also done volunteer work with the Executive Planning Committee of The United Way, Essex County, New Jersey and coordinated the recruitment of retired senior volunteers (RSVP Program) for the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Essex County, New Jersey and others.


The Coconut Oil Miracle (Previously published as The Healing Miracle of Coconut Oil)

The complete, accessible guide to reaping all the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil

Natural coconut oil is nature’s perfect food. Unlike the hydrogenated versions found in processed food, this uniquely curative elixir has been show to have countless health benefits. When taken as a dietary supplement, used in cooking, or applied directly to the skin, coconut oil has been found to:

  • Promote weight loss
  • Help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many other degenerative diseases
    Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve digestion
  • Prevent premature aging of the skin
  • Beautify skin and hair

The Coconut Oil Miracle explains the benefits of coconut oil, and shows readers how to use it for maximum effect. This revised edition of the original, groundbreaking guide also includes a nutrition plan with 50 delicious recipes that will allow anyone to experience the healing miracles of coconut oil.


Diabetic Ulcer Defense Fast Healing Cream by TriDerma

Worried of your high sugar levels and the accompanied skin complications specifically affecting your legs and feet? Healing minor to severe diabetic ulcers is a medically acclaimed cream that contains more than 200 natural healing properties as well! Available as the Diabetic Ulcer Defense Fast Healing Cream, it really helps you revitalize your damaged skin. Pronounced results with regular use!

Product Features

  • Diabetic Safe
  • Helps heal damaged skin plus hard to heal sores
  • Protects Skin Against Breakdown


Diabetes Diet: Diabetic Recipes for Healing Diabetes

Who else wants to eat delicious meals that can help treat and cure the root cause of Type 2 diabetes?

The big drug companies would love to keep you sick so you would keep buying their so-called medicine. Think about all the money you have spent on doctor visits, co-payments, prescriptions, and out-of-pocket expenses.

And that method will NEVER reverse your diabetes!

But there’s another way…

WebMD, CNN Health and many others report success at curing Type 2. “We have seen numerous people reverse their condition,” says Dr. Michelle Magee, director of the MedStar Diabetes Institute in Washington. “But it takes a real dedication for the rest of their lives,” she notes.

AND it takes the right combination of foods. But who enjoys a diet?

Unless it’s got the incredibly tasty meals like you’ll find in Diabetes Diet: Diabetic Recipes for Healing Diabetes.

No ho-hum meal boredom here. Inside you’ll look forward to each meal with one of these 30 easy-to-make recipes that are loaded with flavor and variety.

And each recipe includes an explanation of the key nutrients you’ll be getting and how they work to treat and reverse your diabetes.


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