Becoming An Ex-Diabetic: Use Your Mind To Prevent, Manage Or Even Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

For most of his life, Barry was totally obsessed with food and absolutely loathed exercise. Stuck with the belief that he would be obese for the rest of his life, he had totally given up and did not take care of his health in any way. However, at the age of 50 he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. At that point he decided to take responsibility for dealing with it.Barry is now slim, fit and living a much healthier lifestyle. His blood sugar has been at a very healthy level for over ten years without the use of medication, and as a result he has now been removed from the diabetic register. Barry’s approach was to change his thinking in a way that supports a long-term lifestyle change. He built some mental tools that underpin a successful weight loss and regain a healthy blood sugar level. The eating and activity changes followed naturally and easily. He has written this book to empower people to overcome obesity and diabetes, and to inspire people to take action to prevent them. Barry is based in Milton Keynes.


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  1. Written as an account of a personal journey, this book is more powerful than the usual prescriptive “follow these rules and everything will be fine” variety.The author lays out a few simple guidelines with the objective of being sustainable rather than goal-oriented. Sure they also help you reach your goal, but more importantly MAINTAIN it once you’re there.There’s no magic between these covers. No miracle method. Just simple, easy to understand – and therefore accept – information. When people understand WHY things happen, it’s easier to understand what needs to change if you’re looking for a specific outcome. He explains why people often end up heavier than before when they diet then stop dieting; why cutting out a meal in order to lose weight is counter-productive, and several other “aha” facts that may explain things you’ve seen or experienced in the past.We’re all repeatedly told that being overweight heightens your risk of Type 2 diabetes. But what of the reverse? What if insulin resistance (Type 2’s signature) causes people to become overweight?Understanding what insulin resistance is, and how to minimise that occuring is a healthy thing to pursue. If you happen to lose weight and get fitter along the way… all to the good!(less)

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