The Complete Book of Diabetic Cooking: The Essential Guide For Diabetics With An Expert Introduction To Nutrition And Healthy Eating – Plus 150 … Step-By-Step In 700 Fabulous Photographs

A complete guide to living with diabetes with advice on managing the condiiton, alleviating the symptoms, controlling your weight and reducing medication, with a fantastic collection of tempting but healthy recipes


Diabetes Mellitus: Expert Drug Therapy Video Series

Get vital information about how drugs work for your patients with diabetes mellitus, DKA, HHNK syndrome, and other complications¡Xduring immediate and continuing treatment. Know exactly what their actions mean to your nursing care before, during, and after drug therapy. In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn: „h how glucagon converts hepatic stores of glycogen into glucose „h how insulin attaches to receptors on cell membranes, allowing glucose to enter cells and provide energy for metabolism „h how a rapid drop in your hyperglycemic patient’s blood glucose level can cause cerebral edema „h how sulfonylureas lower the blood glucose level by causing beta cells to produce more insulin „h how gemfibrozil increases the activity of lipoprotein lipase, which helps prevent atherosclerosis (a macrovascular diabetic complication) by removing triglycerides from chylomicrons and VLDLs in the blood „h why repaglinide must be administered 15 to 30 minutes before meals

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50 Things You Need to Know about Diabetes: Expert Tips for Taking Control

Why make diabetes harder than it has to be? 50 Things You Need to Know About Diabetes explains what you need to know about diabetes care, eating right, and staying healthy. It cuts through the confusion, jargon, and conflicting information with lighthearted, simple advice on eating right, exercising, and staying healthy.


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