Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Monitoring System, SmartView 1 kit

Small in size. Big in performance. No coding. Brilliant backlit display. Discover how to lower your A1C and save. Accu-Check FastClix. Click action. The only 1-click lancing device with a drum. 1-click is all it takes. Lancet lever makes it easy to advance to a new lancet. 11 customizable depth settings for different skin types. New Accu-Check FastClix drum with 6 preloaded lancets. For testing glucose in fresh capillary whole blood. For self-testing only. For invitro diagnostic use. Manufactured in the USA using US and imported materials.

Product Features

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • SmartView


3 thoughts on “Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Monitoring System, SmartView 1 kit

  1. Great meter! What a fantastic meter.Here’s a tip for ya though…call AccuChek first. I got this one and they weren’t comfortable with online purchases that were not made through their site, so they sent me another one free of charge with hella test strips. I was blown away.I didn’t pay much for the meter so, I didn’t feel it was a waste. It’s a great lil tiny meter, easy to read and understand.Plus, what a great commercial jingle they have!

  2. Awesome Kit! I am very pleased with this kit! I had to replace my One Touch Ultra Mini as it was no longer accurate, so while shopping around for a new one, I found this kit on Amazon. I am so glad I did. The Nano meter is small and yet easy to handle and control (as I have nerve damage in my right arm which makes me shake at times), so a meter I can control is vital to me. The Nano is easy to use and travel with too and it’s just plain cute. The kit comes with 12 free lancets and the lancet device was a real surprise to me….I had no intention of using it as I had one similar to this kind years ago and it was junk; however, I figured I would try it just once. I was shocked to see i felt no pain (on #2 setting) and the blood appeared quickly. My old lancet has been painful lately and I had trouble getting enough blood to test, so I was very relieved to see this lancet work so well and without pain too. There were no test strips in my kit, so I ordered them here at Amazon; they were cheaper than my old meter, and the lancets too are reasonable I think. Overall, I love this meter and the lancet device as well and would highly recommend this kit. Shipping was fast and very reasonable price as well.

  3. I have bought this item from two different places. 1) About the one I have bought from Diabetic Corner:I have paid $17.98 for bought this item and Fast-Clix Lancer. Lancer should have been included with the KIT. I assumed I’m getting two lancer. But I was wrong. I received the package un-boxed with (obviously) no box. with ONE lancer. No registration form, no rebate mail. Lots of manuals and a CD is missing. Instead they have sent me 10 free strips for the extra 10 dollars I have paid. $1 for each strip. I can’t even tell if this item is previously used or not.2) About the one I have bought from Bargain OTC.It was truly awesome. Not a thing is missing. It INCLUDES the lancer too. I have bought this item for $7.98 and they gave me a $15 rebate. Which is hilarious (in a good way). All the manual and the 3-year warranty registration is packed within the AccuChek Nano box. I highly recommend this seller and the item itself.

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