Pedag 114 Arctic Blue Innovative Washable, Hypo Allergenic Insole, Women’s 12/Men’s 9

ARCTIC BLUE: Warming insole made from an innovative special material. High tech foam with millions of closed air cells cushion for isolation against cold. Particularly suitable for shoes with climate membranes, Arctic Blue has high shock elasticity for particularly comfortable walking and running. The Pedag Brand: One of the properties of almost all Pedag products is that they are “all-natural”. Cotton, leather, jute, sisal, cork or pure wool are what most pedag insoles and foot supports are made of, while pedag shoe trees made of solid beech and aromatic red cedar wood keep shoes in shape. These natural products are good for the environment and kind to the skin. They keep shoes fresh and, most importantly, absorb moisture. When combined with odour-absorbing materials such as activated carbon, they give reliable protection against unpleasant foot odour. The pioneering development of breathable membranes revolutionised the footwear industry too. These high-tech materials keep moisture out while carrying moisture from inside the shoe to the outside. However, the technology can only function properly if all parts of the system � shoes, socks and insoles � are coordinated with each other so that moisture is not retained but is able to evaporate easily. To achieve this, Pedag has developed its “ARCTIC BLUE” insole to provide complete warmth in outdoor winter footwear. It is made from a special new material which is perfect for textile footwear that is made with a climate membrane (TEX).

Product Features

  • Perfect heat insulation for all outdoor activities in cold weather
  • The high shock elasticity of the special material reduces load peaks
  • Particularly hygienic and washable
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Made in Germany


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