Lifetime Essentials Body Detox 60 Tabs Clean and Purify Internal Systems. Healthy Formula Supports Digestion, Nutrient Transfer, Waste Processing, Metabolic Functions, Toxic Drainage, Headaches, Exhaustion, Muscle Cramps, Alzheimer, Cardiovascular Disease, Brain Disorders, Cancer. It’s Necessary to Protect Yourself From Things That Harm the Liver Such As Carbohydrates, Overeating, Drug Residues, Alcohol, Mesticides, Lack of Excercise, Digestive Issues, Allergies, Constipation, Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and Infertility. Boosts Immune System.

A unique blend of ingredients recognized for their cleansing and detoxifying powers. Promotes your liver’s ability to filter out toxins and harmful contaminants for increased energy levels and better overall health. Each tablet contains: Calcium, Iodine, Fenugreek, Ginger, Dandelion, Fennel, Yarrow Flower, Green Tea, Hawthorn Berries, Red Clover Top, Tumeric, Red Raspberry, Skullcap, Burdock Root, Cranberry Extract, Chickweed, Papaya, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Yellow Dock, Alfalfa, Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase and Lactase. No side effects. 100% safe. 60 tablets.

Product Features

  • Supports Internal Detoxification
  • Helps Protect and Maintain Liver
  • Supports Metabolic Functions, Brain Disorders
  • Active Ingredients Help Combat Obesity
  • Immune System Booster


The Toe Towel **New Product** “Keep Your Toes & Feet Clean & Moisturized” Perfect For Diabetics & Anyone With Mobility Problems – Doctor Developed/Doctor Approved!

The Toe Towel allows you to maintain an exceptional level of cleanliness in your lower extremities without the strain and discomfort of bending, crouching or kneeling in a slippery tub or shower. It is extremely easy to use.

Each Washing & Drying towelette is treated to provide exceptional sanitary results.

Washing towelettes are soft terry cloth sleeves that are impregnated with our unique formula. Gently cleanse your skin of surface dirt, dead skin, and bacteria.

Drying/Moisturizing towelettes are impregnated with Vitamin E (a natural skin moisturizer and antimicrobial) and Aloe Vera (an antibacterial moisturizer) and Tee Tree Oil (a natural antifungal). As you dry between your toes and the surface of your feet, these agents work to prevent infection in those crucial areas where dry skin and infections moisture tend to build up.

Each towelette is designed to be used once and then thrown away.

Product Features

  • Safe, easy and efective way to clean and moisturize between your toes without bending!
  • Custom ergonomically designed long reach handle!
  • Anti Microbial/Anti Bacterial formulated towelettes!
  • Perfect for diabetics, people with disabilities and anyone with mobility problems!
  • Doctor developed & Doctor approved!


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