Diabetes Testing Kit (TrueResult Meter + 100 TrueTest Strips + 100 Active1st 30g Lancets + Lancing Device)

Everything you need to test your blood glucose levels, at a great price! Kit Includes: 1 TrueResult Meter, 100 TrueTest Test Strips, 100 Active1st 30g Lancets, Lancing Device, Instruction Booklet and Active1st Carry Case

Product Features

  • This Kit has everything you need to test and monitor your blood glucose Levels. Great for Regular Users or Starters
  • All Components have an Expiration Date of 12-18 months
  • Kit contains: TrueResult Meter + 100 TrueTest Test Strips + 100 Active1st 30g Lancets + Lancing Device + Instrusion Booklet + Active1st Carry Case
  • Packaged exclusively for OTC Outlet
  • Accurate readings, fast results and effordable testing kit

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