Carol Bond’s Chromium Picolinate, 200 Mg (A Trace Mineral That Helps in Controlling Type 2 Diabetes) 100 Capsules

Chromium Picolinate promotes sugar and carbohydrate metabolism. Chromium picolinate is a necessary factor in carbohydrate and sugar metabolism. The trace mineral chromium plays a major role in the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Insulin helps cells absorb and use glucose effectively. Considerable evidence indicates that chromium functions as a co-factor in all insulin-regulating activities. Supplementing the diet with chromium has been shown to significantly improve insulin action; decrease fasting glucose and triglycerides levels; and increase the HDL-cholesterol level by enhancing insulin sensitivity.

Product Features

  • Weight Loss
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Diabetes
  • cholesterol
  • triglycerides


Low GI Diet Cookbook – 24 Delicious Low Glycemic Recipes for Controlling Diabetes & Losing Weight

Are you looking to lose weight healthily?

Do have diabetes that you need to control?

Let me introduce you to the Low GI Diet … For more than two decades, food nutritionists have been studying the effects of carbohydrate-rich foods on the body. For a while, they believed that all carbs were the same, that they were all excellent sources of energy for the body.

At one point, it was thought that excluding all forms of carbohydrates from the diet was healthy. This is one of the central concepts in Dr. Atkins’ controversial low-carb diet and remains under much debate until today.

After concerted efforts, though, experts found out that not all carbohydrates were the same. Some carbohydrates could actually be more beneficial for your health than others. This is the guiding principle that led to the Low GI Diet.

There are no restrictions with the Low GI Diet, only a clear reminder to always go for the best kinds of food for your body. Besides, the more restrictive one gets, the higher the chances of having another one of those frustrating diet fails. This diet is not about excluding an entire chunk of food choices from your daily menu. It is a simple lifestyle change, not one so drastic, one that includes only the right foods for you.


Controlling Diabetes. Keeping Blood Sugar Low, By eating Low-Carb Soups

Controlling Diabetes. Keeping Blood Sugar Low, By eating Low-Carb Soups. This is the diabetic version of my “Soup Yourself Thinner” book. They’re both essentially the same, so don’t buy both.
This book has three distinct parts.
First, it contains my own diabetic story, and how I ignored and mis-managed my own condition for years. Yup, I was a fool thinking it would all go away. I had no bad symptoms, so I let the whole thing slide. It was the worst thing I could have done; then I got prescribed with insulin pens, and had to do something about it. Soups.
So, second, there’s the revelation of my low-carbohydrate soups, and how they changed my blood sugar numbers for good. I now have great figures in my ‘self test logbook’, and you can too. It’s easy and affordable. I make soups for less than 99c for a big bowl. And I’m talking a BIG bowl.
I look at the diabetic ramifications of the new buzzphrase; Carbohydrate Intolerance, and how I incorporated this new information into my soups.
Third, there’s the method of soup-making, that changed my life. I go through the whole process, in very simple terms. There’s nothing technical about making soup, trust me.
There’s a recipe section with many different soups, and even some stews and chilies that fit into the program. All low-carb or no-carb.
This soup-making diet changed my life, and it can help you too.
If you’re struggling with your blood sugar numbers, and want to make a change, get soup-making today!


Gestational Diabetes Diet Meal Plan and Recipes: Your Guide To Controlling Blood Sugars & Weight Gain

Your goal is a healthy pregnancy, period! When dealing with gestational diabetes many thoughts and emotions flow through your mind. The exhaustive search for diet and meal planning information is one that quite often is last on your list but it is just about the most critical to you and your baby’s health.
The statement that I hear most is….”Just Tell Me What To Eat”… This book is a complete guide to meal patterns for breakfast, lunch and snacks. These patterns will give you the choices and the plan you have been looking for. Then we have 14 weeks of dinner meal recipes, a total of over 90 recipes. These are complete with sides, nutritionals, recipes and grocery lists! And as a BONUS, I have included seven of my favorite desert recipes that are appropriate for gestational diabetes cravings.
If you want to find a book of do’s and don’ts this is not it. What this book contains is a direct resource to a diet meal plan with the essential meal patterns and recipes necessary to manage the condition of gestational diabetes. The nuts and bolts!
We have also included an introduction based on teaching you about your current condition of gestational diabetes and how to make your diet plan work the best way possible. We also added in an index that you can go to find a great recipe based on just what you are craving.
And the recipes are beef, chicken, turkey, pork, vegetarian and fish recipes with extensive variety! They are even adjusted to meet your needs – no more trying to figure out what to eat. Just get this and you will know.


Diabetes Patient, Controlling Its Glicemia – 12″W x 8″H – Peel and Stick Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys

WallMonkeys wall graphics are printed on the highest quality re-positionable, self-adhesive fabric paper. Each order is printed in-house and on-demand. WallMonkeys uses premium materials & state-of-the-art production technologies. Our white fabric material is superior to vinyl decals. You can literally see and feel the difference. Our wall graphics apply in minutes and won’t damage your paint or leave any mess. PLEASE double check the size of the image you are ordering prior to clicking the ‘ADD TO CART’ button. Our graphics are offered in a variety of sizes and prices.

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    Product Features

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    • Printed on WHITE, premium, self-adhesive, re-positionable fabric paper.
    • No nails, frames or glue. No professional installation required.
    • Simply peel and stick! Easy to remove and re-apply.
    • BE SURE you ordered the right size for your intended use!!


  • Controlling Fluctuations of Diabetes Blood Glucose, Healing and Preventing Nerve Damage with Baby’s Milk by Lidman, Leonida published by CCB Publishing (2009) [Paperback]


    Atkins Diabetes Revolution LP : The Groundbreaking Approach to Preventing and Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

    Atkins Diabetes Revolution will help you:

    • Find out if you have the metabolic syndrome
    • Identify your risk for diabetes as soon as possible
    • Make permanent lifestyle changes to normalize the underlying metabolic imbalances that lead to Type 2 diabetes
    • Reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack, stroke, and even some cancers
    • Reduce your risk of heart disease by lowering your triglycerides while increasing your HDL (“good”) cholesterol

    Read by Sara Krieger

    Two colleagues of the late Dr. Robert Atkins take on the obesity epidemic’s deadly twin: type 2 diabetes. Dr. Mary Vernon and Jacqueline Eberstein, RN, adapt the carb-cutting, fat-allowing Atkins nutritional approach as a preemptive strike against this fast-growing killer. Diabetes–defined here as a condition in which glucose or blood sugar is above the normal range–is viewed as a preventable problem. “What we hope we have created in this book is a realistic and practical guide to wiping out type 2, one person at a time.” Since obesity is the major risk factor for diabetes, they begin with the “fat lie” (i.e., the belief that fat causes obesity) to voice the Atkins mantra: low fat means high carbs and high carbs are broken down into sugar. With a convincing mix of essay/picture testimonials, clinical studies, quizzes, checklists, and menu planners and recipes, Vernon and Eberstein make the case for diet and lifestyle changes to alter the metabolism of those at risk for diabetes. They have done a yeoman’s job of translating Atkins’s medical nutrition advice into a step-by-step program. One can quibble about their missionary zeal or the omnipresent eggs in the breakfast sample menus. At times, the scientific data are overly detailed or hidden within a quiz. Thankfully, there is a spot-on summary of the book’s paradigm-busting ideas in the appendix. — Barbara Mackoff


    The Diabetes Detectives Guide to Staying on Your Diabetes Diet: A Workbook for Ten Simple Rules for Controlling Appetite That Empower Anyone with Type 2 Diabetes To Keep Blood Sugar Levels in Control

    Diabetics are often told that weight loss can work miracles for controlling blood sugar levels. The truth is, controlling blood sugar levels can work miracles not just for weight loss, but also for completely avoiding every complication of type 2 diabetics and sometimes for reversing the disease altogether. Even better, the secret to controlling your blood sugar levels is not some esoteric diet of foods you do not really want to eat. The secret to controlling your blood sugar levels and later losing weight lies in controlling the cravings that send your appetite out of control. Finding reliable information for treating type 2 diabetes practically requires a diabetes detective. Nurse Beverleigh Piepers and bestselling author Robert Rister combine tens of thousands of hours of one-on-one experience with type 2 diabetics with an in-depth understanding of the latest scientific advances to give you the simple techniques you need to make your choice of diet work for you to get your type 2 diabetes into control. Learn the simple techniques your doctor usually does not have time to tell you in Staying on Your Diabetes Diet. Contents: Chapter 1. Test, Test, and Test Some More. A short-term program of intensive testing of your blood sugar levels may reveal that your blood sugars respond less to carbohydrate and more to the stress induced by certain foods. Chapter 2. Treat Low Blood Sugars. The ravages of appetite are sometimes prevented with just a tiny amount of “forbidden” carbohydrate. Chapter 3. Eat One Meal at a Time. The perils of three-hour diets and the promises of eating all you want of the right foods at the right time are revealed. Chapter 4. Be Sure to Eat Enough Carbohydrate. Type 2 diabetics have a special relationship with carbohydrate that usually can’t be fixed by avoiding carbohydrate entirely. Chapter 5. Don’t Eat Too Much Protein. The surprising, counterintuitive relationship between too much protein and blood sugar levels is explained. Chapter 6. Fight Fat with the Right Fat. Eating the right kinds of fat in the right ratios may not only help you lose weight, quickly, but more importantly also preserve pancreatic function. Chapter 7. Be Sure to Eat Your Water. Certain common foods ease appetite and make diabetes control much easier. Water content is key. Chapter 8. Rate Your Plate. There’s a simple way to avoid losing diabetes control and parties and buffets. Chapter 9. Keep Temptation Out of Sight. Out of sight, out of mind has a different meaning in the context of type 2 diabetes. Chapter 10. Make Every Bite Mouth-Watering. Nerve damage from diabetes can also affect the taste buds. Simple fixes can make the foods on your diet far more appealing. Don’t settle for advice that is appropriate to someone else’s case of diabetes. Discover the techniques that work for you to keep type 2 diabetes in control with STAYING ON YOUR DIABETES DIET.


    Controlling Fluctuations of Diabetes Blood Glucose, Healing and Preventing Nerve Damage with Baby’s Milk

    This book is based on the author’s personal experience with Type II Diabetes and its effects on her body.
    After strictly adhering to the recommended regimen of daily blood draws, medication and extreme dietary adjustments over the course of many years, Leonida Lidman still found herself in great physical and emotional pain.
    It was only with the discovery of baby’s milk and the solution to the sudden fluctuations of blood glucose that she was able to regain much of the physical energy she enjoyed before diabetes afflicted and tortured her body.
    Intermingling personal observations of her ailments with medical information copied verbatim from books and leaflets given to her at medical appointments, the author gives a thorough overview of the definitions, side effects and treatment options involved in dealing with diabetes. The author hopes readers will come away with a firm understanding of the disasters that diabetes can wreck on the human body, why these side effects occur, and with solutions to potentially live pain-free lives.

    About the Author:
    Mrs. Leonida Lidman received an M.A. in Education from the University of The Philippines and an M.S. in Human Resources Management from the New School for Social Research, New School University, Fifth Avenue, New York City, in 1987.
    She also graduated in 2009 with an advanced writing course from The Long Ridge Writers’ Group School, Long Ridge, West Redding, Connecticut.
    Her work experiences include being a college instructor in the Philippines; Training Supervisor for Comprehensive Community Health Programs at the University of The Philippines, Bay, Los Baños, Laguna. She also served as Commissioner of the Newark Senior Citizens Commission and Program Coordinator for the Office on Aging, Newark Housing Authority, in Newark New Jersey from 1987 to 1989. She was a City Council President’s awardee for distinguished community service on behalf of the city’s elderly. She has also written various articles and is a published author.
    She is also a recipient of U.S. Patent #4,680,179, a fruit-flavored coconut water-based liqueur with no added sugar and no preservatives.
    She has also done volunteer work with the Executive Planning Committee of The United Way, Essex County, New Jersey and coordinated the recruitment of retired senior volunteers (RSVP Program) for the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Essex County, New Jersey and others.


    The best diet for controlling your blood sugar.(DIABETES): An article from: Focus on Healthy Aging

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    Title: The best diet for controlling your blood sugar.(DIABETES)
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    Publication: Focus on Healthy Aging (Magazine/Journal)
    Date: May 1, 2009
    Publisher: Belvoir Media Group, LLC
    Volume: 12 Issue: 5 Page: 5(1)

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    Reverse Diabetes Forever: Your Ultimate Guide to Controlling Your Blood Sugar

    The only guide you’ll ever need to mastering diabetes, once and for all. In this comprehensive book, you’ll find the latest science and expert advice that enables you-at long last-to take control. You’ll learn how to shop, cook, and eat. Learn how to transform your favorite comfort foods into delectable, diet-friendly meals (your family won’t know you’ve changed a thing) that’ll get you out of the kitchen-fast. Plus, you’ll discover more than 50 quick, easy, exciting recipes so that you’ll never be bored at mealtime again. More good news: You’ll find all your favorite foods on your new plan-from satisfying stews and casseroles, to exciting new side dishes (yes, even French fries!) to luscious, show stopping desserts.

    Beyond learning to eat well, defeating diabetes means learning how to be more active. It’s easier than you think! You’ll learn how to integrate movement into your daily activities with simple, expert tips. Then cherry-pick from our menu of easy exercises until you’ve created a 15-minute workout that will tone and strengthen you all over. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll find the energy you thought you’d lost forever- and surprise! Your blood sugar numbers will start creeping back down.

    What’s more, you’ll come to understand what an insidious partner stress can be. It actually raises blood sugar and lowers your mood, making eating and moving more healthfully a nearly insurmountable challenge. So you’ll learn how to defeat stress with smart tips for sleeping more soundly (sleep is the top stress-busting secret of all time). You’ll also find scores of smart new tips for putting a limit on your daily stresses.


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