A1cNow + Monitor + 20 TESTS

More efficient than the lab
Results in 5 minutes
Small fingerstick(5?L) blood sample
Easy to use
No maintenance
Key features
99% lab accuracy*
National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program certified
CLIA waived

Product Features

  • Patients who get immediate feedback may lower their A1c by up to 1%
  • Lowering A1c levels reduces the risks of long term complications.
  • HBA1c Testing Motivates Patients to Change!
  • Lowering A1c 1 point reduces risk of complications by 40%
  • What is your quality of life number?


2 thoughts on “A1cNow + Monitor + 20 TESTS

  1. Good Product, Great Service! I purchase medical supplies for a smaller, rural Hospital/Clinic. Our major suppliers required us to purchase a case of 20 boxes of these. It would take us years to use 20 boxes. I found them on Amazon for nearly the same price as the contracted supplier. The service was great. Had the product within a week! I am not the end user of the product, but, have been purchasing for a registered nurse for diabetic teaching for a couple years. I would say she is very satisfied with the product.

  2. You might want to share this one While MD’s say that A1c’s need only be done quarterly, the reality is that over half of your red blood cells are less than four weeks old so more frequent tracking does make sense. This pack is good for about two years if kept in the refrigerator and if you have another family member or friend who is tracking their A1c’s this pack is a very good price and it is bang-on with lab tests (I’ve compared them).

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