Viaguard Complete Genetic Scan. “A Genetic Mri of Your Tissues and Organs”. Order Our Easy to Use Dual Cheek Swab Dna Sample Collection Kit. You Can Sample Yourself in a Few Minutes in the Privacy of Your Own Home and Return the Dna Samples to Our Lab for Processing. A Detailed Report Will Be Available in 20-25 Days. Lab Fees Not Included. See Key Product Features. All Shipments Are Made in Unmarked EMS or Brown Envelopes. See Images.


Breast Cancer,Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease,Colorectal Cancer,Asthma,Ovarian Cancer,Rheumatoid Arthritis,Pancreatic Cancer,Ulcerative Colitis,Prostate Cancer,Chronic Lymphoma, Leukemia,
Alzheimer’s Disease,Brain Cancer/Glioma,Heart Attack,Abnormal Aortic Aneurism,Hypertension,Atrial Fibrillation,Crohn’s Disease,Brain Aneurism,Type 1 Diabetes,Celiac Disease,Type 2 Diabetes,Bladder Cancer,
Chronic Kidney Disease,Basal Cell Carcinoma,Multiple Sclerosis,Hemochromatosis,Systematic Lupus Erythematosus, Thyroid Cancer,
Venous Thromboembolism,Testicular Cancer,Gout,Alcohol-flush Reaction,
Age Related Macular Degeneration,Bitter Taste Perception,Lung Cancer,Gallstones,Lactose Intolerance,Obesity,Chronic Kidney Disease,Kidney Stones,Nicotine Dependence,Restless Leg Syndrome,Eye Colour Exfoliation Glaucoma,Male Pattern Baldness,Psoriasis Essential Tremor,Detected Mutant Genes

Product Features

  • Early warning of your genetic risk for over 47 diseases including most cancers. See product description.
  • Your comprehensive report includes steps to mitigate potential problems
  • Based on research by the world’s leading geneticists
  • Lab fees of $1850 due with submission of samples


Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats

Now completely updated and revised, this is an expanded edition of the classic natural pet-care book by veterinarian Richard H. Pitcairn and his wife Susan Pitcairn– both renowned specialists in chemical-free nutrition, treatment and natural healing for pets. Written with the warmth and compassion that have won the Pitcairns a nationwide following, this guide will help you select the most compatible dog or cat for your own lifestyle– and show you how to provide the very best in companionship, healing, nutrition and lifelong care. Since its publication more than a decade ago, the Pitcairns’ book has become the definitive guide to a natural lifestyle for dogs and cats.

A comprehensive, thorough reference, this pet-lover’s companion will tell you:

* How to choose a healthy animal
* Dozens of recipes for delicious, economical, healthful pet food– with completely updated tables, charts and nutritional guidelines
* How to give your pet a checkup
* What’s really in pet foods– and which ones to avoid to ensure your pet’s best health
* Special diets for special pets
* A guide to handling emergencies that includes techniques for external heart massage, artificial respiration and control of bleeding

An in-depth, alphabetical “Quick Reference” section that gives specific instructions for preventing, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of animal diseases and disorders– from abscesses, allergies and behavior problems to vaccination risks, weight problems and worms. The Pitcairns’ approach is drug-free and holistic– with special attention to homeopathic and alternative remedies and treatments.

A classic natural pet-care book from two celebrated veterinary specialists in chemical-free nutrition, treatment, and natural healing for pets, Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats offers valuable natural and holistic advice on a host of pet topics, including, but not limited to, diet, exercise, environment, coping with a pet’s death, and how to care for a sick animal. In addition to their thorough discussion of the above, Richard Pitcairn, D.V.M., and his wife, Susan Hubble Pitcairn, M.S., offer a comprehensive “quick reference” section on animal illnesses, organized alphabetically and including a brief description of each illness, preventative measures that may be taken, and holistic and natural treatment options for both dogs and cats–treatments that should always be discussed with one’s vet before being used. Occasional line drawings, informative graphs, and the Pitcairn’s intelligent prose make this guide a must-have for pet owners interested in a natural lifestyle for their pets.


Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Levels

Bernstein (Diabetes Type Two, Prentice Hall, 1990), a Type I diabetic, begins his book with testimonials from 14 patients praising his methods for controlling diabetes. His most radical departure from established medical practice is his diet plan, which recommends high fat, high protein, and a minimum of carbohydrates advice that conflicts with that given by the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association. Bernstein’s exercise regimen also differs from standard practice by advocating anaerobic over aerobic exercise. There is a brief overview of diabetes, and specific supplies and brand names of products for diabetes are recommended. Sick days, the emotional challenges of the disease, pregnancy, and sex are either not included or barely mentioned. Richard Beaser’s The Joslin Guide to Diabetes (LJ 7/95) is a far superior choice. Janet M. Schneider, James A. Haley Veterans Hosp., Tampa, Fla.
Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.


American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 3rd Edition

A lifetime of sound, easy, and positive advice on healthy eating from the world’s foremost authority on food and nutrition

This brand-new edition of the bestselling, award-winning American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide offers the most up-to-date nutrition information for the whole family. It’s packed with simple, practical tips and flexible guidelines designed to help you choose nutritious, flavorful, and convenient foods to suit your needs and lifestyle at any age. This fully revised guide features:
* The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans from USDA and USHHS, providing science-based advice on food choices and physical activity for your health
* New, helpful information about fitting fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other nutrient-rich foods into your everyday meals and snacks
* Updated information on women’s health and nutrition, from pregnancy to menopause, as well as heart disease, breast cancer, and more
* Food and lifestyle advice on preventing and managing health conditions (including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease), on food-drug interactions, and on food allergies and intolerances (including gluten intolerance)
* The latest on food and water safety, how to protect against foodborne illness, and how to prepare for emergencies
* Help in making smart food choices in restaurants: fast-food, sit-down, and ethnic restaurants
* Smart vegetarian eating
* Facts about functional foods (soy, flaxseed, probiotics), phytonutrients (lycopene, isoflavones), omega-3s, and more
* The latest on eating and hydration for peak physical performance
* Up-to-date consumer information on food labeling, allergen labeling, and health claims
* Quick, easy ways to blend nutrition with great taste for your family table
* Help in finding reliable online nutrition information

American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide has received the National Health Information Award and the National Federation of Press Women Award, among others.

A lifetime of sound, easy, and positive advice on healthy eating from the world’s foremost authority on food and nutrition

This brand-new edition of the bestselling, award-winning American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide offers the most up-to-date nutrition information for the whole family. It’s packed with simple, practical tips and flexible guidelines designed to help you choose nutritious, flavorful, and convenient foods to suit your needs and lifestyle at any age. This fully revised guide features:
* The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans from USDA and USHHS, providing science-based advice on food choices and physical activity for your health
* New, helpful information about fitting fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other nutrient-rich foods into your everyday meals and snacks
* Updated information on women’s health and nutrition, from pregnancy to menopause, as well as heart disease, breast cancer, and more
* Food and lifestyle advice on preventing and managing health conditions (including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease), on food-drug interactions, and on food allergies and intolerances (including gluten intolerance)
* The latest on food and water safety, how to protect against foodborne illness, and how to prepare for emergencies
* Help in making smart food choices in restaurants: fast-food, sit-down, and ethnic restaurants
* Smart vegetarian eating
* Facts about functional foods (soy, flaxseed, probiotics), phytonutrients (lycopene, isoflavones), omega-3s, and more
* The latest on eating and hydration for peak physical performance
* Up-to-date consumer information on food labeling, allergen labeling, and health claims
* Quick, easy ways to blend nutrition with great taste for your family table
* Help in finding reliable online nutrition information

American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide has received the National Health Information Award and the National Federation of Press Women Award, among others.


The Complete Guide To Home Freezing AND The Amazingly Delicious Home Freezing Recipes Cookbook

The Complete Guide To Home Freezing AND The Amazingly Delicious Home Freezing Recipes Cookbook is available on your Kindle or you can download it to your computer with Amazon’s FREE Kindle application for PC.

The Complete Guide To Home Freezing AND The Amazingly Delicious Home Freezing Recipes Cookbook is going to be your amazing, quick and easy guide into the wonderful world of Home Freezing with good recipes for frozen meals. Home Freezing is the safest and most economical method to preserve your delicious foods, scrumptious recipes, and tasty meals to freeze ahead. You can make your very own frozen meals recipes fast and easy with the frozen recipes and frozen meals guides in this awesome book.

Polly Ann Lewis, the awesome author of the Amazing Cookbooks From Around The World Series, is presenting this culinary delight on home freezing for all the cooks and chefs in the world who have and are experiencing the joy of cooking and the joy of home freezing. When it comes to life, joy, family, and food, Polly Ann conveys to us, through her wonderful array of cookbooks and genealogy books, “that it’s all about the passion!” If you are passionate about something, it will certainly shine forth as it has in Polly Ann’s books.

This book has a complete table of contents and each chapter and recipe is linked for your convenience and pleasure and covers a host of subjects such as:

How To Use Your Freezer To Freeze Delicious Recipes Meals To Freeze Ahead
How To Quick Freeze For Best Results (Learn the secret to how to preserve your good foods in the freezer to taste just like they did when you cooked them)
Easy To Understand Home Freezing Instructions!
Discover The Wonderful World Of Home Freezing
Quick And Easy Delicious Home Freezing Good Recipes!
Quick And Easy Preparation Guide For Home Freezing!
Awesome Home Freezing Timetables For Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, Fish, and Seafood! Using Organic Fruits And Vegetables For Home Freezing And Growing Your Own
Step-By-Step Home Freezing Guides For Some Of Your Favorite Foods!
Learn Exactly How To Wrap Your Good Frozen Foods For Quick Freezing
Learn Which Freezing Container or Wrap Is Best For Your Quick Freezing Foods
How To Freeze Vegetables And Fruits
How To Freeze Meats
Good Frozen Meals Recipes
Meals To Freeze Ahead
How To Preserve Foods And Good Frozen Recipes For Freezing In Your Freezer Quickly And Easily
Find Out Which Foods Don’t Freeze Well

Learn How To Prepare And Freeze Good Frozen Delicious Jams and Jellies Quick-As-A-Wink such as:
Good Frozen Recipe Apple Jelly
Good Frozen Recipe Grape Jelly
Good Frozen Recipe Orange Jelly
Good Frozen Recipe Blackberry Jelly
Good Frozen Recipe Apricot Jam
Good Frozen Recipe Blackberry Jam
Good Frozen Recipe Cherry Jam
Good Frozen Recipe Strawberry Jam

In this brand new book on home freezing, The Complete Guide To Home Freezing AND The Amazingly Delicious Home Freezing Recipes Cookbook, you will discover some of the absolutely most delicious good frozen meal recipes that you will ever prepare for your family. Simply cook, cool, pack in freezer containers of your choice, label, freeze, and enjoy later!

How would you like to go to your freezer and have on hand these absolutely delicious good frozen meals ready for you to heat and eat! You will have on hand right in your very own freezer delicious good frozen meals such as: French Fried Potatoes, Holiday Pumpkin Pie, Boston Baked Beans, Green And Red Pepper Relish, Blue Berry Pie Filling, Double Chocolate Cream Pie, Cherry Pie Filling, Chicken Cacciatore, Polly’s own Chunky Vegetables Chili and Pasta Sauce, Sandwiches, Slow Cooker Beef and Chicken with Broth, and an array of other delicious mouth watering frozen vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, and seafood.


Why you’re fat – A complete guide to the ketogenic diet

Learn The Secrets Of The Ketogenic Diet!

Can you really get fit without hard exercise and eating like a health freak?

Dr. Norman L. Craiger , best-selling author and weight loss guru proves you can in his new book, Why you’re fat : A complete guide to the ketogenic diet. And, believe it or not, you can lose this weight while eating some of the most satisfying foods on the planet. It’s short and to the point. No useless filler like most weight loss books, this book you can read in less than 20 minutes… And it is perfect for people who do not have all day to exercise. In fact, on this diet no exercise is required… AT ALL!

This book will show you:

That you can burn fat while resting, and burn fat while you are on the computer or watching tv!

What satisfying foods you can eat as much as you want of, and not gain weight!

How you can lose weight with no equipment, and very little changes to your daily routine!

How you can eat UNTIL YOU ARE 100% FULL, and absolutely melt the pounds off!


Glucerna 1.2 Cal complete balanced nutrition snack shake can, Vanilla – 8 Oz, 24/Case

Glucerna 1.2 Cal complete balanced nutrition snack shake can is a specialized calorically-dense formula with a unique carbohydrate blend for enhanced glycemic control, and fish oil. It is clinically shown to blunt postprandial glycemic response, and thus help improve blood glucose control. For patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.


2010 Conquering Diabetes – The Empowered Patient’s Complete Reference – Diagnosis, Treatment Options, Prognosis (Two CD-ROM Set)

This up-to-date and comprehensive set of two CD-ROM discs provides a superb collection of authoritative documents on the subject of diabetes. Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose, or sugar, levels are too high. Glucose comes from the foods you eat. Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose get into your cells to give them energy. With Type 1 diabetes, your body does not make insulin. With Type 2 diabetes, the more common type, your body does not make or use insulin well. Without enough insulin, the glucose stays in your blood. Over time, having too much glucose in your blood can cause serious problems. It can damage your eyes, kidneys, and nerves. Diabetes can also cause heart disease, stroke and even the need to remove a limb. Pregnant women can also get diabetes, called gestational diabetes. For patients, practical information is provided in clearly written patient education documents. For medical professionals, doctor reference tools and texts have detailed technical information and clinical background material. There is no other reference that is as fast, convenient, and portable – everything you need to know, from the federal sources you trust. This thoroughly researched collection presents vital information from many authoritative sources: Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and others. In addition to the comprehensive disease-specific coverage, this disc set also includes our Medical Encyclopedia, a $19.95 value! The Encyclopedia presents a collection of official documents about a wide range of medical topics, diseases, illnesses, health and wellness. There is vital information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Cancer Institute, and more. Topics covered include: major diseases, including cancer, heart and vascular disease, stroke, blood diseases and disorders, lung diseases, and neurological disorders such as dementia and epilepsy * CDC Health Topics A to Z, Foodborne Illnesses, Infants and Children, Injuries, Occupational Health, Older Adults, Women * CDC Travelers’ Health – Destinations, Vaccinations, Diseases, Mosquito, Tick, Food, Water, Clinics, Yellow Book, Children, Airplanes, Cruise Ships, Special Needs, Relief Workers * Dietary Guidelines * NIH A to Z from abnormalities to X-rays. Since navigating the Internet to find additional non-governmental medical information can be confusing, we’ve also provided our exclusive “Guide to Leading Medical Websites” with updated links to 67 of the best sites for medical information! Built-in weblinks let you quickly check for the latest clinical updates directly from the government and the best commercial portals, news sites, reference/textbook/non-commercial portals, and health organizations.


How To Prevent Control & Cure Diabetes, Second Edition: A Complete Guide and Meal Planner to Live a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life

This revised edition of Lifetime Books’ best-seller is the most authoritative, as well as user friendly, handbook on diabetes.


Weight Watchers New 365-Day Menu Cookbook: Complete Meals for Every Day of the Year

One of the biggest challenges in weight loss and maintenance is planning new menus that keep you on a healthful food plan, and that are also varied and appealing. Now the experts at Weight Watchers serve up an entire year of delicious menus that will help readers enjoy the process as well. The book features a main dish recipe for every day of the year, and a full day’s menu built around that recipe, plus complete nutritional counts and Weight Watchers Selection Information. Designed to give readers more freedom of choice, Weight Watchers New 365-Day Menu Cookbook will make healthful eating easier and tastier than ever.


Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

Richard Bernstein is a legendary figure in the diabetic community, an engineer who developed a revolutionary new method of treating his own diabetes in the 1970s — and then entered medical school at age forty-five so he could help other diabetics. Despite initial opposition from the medical establishment, Dr. Bernstein’s method, which calls for the careful monitoring and control of blood sugar levels, has become the standard treatment for the disease.

Now Dr. Bernstein distills all of his personal experience and medical expertise — and presents a unique resource book that is destined to become the bible for diabetics everywhere. Covering both adult- and childhood-onset diabetes, this is the only guide that details the Bernstein method, explaining step-by-step how to normalize blood’ sugar levels and prevent or reverse complications. Complete with up-to-the-minute information on blood-testing devices and new types of insulin as well as fifty gourmet recipes and a comprehensive discussion of diet, obesity, and new drugs to curb carbohydrate craving, Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution is the one book every diabetic must own.


The Everything Guide to Managing and Reversing Pre-Diabetes: Your Complete Guide to Treating Pre-Diabetes Symptoms (Everything®)

Your ten-week plan to avoid the onset of diabetes!

A diagnosis of pre-diabetes is certainly a wakeup call, but it is not a life sentence of daily medication and having to live without your favorite foods. Managing pre-diabetes is about common sense and moderation, not deprivation. The Everything Guide to Managing and Reversing Pre-Diabetes, 2nd Edition can help you find ways to alter your lifestyle and avoid type 2 diabetes. Inside, you’ll find helpful tips on lifestyle changes, along with recipes for delicious, healthy meals your whole family will love, like:

  • Buttermilk pancakes
  • Rich and creamy sausage-potato soup
  • Soy and ginger flank steak
  • Grilled haddock with peach-mango salsa
  • Walnut chicken with plum sauce
  • Kasha-stuffed red peppers
  • Cranberry pecan biscotti
  • Chocolate cheesecake mousse

This trusted resource also includes a ten-week plan to help you see results immediately. Certified Diabetes Educator Gretchen Scalpi also provides you with techniques for helping children with pre-diabetes gain control of their health. With this expert guide, you can recognize unhealthy behaviors and eating habits–and stop diabetes in its tracks!


American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes

The most complete self-care guide available from the leaders in diabetes information

The most up-to-date information on:

• New Diabetes Drugs and Insulin
• Achieving Blood Sugar Control
• Preventing Complications
• Handling Emergencies
• Testing
• Using a Meter
• Insulin Pumps
• Nutrition
• Exercise
• Sexuality
• Pregnancy
• Insurance
• And Much, Much More

The American Diabetes Association — the nation’s leading health organization supporting diabetes research, information, and advocacy — has revised this one-volume sourcebook to bring you all the information you need to live an active, healthy life with diabetes.

This comprehensive home reference gives you information on the best self-care techniques and latest medical breakthroughs. No matter what type of diabetes you have, this extraordinary guide will answer all your questions.

Find out how to:

• Choose the best health-care team for you
• Maintain tight control over blood glucose levels
• Buy, use, and store insulin
• Recognize warning signs of low blood sugar
• Design an effective exercise and weight-loss plan
• Save money on supplies
• Maximize insurance coverage
• Balance family demands and diabetes
• And more


American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes: The Ultimate Home Reference from the Diabetes Experts

This one-volume sourcebook contains all the information needed to live an active, healthy life with diabetes. Complete revised in 2005, this home reference contains information on the best self-care techniques and the latest medical advances.


The Complete Book of Diabetic Cooking: The Essential Guide For Diabetics With An Expert Introduction To Nutrition And Healthy Eating – Plus 150 … Step-By-Step In 700 Fabulous Photographs

A complete guide to living with diabetes with advice on managing the condiiton, alleviating the symptoms, controlling your weight and reducing medication, with a fantastic collection of tempting but healthy recipes


Ross Glucerna Complete, Balanced Nutrition Vanilla Shake for People with Diabetes- 24/8 ounce Cans

Try the #1 doctor-recommended liquid nutritional product for people with diabetes. Taste the new and improved recipe and take Glucerna Shakes with you wherever you go. Tere’s a Glucerna product for any time, every day, as part of your diabetes management plan. A new and unique blend of carbohydrates clinically shown to help minimize blood sugar sikes. Offers 27 vitamins and minerals for Complete, Balanced Nutrition. Provides 100% of the Daily Value for vitamin C. An excellent source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids providing 400 mg/8 fl. oz. (25% of the 1.6g Daily Value) to help support circulatory and heart health. Only Glucerna Shakes contain chromium picolinate to help your body’s own insulin work better. Glucerna Shakes and Bars were awarded the 2007 ChefsBest Award for Best Taste. The ChefsBest Award for Best Taste is awarded to the brand rated highest overall among leading brands by independent professional chefs. Lactose and gluten-free 24/8 ounce cans.

Product Features

  • #1 doctor-recommended liquid nutritional product
  • Morning Meal – Enjoy a chilled Glucerna Shake at home or even on the way to work
  • Coffee Delight – Create a gourmet treat by flavoring your chilled Glucerna with instant coffee
  • Good-Night Goodies – Try a Shake as a great alternative to ice cream
  • 24/8 ounce Cans


The Complete Idiot’s Guide Glycemic Index Cookbook

Cook these recipes up-and keep blood sugar down.

With over 325 delicious and healthy recipes, The Complete Idiot’s Guide(r) to the Glycemic Index Cookbook is an invaluable reference for choosing foods according to their GI-a system of classifying carbohydrate-based foods by how much they raise blood sugar. Diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease, and obesity may be avoided by following the glycemic index. Practical and easy to use, this is the one cookbook anyone concerned with their blood sugar will want to have in the kitchen.

*More than 325 recipes *Includes both the GI value and a GL (glycemic load) rating for each recipe *18 million people in the U.S. have type 2 diabetes and the number is growing


Naturally Complete European Whey All Natural Hormone Free Protein Vanilla Cream 25 oz. Servings Per Container: 72 – Antibiotic Free – Meadow Fed – Low-Temp Micro Filtered Easy-Mix Formula – (This product is free of wheat, gluten, egg, fish, shellfish, peanut, tree nuts, yeast, soy protein, MSG, GMO, artificial color, artificial flavor, and preservatives). GMP Certified. Restore your pH….Alkalize….Energize!

Naturally Complete is the purest, most bio-active, hormone free whey protein in the world. Our protein is all-natural and made exclusively with whey from European, considered the highest quality and finest source of protein on Earth. Naturally Complete European Whey Protein is: Hormone Free, From cows not given bST or rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormones). Antibiotic Free – 100% derived from cows that are pasture fed in chemical and pesticide-free fields (Not grain fed). Minimally processed to preserve maximum health benefits. Micro-filtered to remove unwanted lactose and milk solids. Every batch is tested to insure safety and purity.
European Whey is produced via a carefully controlled process guaranteeing a pure, fresh, undenatured protein that retains maximum health benefits. Pesticide and chemical-free pastures. Processed without heat to protect the protein’s bio-availability. Naturally Alkalizing – Low Calorie, Low Sodium & only 1 gm. of Sugar. Blood Sugar friendly, we use Stevia Leaf Extract. Exchange Value: One Scoop = 1 Egg or 1 oz. Meat or 1 oz. Fish. Exchange Value: Each scoop (10g) of Whey Protein provides 7grams of highly bio-available protein and represents one lean to very lean meat exchange unit as established by the American Dietetic Association. One meat exchange unit is equivalent to one egg, one ounce of meat or one ounce of fish. According to the Food and Nutrition Board, the Recommended Daily Value (RDV) is approximately 36g per 100 lbs of body weight. Activity levels should be considered. European Whey is a complete protein containing the following Amino Acids: Essential Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan & including Branched Chain Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine. Immune Enhancing and Healing Glutamic Acid. Full Spectrum of Non-Essential Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cysteine, Glycine, Histidine, Proline, Serine, & Tyrosine.

Product Features

  • Harvested from cows that graze in pesticide and chemical-free pastures
  • Processed without heat to protect the protein’s bio-availability
  • Naturally Alkalizing – Low Calorie, Low Sodium & 1 gm. Sugar
  • Exchange Value: One Scoop = 1 Egg or 1 oz. Meat or 1 oz. Fish
  • Blood Sugar friendly we use Stevia Leaf Extract


Medicordz Wall Mount Kit Green Complete Kit Includes Wall Mount, Two 3´ Modular Tubes, Padded Ankle Strap and Modular Handles with D-ring

MediCordz® Wall Mount Kit
Unique, adjustable, patent-pending mounting system
Constructed of high strength, heavy-duty nylon with metal attachments
Complete kit includes wall mount, two 3´ modular tubes, padded ankle strap and modular handles with D-ring
Green 8.0 – 24.0lb

Product Features

  • #1


Eucerin Complete Repair Emollient Lotion 10% Urea 400 ml

Eucerin Complete Repair Emollient Lotion 10% Urea is a body lotion with a rich texture, suitable for very dry, squamous and irritated skins.- It limits the insensitive losses of water- It reinforces the lipid barrier- It restores the natural hydration synthesis of skin.This care effectively soothes the signs of dry skin.With no fragrance, and no colouring, it offers an excellent cutaneous tolerance, even on atopic skins, suffering from xerose or on diabetic skin. Skin is smooth and supple again. Dryness, roughness and itchiness are soothed.


Diabetes: Your Complete Exercise Guide (Cooper Clinic and Research Institute Fitness Series)

If you have Type I or Type II diabetes, you can achieve real physical payoffs by making exercise a part of your routine. This book provides a safe and sensible exercise program that–used in conjunction with good nutrition and proper medication–will help you control your condition and improve your health and physical fitness.

In addition, you will find a clear explanation of the types of diabetes and their treatments, essentials on tailoring an effective exercise program to fit your capabilities, guidelines for safe exercise, four complete exercise programs, and a unique Health Points System to help you maintain motivation and gauge your progress.

This book also addresses the special needs of people with diabetes by providing information on preventing blood-sugar emergencies before, during, and after exercise; adjusting diet and insulin regimens to exercise; ensuring proper foot care; and more.

Diabetes: Your Complete Exercise Guide offers a safe and effective exercise program that will help you control your condition and will set you on a lifelong course of improved health and fitness.

This book is part of The Cooper Clinic and Research Institute Fitness Series–the first series to provide an exercise rehabilitation alternative for people with chronic medical conditions. Other topics in the series include arthritis, chronic fatigue, breathing disorders, and stroke. The author, Dr. Neil F. Gordon, is the director of exercise physiology at The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas and is widely regarded as a leading expert on exercise and health.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Diabetes, 2nd Edition

The answers to an epidemic-now updated.

The millions of people diagnosed with diabetes can learn how to live a healthy, normal life with this guide. It teaches readers how to explore all of the available treatments, monitor and manage blood glucose levels, recognize warning signs of low blood sugar, buy, use, and store insulin, make new diet and lifestyle choices, incorporate daily exercise, and avoid long and short-term complications.

*Includes the first-ever released American Diabetes Association official dietary Guidelines
*Updated content on new medications and monitors
*More information for those who have become insulin resistant or have pre-diabetes


Complete Measuring Set for Home-Canning Procedures. Electronic Kitchen Scale and Bowl, easy to use, with Warranty.

This electronic weighing scale is perfect for virtually any item you can think of, and has been used within the home as well as by professionals. TARE function allows you to reset the scale to ‘0.00’ units while in use–ideal when measuring powders, liquids, grains & more. The clear plastic bowl is durable, removable and easy to clean. The high-contrast LCD display makes it very easy to read in any setting. Scale comes in BLACK, and measure 9.5″ x 6.75″ x 1.5″; LCD screen measures 2″ x 1″. I assure you… You’ll love this measuring utensil. Also makes a great holiday or birthday present.

Product Features

  • Perfect for weighing fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients for canning… provides absolutely consistency when measuring portions/servings
  • Allows you to choose from TWO (2) separate weighing modes: Grams or Ounces
  • Capacity x Accuracy: 5000 Grammes x 1g; 177 Ounces x 0.1 oz
  • Includes electronic scale, 20 oz measuring bowl, batteries, gift box, instructions manual, professional pre-calibration & LIFETIME WARRANTY!
  • Excellent addition to your home canning supplies… also used for wine-making, and various other culinary specialties


The Complete Diabetic Diet: Small Changes Big Results – How a Special Diabetic Diet Can Help You in Prevention, Management and Reversal of Diabetes

It is an unfortunate fact that cases of diabetes are on a sharp rise while in most cases, the disease can actually be prevented, managed or even reversed through simple lifestyle changes. Taking the deliberate act of managing your lifestyle in order to conquer diabetes does not necessarily mean living a life of deprivation. Even though eating the correct foods in important, you can still enjoy some of the foods you really love without necessarily living on bland food. This book is going to give you tips and ideas on how to get maximum pleasure from your food without feeling deprived or going hungry.

Are you looking take control of your life? If you are then this is the book for you. In “The Complete Diabetic Diet: Small Changes Big Results – How a Special Diabetic Diet Can Help You in Prevention, Management and Reversal of Diabetes” you will not only learn how to stay fit and healthy but will also learn:

Small changes, big results

How important is the Diabetic diet?

What type of diet is best for a diabetic?

Best foods for diabetic diet

Advantages and disadvantages of a controlled diabetic diet

Is a diabetic diet a good choice for healthy people?

Are glycemic index diet and diabetic diet the same?

Diabetic diet if you are allergic

Should I go on a diabetic diet in order to prevent diabetes?

What are the portion sizes for a diabetic diet?

Can a diabetic safely eat a vegetarian diet?

Managing your diabetic diet

How do I stick to my diabetic diet… is VERY hard!

What happens when diabetics don’t follow the correct dietary guidelines?

How do I stay away from sweets? I am having a hard time.

Should you change your diet if your partner is diabetic?

What is a good diabetic diet for me who overeats and craves sugars?

Diet Coke for Diabetic… Is it good?

Drinking alcohol and diabetic diet

Diabetic diet for different groups

Diabetic diet for young adults

Diabetic diet plan for elderly

Diabetic Diet for vegetarians

Diabetic diet guidelines for all ages

Diabetic diet and other diseases

Diabetes link with other diseases

High blood pressure and diabetic diet

Heart disease and diabetes

Diabetic Diet to lose weight

I am a diabetic (type 1) and have a hyperthyroid. What is the best way to gain weight?

Is there a diet a type 1 diabetic can survive on without insulin?

Diabetic diet for your pet



Complete Guide to Convenience Food Counts : Using Off-the-Shelf Foods to Create Delicious, Healthy Meals

With less and less time available to cook at home, more and more people are turning to alternative sources for meals. Diabetes Convenience Food Menus is packed with helpful information such as nutrition facts on pre-prepared and packaged meals commonly available at grocery and convenience stores; how to prepare balanced, healthy meals using convenience foods; and sample menus using convenience foods.


Syndrome X: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Insulin Resistance

You can feel great again!

“Syndrome X proactively lays out a nutritious, tasty, and simple diet plan to get us back to the basics of healthy nutrition.”-Lendon H. Smith, M.D., New York Times bestselling author of Feed Your Body Right

“Syndrome X is the best new book to help you understand the facts about nutrition, health, and aging. . . . It is full of new information and insights most readers have never had access to before. Everyone who values his or her health will want to read the book and then individualize the program to suit his or her needs-the authors have made this easier than ever to do.”-Richard A. Kunin, M.D., author of Mega-Nutrition

What is Syndrome X? It’s a resistance to insulin-the hormone needed to burn food for energy-combined with high cholesterol or triglycerides, high blood pressure, or too much body fat. Syndrome X ages you prematurely and significantly increases your risk of heart disease, hypertension, obesity, eye disease, nervous system disorders, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and other age-related diseases.

Syndrome X is the first book to tell you how to fight the epidemic disorder that is derailing the health of nearly a third of North Americans. It outlines a complete three-step program-including easy-to-follow diets, light physical activity, and readily available vitamins and nutritional supplements-that will safeguard you against developing Syndrome X or reverse it if you already have it.If you’re aging prematurely, getting fatter, feeling sluggish, and watching your blood pressure and cholesterol sneak upwards, you may have “Syndrome X,” claim the authors, who say that up to 60 million North Americans have it. “Syndrome X is primarily a nutritional disease caused by eating the wrong foods,” they write. The mysterious-sounding “Syndrome X” refers to a group of health problems including insulin resistance (“the inability to properly deal with dietary carbohydrates such as sugars”), plus at least one additional problem, such as abnormal blood fats (elevated cholesterol or triglycerides), overweight, and/or high blood pressure. Insulin resistance is “a diet-caused hormonal logjam that interferes with your body’s ability to efficiently burn the food you eat.” According to the authors, you probably have this problem, and if you do, eating processed carbohydrates are the root of it. Pastries, pastas, breakfast cereals, soft drinks–these refined carbos are the enemy. The book warns you that you probably suffer from insulin resistance (please get a blood test instead of relying on the admittedly unscientific questionnaire in the book, which makes everyone suspect who eats cereal or drinks fruit juice). Then the authors jump on the high-protein, low carb bandwagon. You can eat three eggs for breakfast, roast duck for lunch, and salmon for dinner, and snack on chicken slices.

It seems odd that if the problem is refined carbs that the solution is high protein and low carbs. The authors admit that most unrefined, or complex, carbohydrates do not have the excessive glucose- and insulin-stimulating effect of refined carbs, so why not recommend high-quality, unrefined carbohydrates (which are preferred over high-protein diets by the American Dietetic Association)? Consumers can’t tell the difference, the authors say. So rather than educate them to the difference, let them eat meat. Go figure.


Complete Diabetic Foot Care Education

This replica shows the distal end of the foot with an invasive wound on the bottom of foot and surface inflammation around the big toe and second toe. Life-size foot is constructed of soft, lifelike material with flexible toes. The Common Diabetic Foot Problems TearPadTM explains common diabetic foot problems in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Just tear off a sheet and send it home with your diabetic client so they can study and learn how to care for their feet. Emphasizes eating properly and keeping blood glucose under control. The front side explains common foot problems and the back side gives tips on how to care for feet, highlighting some of the dos and don’ts.

Product Features

  • A comprehensive kit for teaching about common foot problems and proper foot care.
  • Includes Nasco’s Common Foot Problems Display, Life/form® Unhealthy Foot Care Kit, and Nasco’s Common Diabetic Foot Problems TearPadTM.
  • The Common Foot Problems Display is an incredibly realistic, life-size, hand-painted Life/form® foot replica molded from an actual human foot.
  • Abnormalities include bunion, callus, corn, inflamed toenail, open sore, and dry, cracked skin. Great for use when working with diabetic patients.
  • The Unhealthy Foot Care Kit includes a hand-painted Life/form® foot replica to help teach the importance of proper foot care and nutrition to people with diabetes.


L-Arginine Complete 5000mg of L-Arginine & 1000mg of L-Citrulline, The Nitric Oxide Cardio Health Supplement for Men and Women

Based on the Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough of Dr. Louis Ignarro we present to you the MIRACLE MOLECULE “Nitric Oxide.” In the body Arginine converts to Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide helps relax blood vessels and improve circulation. Evidence also shows that Arginine may help increase blood flow in the arteries. This improved blood flow may help improve chest pain, clogged arteries and coronary artery disease. Because of the relaxed arteries and added blood flow there may be benefits which assist in erectile dysfunction. Other possible health benefits may include lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Why Take L-Arginine Complete?
L-Arginine is an Amino Acid that produces Nitric Oxide for men’s and women’s Heart and Cardiovascular System. The Nitric Oxide softens arteries, increases blood flow, creating more energy, better immunity to infections, and making men and women feel younger. Men and women who have tried L-Arginine Complete will agree that Nitric Oxide Vitamin Supplements are vital to their health and performance. Doses of L-Citrulline also provide sexual enhancement in women.

What Doses of L-Arginine Complete are Sufficient?
Men and women only need the recommended daily doses to get meaningful benefits from L-Arginine Complete. L-Arginine Complete contains 5,000 mg of L-Arginine and 1,000 mg of L-Citrulline. We do not lower the doses of these critical amino acids to save money like other manufactures.

Other Ingredients
L-Arginine Complete also contains: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Magnesium and Chromium Polynicotinate.
L-Arginine Complete, Health Benefits:
L-Arginine converts to Nitric Oxide in the body which may possibly help in the fight against heart disease and stroke by:

Expanding Blood Vessels.
Controlling Platelet function
Reducing arterial plaque
Lowering total cholesterol

Product Features

  • Formulated based on Dr. Ignarro’s Nobel Prize winning research on Nitric Oxide
  • Lower Cholesterol Levels and Blood Pressure
  • Enhance Sexual Performance & Libido for Men and Women
  • Helps Diabetes with increased blood flow and nueropathy
  • 5000 mg L-Arginine and 1000 mg L-Citrulline per serving – FREE SHIPPING


DIABETES MELLITUS: An entry from UXL’s UXL Complete Health Resource

This digital document is an article from UXL Complete Health Resource, brought to you by Gale®, a part of Cengage Learning, a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses. The length of the article is 2239 words. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser. This award-winning resource covers the causes symptoms, diagnoses, tests, treatments and prognoses of 140 health problems; the main systems of the human body, including the circulatory system, the endocrine system, special senses and much more; and a detailed examination of nutrition, and medical and mental health issues.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Terrific Diabetic Meals

Diabetic-friendly recipes the whole family will love!

From appetizers to desserts and everything in-between, here are 300 easy-to- prepare recipes for diabetics that can be made from everyday household ingredients—and the entire family can enjoy. Food categories include Mexican, Italian, Pan-Asian, fish, poultry, lean beef and pork entrees; appetizers, snacks, side dishes, breads, and desserts; and fruits, vegetables, soups, salads, pastas, and breads.

• First diabetic cookbook to use the new glycemic index for all recipes
• 300 recipes—far more than others on the market
• 6.5% of the U.S. population has diabetes
• World Health Organization is predicting the number of people with diabetes to double from 140 million to 300 million by 2025


The Complete and Up-to-Date Carb Book: A Guide to Carb, Calorie, Fiber, and Sugar Content

The Complete & Up-to-Date Carb Book is the next generation in carb management, providing a quick, comprehensive way for savvy dieters to take control of their food intake and smartly manage their health. By learning how to calculate their net carb intake, dieters will not fall prey to the popular fads in dieting today. Bellerson includes information on calories, fiber and sugar grams, and total carb numbers for brand-name and generic foods, fast foods, processed and prepared foods, as well as natural foods and snacks. In all, there are more than 20,000 entries ranging from A to Z.

The introductory material explains the glycemic index and how to use it, and the importance of fiber and sugars in calculating carbohydrate values. The strategies outlined here are easily compatible with The Zone, South Beach, and other balanced diet plans.


Complete Medical 2667A Medium-Large 8-10 Diabetic Socks in White – Pair

** Product Options-> Color: White, Size: Medium/Large (8-10) ** BLACK * X-Large (10-13) Pair * Ideal for those who need special foot care * Extra wide to keep swollen feet warm at night and to protect and cover foot cream * 100% cotton/ machine wash/tumble dry * Color:

Product Features

  • Size: Medium – Large (8-10) Pair.
  • Ideal for those who need special foot care.
  • Extra wide to keep swollen feet warm at night and to protect and cover foot cream.
  • 100% cotton/ machine wash/tumble dry.
  • Color: White.


Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook

The Healthy Cook’s Best Kitchen Companion

Eating well and losing weight have never beeneasier—or more delicious! This comprehensive Weight Watchers cookbook is packed with more than 500 fresh and flavorful recipes for every meal and virtually every occasion. With countless cooking tips, helpful how-to’s, and sixty color photographs, Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook is the all-in-one kitchen resource you’ll turn to again and again for great ideas and inspiration.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner or something special to spice up a weekend brunch, you’ll find a variety of recipes to choose from on every page, ranging from classic comfort foods to zesty international dishes.

Throughout, Weight Watchers nutrition and cooking experts offer you simple, flexible ways to achieve your weight-loss goals without giving up favorite foods.

Here’s what is inside:

  • More than 500 healthy recipes, including Core Plan recipes and POINTS values for every recipe

  • Information on Weight Watchers’ popular Flex Plan

  • A brand-new holiday baking chapter, with recipes from around the world

  • Handy recipe icons (for Core Plan, 20 minutes or less, spicy, and 5 POINTS values or less)

  • Complete nutrition information—including trans fats

  • Valuable tips, how-to’s, substitutions, and leftover ideas

  • And much more

Selected Recipes from Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook

Nachos Grandes

Caramelized Onion, Fig, and Stilton Pizza

Portobello and Ham Bruschetta, Roasted Vegetable Crostini, and Caramelized Garlic Toasts


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Glycemic Index Weight Loss

The skinny on the glycemic index.

Research has proven that the best way to lose weight is to watch the glycemic load, which is measured by the glycemic index rating of each food. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Glycemic Index Weight Loss provides readers a solid foundation for understanding how and why a glycemic index diet works and controlling counts, along with activity and stress levels. Also includes recipes and a glycemic index.

• The perfect solution for anyone at risk for Type II diabetes or anyone ready for a change from the low-carb diet
• 64% of adults over the age of 20 in the US are overweight or obese
• Offers information on supplements, basic easy recipes, food lists, and sample meal plans
• A full appendix with glycemic index counts and loads for all sorts of foods


The Allergy and Asthma Cure: A Complete Eight-Step Nutritional Program

Free yourself of allergies and asthma once and for all with Dr. Pescatore’s breakthrough program

” Dr. Fred Pescatore’s The Allergy and Asthma Cure reveals a unique and revolutionary understanding of the underlying conditions of allergy and asthma-from food triggers to the environment to nutritional deficiencies. His integrative program of both alternative and traditional treatments can dramatically improve health and vitality, safely and soundly. This book will have a prominent place in my library and I highly recommend it! “
-Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S., author of the bestselling The Fat Flush Plan

“Conventional medicine has largely shrugged its shoulders in confusion about the causes of allergies and asthma in millions of people. In this book Dr. Fred Pescatore deals with the roots of these modern epidemics, drawing on his clinical experience, and he provides clear recommendations for turning back the tide and restoring health.”
– Jack Challem, author of the bestselling Syndrome X and The Inflammation Syndrome

“The Allergy and Asthma Cure is the book we have all been waiting for. Dr. Pescatore manages, in a concise manner, to summarize all the facts and presents a comprehensive healing guide that incorporates both conventional and alternative approaches. A must-read for those dealing with these issues.”
-Artur Spokojny, M.D., F.A.C.C., Medical Director of Integrative Medicine of Manhattan, Associate Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College

“I believe that The Allergy and Asthma Cure holds the key to understanding how nutritional medicine can really work for you. Allergies (from skin conditions to seasonal types) and asthma can be cured, not just held at bay. This book shows the way. Dr. Pescatore is truly a healer.”
-Roberta Flack, singer/songwriter

“I have seen firsthand how The Allergy and Asthma Cure has changed people’s lives for the better. I have started using his treatment protocols for my own patients with a remarkable success rate, and best of all with no side effects. Many of my patients are getting off their allergy and asthma medications completely. I strongly recommend this book to anyone with allergies or asthma.”
-Dana G. Cohen, M.D., board-certified, Internal Medicine

“This book is for anyone willing to give up his or her life as an asthmatic. I had tried every drug and treatment available and the asthma only got worse. Under Dr. Pescatore’s care, I began to see results within six weeks. It’s been over two years now living without an attack. His approach has changed the way I live.”
-Paul Goldman, patient


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