PURESPACE Home sanitizing and storage system for personal items

Anything that goes into or around the body that you want to keep clean should be sterilized and stored in purespace everyday. Use purespace to protect the things most important to you from harmful germs in the bathroom. The first Patented system to safely disinfect and store personal items like toothbrushes, razors, baby bottles and more using medical grade technology. Holds up to six toothbrushes or other items. Works with all major electric heads too. Kills 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria. Anti-microbial filtered air and our unique valve design helps keep items safe until next use. Doctor recommended. FDA registered. Especially helpful for moms, pregnant woman, the immuno-suppressed, diabetics and the elderly. Comes with attachments for larger items like toothbrushes, a basket for smaller items like piercing jewelry and a flat insert for odd shaped items. Also includes a special brush for easy cleaning. Optional baby bottle insert available. 1 year limited warranty.

Product Features

  • Kills 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria
  • Safe storage place protects items from even the worst bathroom germs
  • 10000 times more effective than UV light
  • Simple one touch operation
  • Anti-microbial filtered air.


3 thoughts on “PURESPACE Home sanitizing and storage system for personal items

  1. Steam sanitizing I am in love with this Product! I took a chance and ordered two of the units -one for our master bath and the other for the kid’s bath. After researching the other toothbrush cleaners this seemed to be best overall choice. The unit feels sturdy…not cheap. It can accommodate multiple toothbrushes along with other items like tweezers, pacifiers, scissors, etc. We are still coming up with other clever uses for the product. I am not a gadget lover and I am technically challenged but this is sooo simple to use. It just uses water to create steam (good old fashioned steam) and then has a dry cycle to stop the dampness germs breed on. So not fancy…just effective. It does take longer than 10 minutes, as the other reviewer mentioned IF you decide to run the full cycle vs a short cycle.. We alternate between the two depending on how quickly we need the items cleaned. Before this we used to soak our brushes in hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the “ick factor”. We got tired of spilled cups and lingering doubts about whether that was really working and ordered this. I had to call customer service once on a minor issue and they were great. I am ordering another one for my parents today. Happy to have found this product!

  2. I really like my purespace. We have had it a few months now, its easy to operate and I just set it and walk away. Has kept us healthy through a nasty cold and flu season. Definitely recommend!

  3. The sanitizing cycle takes 1hr. 25mn. unlike the claim that it takes 10 mn. Further, it does not use light to sanitize, but rather steam since you add water. It’s a very expensive gadget considering it just steams the items. Might as well use the stove to boil the stuff. Definitely not worth it.

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