Choose Health – Live Longer (PAL)

Official Endorsements of this DVD

“Excellent! This DVD shows the amazing healing power of nature. I recommend it to everyone.” Emmanuel Tolessa, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, M.D., M.P.H., F.R.C.S.

“Simply wishing for good health is futile. One has to invest in knowledge and understanding, and this is exactly what this DVD contains.”
Merid Gebru, General Surgeon M.D., F.R.C.S.

In this DVD, Dr Mengistu examines much of the growing scientific evidence about how almost anyone can keep heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases from catching them by surprise. Emerging research from all over the world, in the last decade or so, is starting to paint a fairly clear picture that we mostly bring these terrible diseases upon ourselves through the lifestyle decisions we make.

It is a sad fact that, in our ‘race’ to achieve wealth, happiness and other goals in life, our health often suffers. For many, life’s journey will be cut short by conditions such as Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes etc. Dr Mengistu demonstrates how we can turn this around by reducing the chances of attracting heart disease by up to 80 percent and cancer by up to 60 percent simply by adopting a few small lifestyle changes that require little effort and no money.

Another fact is that only one person in five hundred is actually “programmed” genetically for heart disease, and less than 4% of cancers are due to genes. For the rest of us, the way we choose to live directly correlates with the chances of attracting serious life-threatening diseases.

The prevention of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other serious degenerative diseases is, according to Dr Mengistu, staring us in the face! He attempts here to inform you fully and accurately about the latest facts and research in simple no jargon language about how YOU can begin to make your own simple lifestyle changes, which if started TODAY, will ensure you are still around to enjoy TOMORROW.

ABOUT DR MENGISTU: Dr Mengistu is a public health expert and director of Agape Health Ltd (UK) giving visual presentations, providing seminars and workshops internationally. He specialises in cutting edge Lifestyle and Preventative Medicine.
Dr Mengistu speaks five languages.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.


Pre-engraved “Diabetes Type 2” Medical Alert Identification Star of Life Cloisonne’ Keychain. Choose from Diabetes, Coumadin, Blood Thinners, Seizures, Asthma, Pacemaker, Allergy and many more…

In an emergency, should you become confused or unable to communicate, your medical alert dog tag provides the initial awareness to first responders that you have an existing medical condition. Emergency medical personnel are trained to look for identifying information signaled by the “Star of Life” found on all of our products. Upon identifying your condition, the responder can more quickly and accurately diagnose and treat you. Each order includes a FREE Emergency Medical Card with its highly identifiable medical alert Tyvek® carrying sleeve. The Emergency Medical Card allows you to carry far greater details of your medical information including all of your medications, allergies, medical conditions, emergency contacts, personal bio, and more. Contact us for unlimited card replacements.

Product Features

  • The cloisonne’ keychain, with it’s blue Star of Life, is universally recognized by emergency medical care providers to inform of existing medical conditions
  • Includes your Emergency Medical Card with highly identifiable and durable Tyvek® medical alert sleeve
  • Laser engraved using a high contrast white on black core LaserLightTM label technology for extreme durability
  • Discrete product for those not wishing to wear a bracelet or necklace


How To Choose Agave Nectar That Is Health Promoting And Suitable For Diabetics

Agave nectar came to the market as healthy sugar substitute. Numerous changes in the production process, introduced over the years, have massively impacted on the product quality.

The publication highlights the truth about chemically synthesized, commercial agave nectar and why does it make us toxic, fat and sick. Simultaneously, it looks into healthy alternatives and assists you in making the best possible choice. There is only a handful of health promoting agave nectar products that are suitable for diabetics and come with health promoting properties such as: blood sugar stability, optimized digestion, balanced energy, mood stabilizing properties and more.

Learn how to use agave nectar and where to obtain free recipes.


The Official Pocket Guide to Diabetic Exchanges: Choose Your Foods

Completely updated to match the newest edition of Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes Meal Planning, this pocket-sized bestseller is now better and more complete than ever.

Every day and at every meal, millions of people use the exchange list system to help them plan their meal, choose the healthiest foods, and estimate the right portions. By grouping similar foods into exchangeable portion sizes, people with diabetes can instantly create entire meals, specifically designed to help them control their blood glucose and lose weight. This proven system is the most popular approach to diabetes meal planning and has been used by dietitians, diabetes educators, and millions of people with diabetes for over 40 years.

This portable, pocket-sized version of the Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes Meal Planning takes all of the information from the original and packages it in a format that’s perfect for trips to the grocery store or a meal at a restaurant. Updates to this new, third edition, includes new foods—especially combination foods and fast foods, such as burritos, hamburgers, and other popular meals—revised portions, and updated meal planning tips and techniques. Also included is a new section on alcohol, including tips for working it into meal plans and information on consuming it safely and moderately within a diabetes meal plan.

This new edition has also been redesigned to make finding particular foods and food groups even easier. Plus, the expanded index makes finding individual foods even easier than before.

With more foods, revised portion sizes, and the combined knowledge of the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association, this handy guide is the ultimate meal planning tool for everyone with diabetes.


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