Zsweet All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener, 1.5-Pound Pouches (Pack of 2)

Zsweet is a zero calorie, all natural sweetener with a taste close to sugar. It is perfect for baking or sprinkling on food. Zsweet will not raise blood sugar, so it is a healthy sweetener for people with diabetes and individuals with blood sugar issues. Safe sweetener for hCG dieters.

Product Features

  • Won’t raise blood sugar, Zero calories, 100% Natural, Kosher, Vegan
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Zero Net-Carbs, Zero Glycemic Impact, GMO-Free, Natural, No Artificial Ingredients
  • 100% Natural
  • Kosher certified


3 thoughts on “Zsweet All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener, 1.5-Pound Pouches (Pack of 2)

  1. Zsweet is the best My mom and I are both diabetics and have tried every sweetener out there. Zsweet is by far the best. There are a few that I could use but my mother never found one that she could stand the taste of. This one passes her taste test with fling colors. She uses it to bake cookies, make jello and to sweeten even her first cup of coffee. It did not pass her cake test (it came out more like brownies), but she has read up on different ways to make it more cake like and will try again.

  2. The best out there… After trying many different “natural” sweeteners or sugar substitutes, Z Sweet is the best out there. It has no after taste and works and tastes just like sugar. I highly recommend it to anyone who can’t take sugar and doesn’t want an artificial, man made substitute.

  3. Sweet! This stuff works well as a sweetener and is a great replacement for sugar, splenda, equal, etc. You will go through the bag fairly quickly as it’s not quite as sweet as sugar.It gives off a little minty cooling effect as it’s dissolving and a little of that taste remains. It can be distracting in certain beverages, enhance others, and be unnoticeable in others. For the most part though, it will sweeten without too many compromises.

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