Easy Diabetes Journal: Starry Sky

Tight control of blood glucose (sugar) levels is essential for those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes in order to stay healthy. 

The Easy Diabetes Journal will help you track all vital information about your diabetes and spotlight developing trends or problems, including tracking blood pressure and other vital measures.

The Easy Diabetes Journal helps you to easily track and record: 
  • Covers more than 52 weeks of readings (includes bonus weeks), up to four times per day.
  • Record oral medications (pills).
  • Record insulin injections or pump dosages for two types of insulin: slow-acting and fast-acting. 
  • Record blood glucose levels four times each day (as prescribed by your doctor): fasting, lunch, dinner and bedtime. 
  • Record blood pressure along with blood sugar. 
  • Keep detailed diabetes information in one place, such as insulin names, doses, glucose level and carbs targets, physician and pharmacy information. 
  • Start whenever you like and fill in your own dates.  
  • Flexible: track as much or little information as your doctor recommends. 
  • Make notes about meals and snacks, carb counting, exercise, and events that will affect your readings, such as schedule and dietary changes. 
  • Designed by a diabetic graphic designer who has been tracking daily for more than 30 years. 
  • Convenient 6 x 9″ size provides enough space to actually write what you need, yet small enough to pack easily. 
  • 89 pages just for recording readingsr –no dreary text, just what’s needed for everyday compliance. 
  • Beautiful cover — doesn’t look like a typical diabetes log.


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