#1 Blood Sugar Support Supplement – Advanced Blood Sugar Support Formula – Formulated with All Natural Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium, Gymnema, Bitter Melon and Other Ingredients to Maintain Healthy Blood Glucose Level Naturally – 45 Days Supply

Natural Support For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels!

Our Herbal Blood Sugar Support Formula is a revolutionary product which supports healthy glucose levels, body weight, and metabolism.

Why Buy Advanced Blood Sugar Support Formula from Activa Naturals?

Our Blood Sugar Formula is exclusively formulated for those who want the very best Supplement to support healthy glucose levels naturally*.

Activa Naturals Blood Sugar Formula Advantage

– A synergistic combination of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Extracts that support a healthy glucose level*

– Targeted Nutrients to support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels And Metabolism*

– Contains the botanicals Gymnema, Bitter Melon and Clinically-Documented Alpha Lipoic Acid for Natural Insulin Action*

– Made In USA to strict cGMP Standards in an FDA approved facility

– 90 Capsules for a 45-Day Supply

Act Now to Support Healthy Glucose Level Naturally



*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the United States FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • #1 100% Pure, Natural & Herbal Blood Sugar Support Supplement ~ 90 capsules per bottle ~ 45-Day supply with 2 capsules per day dosage
  • All Natural Herbal Blood Sugar Formula with Biotin, Chromium, Banaba, Guggul, Bitter Mellon, Cinnamon, Gymnema, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Other Herbal Ingredients to Support Healthy Glucose Naturally
  • Highest Quality Herbal, Non-Addictive Blood Sugar Supplement which Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels And Metabolism ~ Made in USA in an FDA approved facility and under strict GMP standards
  • Our Comprehensive Formula Contains Synergistic Combination of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Extracts to Support Glucose Modulating Herbal Extracts like Gymnema and bitter melon and Clinically-Documented Alpha Lipoic Acid for Natural Insulin Action
  • Supports Healthy Glucose Levels, Body Weight, and Metabolism!!!

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Gymnema Sylvestre – Supercritical Extract – Certified Organic 500 Mg. 120 Vcaps (Pack of 2)

We are pleased to present our new Supercritical Organic Gymnema Sylvestre. Tattva’s Herbs’ Gymnema combines the wisdom of Mother Nature with the very latest technology known as supercritical extraction. This state of the art technology delivers a very pure extract that is both full spectrum and extremely concentrated at the same time. Gymnema Sylvestre is one of the most famous Ayurvedic herbs for promoting and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. It is called the Gurmar or the Òsugar destroyerÓ in Ayurveda, because of its ability to block sweet taste. Gymnema Sylvestre has been used in India for more than 2000 years to control the presence of carbohydrates in urine. The Indian name Gumar or Gurmar literally means “Sugar Killer”.

Product Features

  • Concentrated full spectrum CO2 extract of Gymnema
  • Promotes healthy metabolism of sugar
  • Maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • Extracted using Compressed Carbon Dioxide (CO2) powerful and pure without a trace of heavy-metal contaminants
  • Made with Certified Organic ingredients grown on organic farms free from chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides


Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 4oz

Iowa Select Herbal Extracts are convenient to use, an excellent alternative to herb tea or capsules. Made by a cold process method that extracts the maximum amount of viatmins, minerals, and active constituents of the herb. Herbal Extracts are made to exacting standards, such as those of the German Pharmacopoeia, with a Certified Organic grain ethanol acohol base. Our extracts have a herb strength of 1 to 1 and a 25% alcohol content. Our extensive line of 200 herbal extracts includes many Certified Organic (C.O.)- all grown in compliance with the National Organic Program; some Responsibly Wild-crafted(WC). In 1 ounce (30 ml) and 4 ounce (120 ml) amber bottles with a traditional style dropper insert and sealed with a tamper-evident proof lid. Prices for larger sizes are available upon request.


Gymnema green Tea for diabetics- no caffeine

Gymnema Sylvestre is one of Gymnema Tea’s main ingredients, Which has been grown wildly in Southern India. It is a kind of vine that attached with the bushes or trees. Ancient Indian herbal doctors have used this herb for 2000 years and found the herb is very safe. Because Gymnema Sylvestre’s unique properites, it has been recognized by herbalists as one of the most beneficial herbs for diabetics. Beside the Gymnema Sylvestre, this tea is also formulated with other selected herbs such as the Psidium Guajava, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum and Ganoderma Lucidum. All of those herbs are optimized for diabetics as their particular dietary supplement. This tea is 100% natural, safe and without side effect. The taste of this tea is very pleasant.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • No cafeine
  • 100% Natural herbs
  • Contain 48% Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Specially formulated for Diabetics



From the tropical regions of India comes Swanson Gymnema Sylvestre, an Ayurvedic herb promoting healthy metabolic function. Used for nearly 2,000 years in India’s Ayurvedic tradition, gymnema sylvestre is also renowned for helping support healthy glucose levels already within the normal range. Each convenient capsule delivers 400 mg of gymnema sylvestre leaf powder.

Product Features

  • Promotes healthy glucose metabolism
  • A traditional Ayurvedic sugar-metabolizer
  • Each capsule delivers 400 mg of gymnema sylvestre leaf powder


Himalaya Pure Herbs Gymnema, Sugar Destroyer, 60 Caplets, (Pack of 2)

Gymnema (Gymnema sylvestre) ┐ 60 Vcaps ┐ Sugar Destroyer ┐ Gymnema has been used in Ayurveda since the Sixth Century B.C. It supports normal pancreatic cell integrity. Gymnema assists in preserving the normal function of the pancreas and supports a health

Product Features

  • Gymnema contains the famous key component Gymnemic Acid
  • Supports normal function of the pancreas
  • Supports normal appetite level
  • Clean, green growing ┐ no pesticides from seed-to-shelf
  • 100% vegetarian Vcaps


DiabeTea Diabetes Gymnema Bitter Melon Herbal Tea 3oz; makes 40 cups

Gymnema sylvestre is a herb native to the tropical forests of southern and central India where it has been used as a natural treatment for diabetes for nearly two millennia. Gymnema helps raise the level of insulin in the blood, helping the body control blood sugar. Gymnema reduces the taste of sugar when it is placed in the mouth, thus some use it to fight sugar cravings; this effect lasts up to about two hours.

Product Features

  • Helps raise the level of insulin in the blood, helping the body lower elevated blood sugar levels.
  • Delicious Apple flavor; naturally caffeine-free.
  • Naturally sweet, drink hot or iced.
  • Raizana formulates their natural, loose-leaf teas to combine good taste and the herbal properties that help promote good health.
  • Herbal teas are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Gymnema GOLD, 500mg, 90 veggie capsules (Gurmar Sugar Destroyer) (#1 Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract)

Gymnema Sylvestre (Gurmar)

Gymnema Sylvestre (aka. Gurmar) is often referred to as “Sugar Destroyer”. Gymnema has been used in Ayurveda since the 6th century BC as a safe and natural approach to help regulate sugar metabolism. Gymnema contains Gymnemic acid, Quercitol, Lupeol, Beta-Amyrin and Stigmasterol, all of which are thought to help the body maintain healthy blood glucose levels.*

The Gymnema Sylvestre Gold Advantage

Gymnema Gold by Nutrigold® features the clinically proven GS4 Plus Gymnema Sylvestre extract. Gymnema Gold is standardized to contain a minimum of 175 mg of Gymnemic acids, the key component that mimics glucose molecules numbing receptor sites on tongue. It is believed to be responsible for Gymnema’s ability to abolish the taste of sugar and help support healthy glucose.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Vegetarian Capsule

Servings per Container: 90


Ingredient — Amount per Serving

Proprietary Gymnema Gold Complex — 500 mg

– Features GS4 Plus® Gymnema Standardized Extract (Gymnema sylvestre [leaf] standardized to contain a minimum of 35% Gymnemic Acids)

– – Total Gymnemic Acids — 175 mg


Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose).

Allergen Information: Free of eggs, soy, wheat, gluten, milk, peanuts, and shellfish.

Does NOT contain Additives, Fillers, Preservatives, Artificial Ingredients, Stearates, Silica, Salt, Sugar, Starch, Yeast, or Titanium Dioxide.

Made in USA in NPA-certified cGMP manufacturing facility

GS4 Plus® is a scientifically supported extract of Gymnema and a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation.

Suggested Usage

As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 vegetarian capsule one to two times daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Product Features

  • The Gold Standard in pure Gurmar (Gymnema Sylvestre) Extract
  • Formulated using the clinically validated GS4 Plus® Gymnema ingredient
  • Standardized to contain 175 mg Gymnemic Acids in each vegetarian capsule
  • 500 mg per vegetarian capsule / 90 capsules per bottle
  • Key Health Benefit: Supports healthy glucose metabolism by abolishing the taste of sugar*


Nature’s Way Blood Sugar with Gymnema, 386 mg, 90 Capsules

GTF Chromium supports the body’s metabolism as well as maintains normal insulin levels. Having normal insulin levels is important because insulin is fundamental to having a healthy blood sugar level. GTF stands for “glucose tolerance factor” and it requires chromium as its central atom. GTF Chromium is pertinent to the Glandular System. Chromium is important to help create fatty acids, lecithin, cholesterol, and lipoproteins for the liver. Someone lacking chromium in their diet may experience a significant increase of blood fats in their system because the liver is unable to filter them out alone.

Product Features

  • Contains GTF Chromium, part of the glucose tolerance molecule that is an important cofactor for insulin.
  • Blend of current scientific research and traditional herbal medicine.
  • Contains Gymnema standardized extract, the Ayurvedic “sugar destroyer.” and a blend of herbs and carotenoids with supportive properties.


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