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Canine Incontinence Support -120 tablets Urinary incontinence may be caused by an underdeveloped urinary system or may arise as a part of the aging process. Estrogen deficiency is the most common cause of incontinence in spayed female dogs and may result in weakened muscles in the bladder and sphincter causing urine leakage. Bovine ovary powder nutritionally provides natural estrogens and works synergistically with the phytoestrogens provided by licorice, wild yam and other ingredients. Research indicates that phyto-estrogens may help maintain the bladder and sphincter muscles and improve muscle tone.

Product Features

  • Supplement for underdeveloped urinary system
  • Help strengthen the bladder and sphincter muscles and improve muscle tone


2 thoughts on “Resources Canine Incontinence – 120 Tablets

  1. Fantastic Product! We have been using this product for 5 months, on the recommendation of our holistic vet. Our senior girl was diagnosed with incontinence and kidney disease in July 2011. We focused first on the kidney disease, and once that was under control and the incontinence continued we realized there was a separate issue entirely. We tried several different methods, including Leaks No More, before trying this product as a last resort before prescription meds. At first, it did not work, but we adjusted the dosage a bit and it began to work! We do need to crush it into her food, but there have been no side effects. Prior to this, she was leaking extensively, we were constantly washing sheets, cleaning carpets, and using doggie diapers. She is completely leak free now, and we are very happy we did not have to go to a presciption with side effects!

  2. Great Product That Worked For Us!!! Harley, my 10 year young lab, is on Proin for incontinence. 50MG 2X a day didn’t seem to be doing the complete job. I had tried other incontinence non prescription products with no luck. I began adding this to his food 2X a day along with the Proin to his food and I have stopped smelling that faint smell of urine. I am on my third bottle of this product. I am so delighted it works. Proin has some nasty side effects.

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