Bai5, 5 calorie Sumatra Dragonfruit, 100% Natural, Antioxidant Infused Beverage, 18-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)

bai5 is an all natural, 5 calorie, exotic fruit infusion packed with antioxidants from coffee’s superfruit that’s sweetened with organic stevia and enhanced with natural caffeine. More people drink coffee than any other beverage, except water. Yet, what we think of as coffee contains only a small part of what the plant has to offer! Until now, our only coffee consuming choices came from the roasted bean of the plant, because growers discarded the fruit surrounding the bean. Recently, scientists discovered new health benefits from the fruit surrounding the bean. We call the outer fruit — coffee’s Secret Superfruit. And it’s been hiding in plain view all along!

bai5 Dragonfruit

Flavor Description:
Once upon a time only dragon slayers could enjoy this exotic little beast of a fruit. Now bai5 brings you its delicate, melon-like gentleness without the inconvenience of sword fights and scaly monsters. The only fire breathing dragons you’ll encounter with bai5 Sumatra Dragonfruit are ferocious, free-radical fighting antioxidants battling on your behalf.

Looking for a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary sodas or artificially sweetened drinks? Meet bai. A 100% natural antioxidant infused beverage made from the most super of all superfruits, the coffeefruit. What’s inside? Every bottle is packed with all the daily antioxidants we need (100% of what nature intended). With a low calorie lineup of 11 exotic fruit flavors, bai is always great tasting, always 100% natural.

Meet Our Superfruit
Meet Our Superfruit

You’ve probably met the inside of the coffeefruit, what your everyday cup ‘joe is made from. But we’d like to introduce you to the outside – coffee’s superfruit. Can something made from coffeefruit taste refreshing? Yes, the name may say coffee but the flavor is pure, delicious fruit. Imagine supercharged antioxidant power swirling with fragrant, fresh tasting fruit – that’s 100% natural, free-radical crushing bai and bai5.

Wondering why you’ve never heard of coffeefruit? It just so happens to be one of nature’s best kept secrets. Previously, the bright, round cranberry-shaped fruit of the coffee plant was left behind after coffee harvesting, a valuable antioxidant resource discarded. Only recently was the casing that once nurtured and protected the coffee bean recognized for its health-enhancing properties. Now, from the coffee fields of Indonesia, bai brings the antioxidant benefits of coffeefruit directly to you.


Antioxidants are natural substances found in healthy foods and drinks that fight free radicals and stop the damaging process of oxidation. When you see a slice of apple turn from clear and fresh to mottled and brown you are witnessing the process of oxidation. When you prevent that action from occurring by misting a slice of apple with lemon juice you are preventing damage with the power and simplicity of antioxidants. It’s stress, lack of sleep, pollution, tobacco smoke, alcohol, direct sunlight, high fat and sugary foods, and even exercise that can cause oxidizing, cell-damaging free radicals to develop. It’s antioxidants that can fight back.

Where Do Our Antioxidants Come From?

We source our coffee from Indonesian coffee fields, located at high altitude. Some of the best coffee in the world is grown at high altitudes where sun-drenched days follow one after another. The intense Equatorial sun forces coffeefruit to protect the coffee bean it carries by thickening its skin against intense UV rays, developing compounds which are naturally antioxidant-rich. By the time it’s been plucked and separated from the coffee bean, coffeefruit has been transformed into a small but mighty warrior in the battle against cellular damage..


Pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming. bai and bai5 are good-for-you options to sugary sodas and artificially sweetened drinks. But you may be wondering how they taste so good without all of the calories. The answer is 100% natural of course! We use organic evaporated cane juice to sweeten bai antioxidant infusions and a combination of Organic Stevia and Erythritol in bai5 beverages to give you healthy you can taste.

The Glycemic Index (GI) provides a measurement of how carbohydrates impact blood sugar levels after they are consumed. While carbohydrates can often cause blood sugar levels to spike and then drop drastically resulting in a noticeable slump in energy, the natural sweeteners used in bai5 are low glycemic – meaning they don’t raise blood sugar levels in the body. That makes Organic Stevia, derived from an herb, and Erythritol (ih-RITH-ri-tawl), made from field corn, excellent, natural alternatives to sugar, especially for diabetics, dieters and all who are limiting their sugar consumption.

What does this mean to you? You can enjoy your favorite delicious, refreshing, antioxidant-packed infusions knowing you are doing good bai your body.

bai5 Supernaturally good for you

Product Features

  • Pack of twelve, 18-ounce bottles of bai5 Sumatra Dragonfruit antioxidant infused beverage
  • 100% Natural–no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives; lightly sweetened with natural and organic Stevia and Erythritol
  • Only 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving (two servings per bottle)
  • Best served chilled, and shared with friends–makes a great cocktail mixer
  • Anti-oxidant rich, certified OU Kosher, and Gluten, Soy, BPA & GMO Free


3 thoughts on “Bai5, 5 calorie Sumatra Dragonfruit, 100% Natural, Antioxidant Infused Beverage, 18-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)

  1. Like the natural taste, love the size. Since I love the drink a lot, I was looking at some nutritional drink.Look through Red Bull, Monster, …. and Bai5 poped up.Already had some good rating on it, about $17.xx for 18 oz for 12 packs!?I ordered with prime not the subscribe & save because they ship slow.I gave a try to taste some new drink, actually it tastes pretty good.It is not sweet but I can definitely taste the blue berry.I like it though, specially the size!! 18 oz.. wow regular coke can has only 8.4 oz.I spent lesser than coke on this, but I got more volume which made me satisfied too.Give a try on this product, I still can’t find them in nearest store like walmart.. hoply one day..

  2. This in one of my FAVORITES I tasted this product for the first time at my local Costco and was able to mix and match a case of 12. I was disappointed when I returned and they did not carry it. But of course I do what I always do…Go to amazon, and here it was. This is one AWESOME drink. It taste great, is low calorie and most important for me it diabetic friendly (does not raise blood sugar at all.). I wish I was able to mix my case with my own mixed choice (maybe soon?) Have this flavor on auto delivery and it is well worth it. Although there are different prices for different flavors, I liked all that I have tried so far. If you have not yet….try it….you wont be dissapointed.

  3. Best Bai Ever! A refreshingly clean, clear and delicious drink. Made from the fruit of coffee beans and loaded with antioxidants, it’s a drink that can’t be beat! Don’t miss out on one of the best new drinks on the market. I’m sold on my best BAI ever!

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