The Mediterranean Diet to Lose 2 Pounds a Week (14 Day Meal Plan & 70 Recipes CookBook Included)

The Mediterranean diet to lose 2 pounds a week ebook offers a complete solution for people who want to follow the Mediterranean diet. The eBook is a downloadable file that contains a meal planning guide, a 14 day Mediterranean meal plan, a 70 quick & easy recipe cookbook, a 200 food guide, and weekly shopping lists.

Each section of the ebook has an interactive feature to help the reader to “cross reference” the entire ebook and it’s specifically designed for Kindle users.

About The Authors:

Before we get started with the Mediterranean diet ebook, you are probably wondering if this type of lifestyle is really going to help with weight loss and increase overall health to fight against disease.

I am proof that it does, and there are many testimonials from subscribers to our newsletter that have wonderful success stories that can attribute to the quality of the Mediterranean lifestyle as well.

I used the program myself to drastically reduce my total cholesterol levels to 108 mg/dl and triglycerides to 62 mg/dl, numbers that are nice and low, well within the healthy range. Changing my lifestyle made that possible, and it may help to change your life, as well.

Created by my husband Enrico Forte, a Certified Nutrition Consultant and community member of the Alliance for Natural Health US, the Mediterranean Diet eBook has been going strong. We are healthy eating blogger and we’ve helping people change eating lifestyles since 2004.

Through intense study of the modern diet solutions of Dr. Ancel Keys (The American scientist who discovered and promoted the Mediterranean diet worldwide) and by trying the various theories on ourselves, we are able to provide our readers with what really works.

We’re Italians, and the same principles in the book have worked for our families for centuries. This is the Mediterranean based dietary lifestyle after all! It can work for you too.


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