SureLife 860211 Blood Pressure Monitor

SureLife classic wrist blood pressure monitor. 99 memories. Fully automatic. IrregULar heartbeat indicator.

Product Features

  • 99 memories
  • Fully automatic
  • Irregular heartbeat indicator


2 thoughts on “SureLife 860211 Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. great for the price! The wrist BP cuff is really compact and lightweight. I am an RN and wanted to add this type of BP monitor to my home health kit. It is the perfect size and is really good quality.

  2. great little machine I got this as a portable Bp monitor and I’m very happy with the quality. It’s small, well made and works great. I compared the reading it gives to a large, expensive, plug-in Bp monitor and they were the same. If you are an elderly person you might want to verify this for yourself since wrist monitors tend to be less reliable the older a person gets. I am in my mid-20’s so this one works great for me. It would be great if it came with a travel case but for this price I suppose one can’t expect that. I’m giving it 4 instead of 5 stars because of the lack of travel case – when you put it in a bag, luggage, etc it is very easy for the power button to get pressed by mistake.

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