Best Diabetes Control

Product Features

  • Finally a well thought application to manage your life and diabetic needs all in one!
  • Forget about having a different applications to record your insulin levels, exercise, food, medicine etc… We developed this app thinking of every last detail; based on experience!
  • Now you can record, chart and keep track for future reference of all your lifestyle’s information!
  • Some of the main features include:
  • Calendar based: Option to see all of your records based on a specific date!
  • Weight record: You can record your weight and it automatically calculates your BMI. Also, it records the date and time you entered it for future graph or reference!
  • Activity log: Select from a wide range of exercise activities raging from golf to jogging or yoga. Enter the duration and any notes you would like to include and it will automatically calculate your calories burnt! This, like all of the other options, will record the date and time for future reference and statistics.


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