30 Days of Fabulous Sugar-Free Lunches to Live Longer (The Diabetic Healthy)

Having a diabetic patient in your home provokes a feeling to get to know more about the food they can enjoy. What a common concept about those of the patients is that they can only eat tasteless sugar-less food with a limited collection of recipes and ingredients.

The same has happened to me. My mother is a diabetic patient and I still want to serve her with a variety of delicious food. I researched and tried many recipes and now decided to share all of them with you in badges. After you greatly liked and appreciated previous edition of “30 Days of Fabulous Sugar-Free Breakfast to Live Longer” I am now publishing another edition with fabulous sugar-free lunch recipes.

All those 30 recipes are quick and easy and one thing is common in them, they all carry great taste with diabetic friendly ingredients.
So if you are forbidden to many of the foods and want to bring change in your menu, try this book, I bet you will be thankful to me for such great collection.



30 Days of Fabulous Sugar-Free Breakfast to Live Longer (The Diabetic Healthy)

30 Days of Fabulous Sugar-Free Breakfast to Live Longer

When it comes to prepare the food which is healthy and delicious at the same time, particularly in case of diabetic patients, it’s really hard to come up with your desired recipes – tasty and sugar-free.

So here, after the thorough study and deep research I have brought the self-tried recipes to you and I bet you are going to love’em. Most of the recipes are added keeping in mind your busy lifestyle and knowing that you are always in hurry while preparing breakfast.

They are quick and easy, and a few you can make on weekends and preserve to use by rest of the weekdays.


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